Ali: YunOS into the world's third largest operating system

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anzhuozhongguo· 2016-04-17 20:08:52

Android China April 18th news, on Saturday, April 16th, Alibaba held a Alibaba Technology Forum in Tsinghua University ". At the meeting, the chairman of the technical committee of the Alibaba, Ali YunOS founder Wang Jian announced that Ali independent research and development of the terminal operating system YunOS in the total installed capacity has become the world's third largest mobile operating system.

the Meizu has MX4, Meizu Pro 5, Charm Blue 2, charm blue metal, flower only C1 and so on a variety of mobile phones equipped with Alibaba yunos system, and have been adapted to Samsung, millet, Huawei, plus other a variety of models. Wang Jian also said that the future will be to promote the YunOS system to foreign countries, so that foreign consumers also use homemade fried operating system.

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