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9.21 Hanbok's three major points on black technology

The 9.21 version of Hanbok has some unpopular styles of high win rate. Mastering these styles has a miraculous effect in this version.

Giant Nine Strong Attacking Bears

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In our impression, the bear is a tank that is beaten, but the attacking bear is a very violent single-handed fighter. It also maintains the tank's flesh and has a winning percentage of 52%. The fourth place on the list. There are also a few heroes who can effectively restrain angels, and the kill rate is more than 70%.

Skills Plus

Main W Deputy Q, W can get up to 75% attack speed bonus when the point is full. In addition to the killing effect, the damage increase caused by the attack speed can not be underestimated.

Runic Talent

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Precision Department & Resolute Department, attribute fragmentation 1 attack speed 2 armor

Women's W is one of the most suitable skills to attack, after three ordinary attacks can start W's killing effect It can also be increased by the intensity of the vulnerable, and the perseverance of the precision department does not match the passiveness of the bear, and can cause high damage in the low blood volume.

Getting ideas

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First to make a giant Hydra, the ability to clear the line of the bear is very poor, if you want a single belt or clear line support, then the giant nine is a very necessary equipment, and then the dead board, since there are Resistance also has the speed of movement that bears need. The third choice is to excite or the wisdom of the last blade. If you want to play the output, the wisdom blade is better. Then out of the madness and the gargoyle plate, to maximize the dog's grace.

Wire-to-line skills

The single-bearing bear will light a level 1 point E, and wait until the other side uses the knife to repel the rhythm of the interference-repairing knife. Or to interrupt the opponent's displacement, wait until the 2nd level of learning W, A small stack of three layers of passive can go up and exchange blood with the other side. Level 3 is the strongest time point for the bears. Direct Q brings the opponent back to the squadron. E slows down AAA- igniting -W. If it is the hero of the type of sword Ji, they are interrupted and interrupted, they have a strong attack. Ignite and W three bursts are easy to kill. After level 6, you can use the small soldier to make a springboard R-A soldier to consume the other's blood.

When I go home, I use the blast to eat the coating, and I am trying to push the tower quickly. The speed of the bear pushing the tower is not slow. If there are too many soldiers, the R soldiers will be opened directly. In the medium term, you can find an opportunity to go to the wild area or the middle road GANK. There is a passive small-scale team battle that is not afraid of being seconds, as long as the Q first control is taken directly with the teammates.

The late bears can be single-handed, and the heads-up is very strong. Even if they are GANK, they can open the stone-like slabs and rely on the passive dragging time to let the teammates open the dragon. The bears are not very strong, so it is best to wait until there is a flash of direct Q flash to hug each other's back row.

Qinglongdao Nightmare

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The single nightmare is always a black technology play, and under the blessing of the Qinglong knife, you can achieve unlimited fear after opening R, single-handedly called no solution, and the ability to cut the back row. Will also greatly improve. At present, the single-night win rate in hanbok is close to 55%, suppressing all kinds of mainstream singles.

Main Q Deputy E, Q is the nightmare push line Skill, the control time is up to 2.2 seconds after E is full, so the master adds these two skills.

Precision & Master, attribute fragmentation 2 adaptive 1 Armor

The deadly rhythm needs time to trigger, and the nightmare explosion is also E-fearing before you can paste the face output. The attack speed and the green dragon knife can be thrown infinitely. Other runes must be seduce and the ultimate hunter, so that the nightmare will cool very quickly, and the nightmare without big tricks is difficult to play.

first make a blade, compare the dreams The line of view effect is very suitable for the nightmare to walk, and then the Green Dragon Knife, which is also the core equipment of the Zhongdan Nightmare, the special effect of triggering the Green Dragon Knife is equivalent to unlimited fear. The third choice is Resurrection A. The Nightmare Team is very dependent on Resurrection A. With Resurrection A, it can be sold at least twice, and finally it can be bloody and black.

Level 1 uses Q to push the line. If the opposite side is in the range of Q, you can make a decisive one. When you reach level 3, go directly to E and then open W to block the other's skills. Being feared can chase A. Often you can kill half of the other's blood by playing one. If you suppress the opponent's line, you can go to the opponent's wild area to steal F6. The nightmare brush F6 is very fast, even if you kill a few small ones.

The most powerful place of nightmare is not the line, but the support of the sidewalk. It is necessary to know that the middle order is the first to reach level 6, and it is even possible to be in the lower level of the double group. The nightmare is at level 6. Direct R fly down the road - E-Q seconds the one with the least blood loss, then take the Dragon Tower, let the road down the road to push the tower.

The hero who went to find the other party in the middle of the game, R turns off the light and the infinite E of the Qinglong knife is easy to kill. Wait until there is a stopwatch or a resurrection A. You can open the group. If you open R, you don't have to fly in the first time. Observe the opponent's back row and then R. After playing a set of skills, use the stopwatch to avoid the damage.

Auxiliary AP Clown

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The previous version gave the clown W box the effect of AOE, so that the clown became the most OP in the wild, but 9.21 cut the duration of W. Therefore, there is a helper clown with another path, with a winning percentage of 53%, ranking second in assist.

The clown help relies on the group fear effect of W, So you have to point first, then the secondary plus is the E skill consumed online.

Witchcraft & Enlightenment, attribute fragmentation 2 from Adaptation 1 Growth Life Value

E Skills and comets are very consuming, and the runes and other runes strengthen the clown's ability to consume, the deputy points to increase the biscuits of the line, and the astrology of the skill CD. Insight.

assists the clown in the outfit functionality, not The pursuit of high output, making ice guns and twin shadows, can provide range deceleration and a certain law strength, there is enough economy to get hourglasses and large masks, W with masks high returns.

The assistant clown can use the ADC to level one wave, provided that the wilderness can open the BUFF alone, and start to lay the box in the grass directly in about 1 minute. If the other party comes from the river grass, I will definitely eat the box and take a blood.

It is consumed by E during the line match. E plus comet damage can kill a lot of blood. If it is a residual blood, there is a killing bonus, and W is used to occupy the grass. As long as the other party dares to enter the grass, they will be feared by the box and receive the output.

In the group battle, the clown first opened R to sell with the avatar, and the three boxes left in the battle are often able to make a miraculous effect, and they can enter Q and then in the core of the other party. Put the box behind the box, and then use the skill to slow down, so that once the opponent step on the box, it will be slowed down + the control of fear will not be controlled, and the teammate will be more likely to harvest.


At the end of the S9 release, these relatively unpopular power routines will help the summoners to score points at the end of the season.

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