TheShy apologizes in the morning, fans warm heart comments to cheer for them

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tuwanwang· 2019-11-05 21:40:16

TheShy apologizes in the early morning

In the S9 World Finals semi-final, the defending champion iG lost to FPX and was eliminated by 3-1. After the game, Ning Wang emptied his Weibo and sent a full-fledged Weibo, and then the rhythm of the iG players' transfer was one after another.

This morning, TheShy released the first since the elimination A Weibo, and mentioned: "A month after the dream has passed, I am sorry for everyone. Everyone will see you next year!" The comments in the comment area are also very warm, fans have cheered for TheShy.

Everyone knows that TheShy has always played Players who are more fierce and have strong personal strength, even in the trough of the team, often use the power of one person to fight against the sky, not to mention the angel R of the quarter-finals. And for the single players in the world, TheShy is one of the best in both the suppression of the line and the play of the group. However, in the final game of the semi-final, TheShy Angel's last few operations became the FPX counter-iG "breakthrough". After the death of the angel, iG was eventually defeated by FPX for lack of output and protection. Even after the game, there was a doubt about TheShy.

But we can't be a player because of a game We have set the tone, and the results of TheShy's whole year should be obvious to everyone. And this year's iG, after experiencing the loss of MSI and summer games, can stumble into the semi-finals and should also surprise most people. Anyway, I hope TheShy and iG can learn the lessons of this failure and continue to cheer in next year's game!

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