The woman went to the old dating website and was defrauded of all the family when she was 54,000 yuan and cried on TV.


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Figure: Defender Morgan

According to the United Kingdom The Daily Mail reported on November 4 that a single mother in the UK met a target on the dating website and was cheated for a short time to save £60,000 (about RMB 540,000).

Figure: Victim Pat

< The woman was named Pat, and the object she met on the website was Morgan Giovanni. Morgan pretended to be an Italian-American boxing agent and cheated Pat for £60,000.

In the program "For Love or Money", which was broadcast on November 4th, Pat explained that she was initially skeptical of Morgan’s identity, but Morgan gave her a copy. After being a copy of his US passport, she believed in Morgan’s identity. He also gave a copy of Pat's American student card, claiming that the card belonged to his daughter Tonya.

Figure: Morgan's fake passport

< p> Although Pat’s children strongly opposed it, she was convinced by Morgan and agreed to give him £6,000 (about RMB 54,000) as a commercial start-up fund, and later gave him £54,000 (about RMB). 486,000 yuan) claimed to help him pay taxes.

Pat said that after her 17-year-old daughter left home, she signed up for a dating site over 50 and met Morgan. She happened to be fired recently and she is not in a good mood. She said: "I think he is really charming, he is very friendly, and he gives me flowers. I really enjoy this feeling."

" After a few weeks, he claimed his account. Was frozen and asked me to give him £6,000 to pay for commercial expenses. I was suspicious at the time, I said, 'You just want to swindle money from me, you are a liar', but he put his passport, his daughter The photo of the ID card at the University of Portland was sent to me, and I sent a photo of his daughter’s credit card to prove that he was the one he said. So I wrote and gave him money."< /p>

" But then he started asking me for taxes. I don't know what happened. I just want to believe him. I am eager to help, so I used the money for layoff compensation. I did give it later. He is £54,000 and I know I can't get the money anymore."

After six weeks, Morgan said he needs to borrow more money. He said he had bet on winning money in a boxing match, but because the bank account was frozen, he asked if Pat could transfer money to her first. Morgan once again convinced Pat with evidence that he had Pat signed into an online bank account with his photos and £2.5 million (about RMB 22.62 million) in deposits. Pat is convinced that he plans to lend him 38,000 pounds (about 340,000 yuan) from the bank.

Pat said: "The bank clerk said to me: 'If I give this money to you, you will be indebted for 40,000 pounds.' So I gave up, I have been suspicious, but playing Death is not willing to be convinced."

What makes Pat feel strange is that every time the two agree to meet, Morgan will suddenly cancel the appointment. She didn't realize her stupidity until the bank warned that she might be cheated.

Figure: Pat finds Morgan confrontation

"For love or for money" The show host helped Pat find the man who pretended to be Morgan, and exposed a series of lies he fabricated. The host revealed that the liar had forged a passport and a student card and looked for it online. Some photos came to fool Pat. He also helped Pat identify the ambiguous text on the forged passport and the photo that did not meet the passport standard. But when the host and Pat called to confront Morgan, he refused to admit his crime.

Source: Tencent News, International Paparazzi

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