Mark Long’s visit to China has a wish: to renew the giant panda

Huanhuan Panda

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"Can the French Beauval Zoo still leave giant pandas?"

AFP reported on November 5th, French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Shanghai on Monday afternoon, and the entourage team also had the director of the Beauval Zoo, Rudolf Delor. He said that Mark Long had promised him that he would discuss with the Chinese side the two giant pandas that were reserved for rent.

2012 "Panda Special Machine" Arrived in France Image Source: Vision China

The two giant pandas - "Ten Zi" and " Huan Huan" are the fruits of "Panda Diplomacy" between China and France. They have been negotiated by two French presidents, Chirac and Sarkozy. Finally, I arrived in France in 2012 with a special charter and was welcomed by stars.

The garden has arranged a fence for the "round" and "Happy Huan", which is planted with bamboo and other plants from China. After they arrive in Beauval, the number of tourists per year from the zoo is 600,000. It jumped to 1.6 million.

" 圆仔" and "欢欢" : Xinhua News Agency

In August 2017, "Dian Zi" and " Huan Huan" gave birth to a cub, which was named "Dream" by both China and France. This panda baby even has a "Gang Ma" - French First Lady Brigitte Macaron.

2018 Brigitte Markron visits" "Dream" Source: AFP screenshots

Director Delor said that these two giant pandas are a "very strong symbol" and they "improve public awareness of biodiversity conservation" .

According to the data of the fourth national giant panda survey in 2015, the number of wild giant pandas is nearly 2,000, while nearly 400 giant pandas are artificially reared. According to the People's Daily reported in 2018, the number of artificially reared giant pandas exceeded 500, and a total of 67 protected areas were established.

Since 2012, "Ten Tsai" and "Huanhuan" have a ten-year lease, and "Dream" will return to China after weaning. Delor hopes that France will continue to keep two giant pandas.

Although the ten-year lease is near, Delor is optimistic about whether he can retain the giant panda: "Things are moving in a good direction. Now Sino-French relations are very good. Pandas have no reason not to continue. Staying in France." In the next few years, the zoo hopes to celebrate the birth of a baby panda.

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