Fortress Night Chapter 2 First Season Dock Trading Mission Raiders

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52PKyouxiwang· 2019-11-05 21:40:18

Fortress Night updated the season challenge. How do you complete this dock trading mission? Come and see the specific completion of the second quarter of the first season dock trading mission with

< p>How to do the Fortress Night Dock Trading Mission

1 Complete 3 eliminations at Joy Park or Cargo Terminal

2. Search 7 treasure chests at Cargo Terminal or Salt Spring

3. Use sniper rifle to inflict 250 damage to enemies < /p>

4. Driving a motorboat through 3 different fire rings

You can do it with your friends. It is recommended to take the board directly through the ring of fire and then drive the motorboat into the boat.

5. Inflict 1 damage to the enemy by firing a gasoline pump.

The petrol pump is at the gas station. It is recommended that you complete it in a single four-row or single-row double row. More man-machines, knocking down a man-machine, resisting him to the vicinity of the petrol pump and detonating, it is easy to complete

6. Go to the ship's sailing, Coral Bay and Redfish Pond

A running map task, I suggest you and your friends to do it together, start the team assist, one person falls one point, and it will be completed in 2 minutes!

7. Using high-explosive weapons to create 1000 points for enemy buildings. Injury

There are some high-explosive weapons in the current version: grenades, RPG, and motorboat bullets.

Everyone in the game, prepare weapons and bullets in advance, and you can blow up when there are more boards in the finals.

8. Point damage

9. Landing in the Weeping Forest, Leisure Lake and Happy Park respectively

10. Complete 2 eliminations with high-explosive weapons

11. The "Dock Deal" loading interface looks for the hidden letter "T"

The letter "T" is located on the steel frame in the southern part of the cargo terminal (H4 quadrant).

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