Is the new version still a new tour? Netease's chicken game adds five new ways to play, and can choose heroes?

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17173youxi· 2019-11-05 21:40:12

Hello everyone, here is the game, I am a little brother.

After defeating opponents in the hundred to survive to the end, this kind of chicken game has basically been tired in the past two years, and manufacturers are also racking their brains to satisfy the increasingly embarrassing taste of players...< /p>

Netease's signature tactical competitive mobile game "Terminator 2" was pulled to update, and became the current "Ending Battlefield". When I was just playing, the younger brother directly yelled: Is this a new version or a new game?

Netease's plan almost "Remodeling" the entire game...

A lot of details have been optimized, like the clothes of the characters, the texture is very clear, the grass, the leaves, and the scene building are more Some realism.

The overall art style has some changes, the color has become more vivid, character modeling has also made some adjustments, from the previous realism biased to some cartoon style.

The younger brother feels the overall atmosphere It is more lively, and it is relatively less oppressive in the course of the game. Of course, this is to see personal taste.

And the processing in the far and near scenes is also more delicate. There are some differences between the vision and the opening of the non-targeting machine. The feeling for the younger brother is more recognizable.

The UI interface during the battle has also been re-adjusted, but the overall change is not big, such as 蹲, 趴, jump, shooting and other conventional buttons, More direction axes and footsteps, gunshot reminders, viewing angle switching, and more.

Of course, the younger brother feels The game is smarter than before.

For example, to make the operation more convenient, the game has set up an automatic bag+Function for guns >, the player only needs to pick up the item next to the item to be picked up, and the item will be automatically installed, and the accessories of the gun will be automatically installed. "Mom" no longer have to worry about my configuration...

In fact, there is no big change in the gameplay. The main content is still a hundred people to fight, and the other players will survive the last competitive game. After all, this gameplay is very mature and difficult. Make large-scale changes.

The content of the game is still the beginning of the skydiving, landing equipment, and then through a series of personal favorite tactics such as a gun or ambush to achieve the ultimate survival.

Of course, the game still has to have a certain luck In the end, everyone knows that the fate of the circle is so unspeakable...

It is worth mentioning that the player can pick up the classic guns that can be seen in the movie in the game. , bulletproof vests, explosion-proof shields, etc.

There are also a variety of vehicles, such as trucks, off-road vehicles, motorcycles and even tricycles that can be seen on the domestic streets. There is also a portable vehicle like a skateboard, which is small and exquisite, but it is much faster than running barefoot. It is also young and fashionable.

In terms of vehicles, the younger brother is very convinced of Netease's planning. Only you can't think of it, there really is no such thing as they can't.

In this new version, the game also adds a gameplay of heroes. This gameplay willMOBAthe concept of heroes, skills, and levels in the game will be added to the elimination game.

Players can choose from 3 of the 10 heroes that appear randomly. Each has unique skills and passiveness, and it also has different effects.

The younger favorite is "" Synthetic animal", this hero is a monster in a science fiction movie in character performance, the blood volume is abnormally high, and there is a level limit.

The hero’s sprint and perspective skills are very strong, but these skills must be raised to the specified level to use, and the upgrade must be combined with other players to hang up and drop the box or airdrop.

This hero’s paw attack is very high, but he can’t pick up the gun. It’s a close-knit warrior, a bit like a “biochemical monster”.

Planning is to make zombies into the game...

The brain is big, play After a sudden burst of shooting, play a "run and catch" and have a flavor!

Other heroes have their own characteristics, and the younger brothers will not introduce them one by one.

Of course, if there is only one more gameplay, then the player may be tired after playing for a long time, so the plan adds five modes at a time (including heroic duel) !

The younger brief introduction There are ten minutes in a row 40man speed quick-fix mode; the monsters with frequent airdrops of relic items; the biochemical infection of the two camps of humans and zombies Mode; and the big combat mode of the car enthusiasts, can be said to include the high popularity of FPS games. That's right, there is a speeding car...

feeling in one In the game, I played several different games at the same time...

< /p> Having said that, overall, This 2nd anniversary event gives the younger brother the feeling that NetEase is seriously prepared, new screen, new mode, new gameplay, looks like a new game. ...

, And on the game introduced here, interested players can try, is not your dish, or to verify it personally.

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