The takeaway brother feels wrong when giving a meal to a 17-year-old girl, immediately call the police! Netizens

Takeawaybrother alarm

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In this world, there are always people in Secretly love you.

Not long ago, Hubei Shiyan’s takeaway brother Zhou Baoshan encountered a strange thing when delivering food.

After arriving at the place of delivery, he made a call but no one answered. The phone ring rang from the house and no one answered.

Can there be an accident? ! No time to think about it, he rushed to the alarm … …

Noon, takeaway brother emergency alarm

October 23 at 12 noon, Shiyan City The North District Police Station of the Public Security Bureau Dongyue Public Security Bureau received a report from the foreign seller Zhou Baoshan, saying that someone might have something at home and asked for help. After receiving the police, the police quickly went to the police.

The police came to the scene and found that the takeaway brother is giving The mobile phone number is 5023 for the customer to deliver the meal. No one has answered the call. When the customer arrives at the customer's home, no one answers the door. Through a door, I can clearly hear the ringing of the phone and think that something is wrong, so I quickly report to the police.

Subsequently, the police learned from the residential property, called takeaway It was the 17-year-old girl who was in the rain, and she was in high school in a nearby high school. My father followed her and the mother worked in Daisy.

The police tweeted to hear the phone number of Mr. Li, the father of Xiao Yu Immediately contact them immediately.

A police officer checked, the original false alarm!

After the police explained the situation, Mr. Li explained that he had to cook at home at noon that day, but because he suddenly encountered something urgent to deal with, he used his daughter’s mobile phone at home. The daughter called a takeaway. At that time, when I went out, I put my daughter's mobile phone on the shoe cabinet at the door.

After learning that no one is at home, Mr. Li’s heart Mentioned the eyes of the blind. Worried about the rain, he quickly rushed back. The police speculated that there might be something wrong with Xiao Yu on the way to school, or he did not go home at noon. Therefore, the police took Mr. Li to the school in Xiaoyu for verification.

Finally, everyone found a light rain in the classroom, she I am writing homework on the desk.

Video is booming, netizens like the little brother


Shiyan City Public Security Bureau Dongyue Branch


This video was released on the vibrato.

It’s fire overnight!

As of now

This vibrato has more than 270,000

" Your order is being dispatched"

" The rider is rushing to the destination"

High temperature, rain, thunder, strong wind, heavy snow

Outgoing little brother has been on the road

Some heroes, never wearing a cloak

But always bring us

The warmest touch


Around 11:40 pm, the night is deep. Wenzhou Yongjia County’s takeaway younger wife Zhou Yu carried several fast foods that had not been delivered all the way. In the line of sight, he suddenly broke into a little boy and cried and shouted at Mom and Dad.

Small brother can't ask where the child's home is, who is Mom and Dad. On a cold night, the child is dressed thinly with bare feet. The little brother took him to the battery car and put him on his quilted work jacket.

When the child is in a stable mood, he dials the alarm call. The police said that when he arrived, the little boy had been holding the takeaway brother and refused to let go.

" Before I saw my mom and dad,

The takeaway brother became like this

The only boy who relied on it."

< p>02

A mother push in Hong'an County, Hubei Province With the stroller on the escalator, the stroller accidentally fell over, the child turned over with the car, and the mother fell backwards due to inertia … …

Two passing takeaway brothers threw the lunch box and flew Save the people! One to go to the elevator, one to help people, fortunately adults and children are fine.

" Despite the meal,

lost the box,

Little brother still feels worth it."


Ms. Qiu, who lives in Hangzhou, forgot to unplug the electric car when she got home from work. The next day, she found that the key was no longer in the car.

When she was inspecting the car, she found a note that read: "The key is at the guard, don't forget it later!" The signature is "Takeaway Brother."

" Like a family,

Amazing and tearful."

The warmest heart, goodness is instinct

Lighting "Looking"

Thank you

Enthusiastic takeaway brother

Source: Shiyan Evening News (ID: sywb8110110) General

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