Focus Xie Shaofeng: China's cloud computing development of the world's fastest growing is still facing problems and challenges

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feixiangwang· 2016-05-18 18:22:03

Dumbo Reuters < / strong > (Zhiwei Zhao speaking / text) May 18 news, at the eighth session of the Cloud Computing Conference, industry letter Ministry of information and software services industry Secretary Xie Shaofeng said China cloud computing has achieved rapid development, 2015, China's cloud computing industry scale close to 1500 billion yuan, increase more than 30%, which is one of the world's fastest growing market. But still faces in the development of many problems and challenges, such as: ecological system needs to be improved, China's cloud computing standards and certification assessment system is not complete, personal privacy and data protection laws and regulations need to be improved, market regulation still needs to be improved. />

for cloud computing industry development future trend Xie Shaofeng thinks current cloud computing has from the stage of technology import into industry vigorous development, application of rapid popularization stage, the future for a period of time in China cloud computing will continue to showing a good momentum of technology innovation and application development, cloud computing industry development is facing greater market opportunities. On the one hand with Chinese manufacturing in 2025 and Internet plus strategy continues to advance, the industry urgently needs through the cloud computing system to boost the development of the industry transformation and upgrading, on the other hand, the development of the cloud computing industry continues to mature, successful cases continue to occur, but also makes the users of cloud computing and the cognitive degree not only improve.

then, Kaiyuan Kaiyuan technology to promote cloud computing cloud change. Kaiyuan cloud to cloud computing technology evolution has generated great influence. At present, more and more enterprise cloud services began to use Kaiyuan cloud platform, and actively participate in the construction of Kaiyuan cloud community. />

fourth, the implementation of the strategy of big data, and promote cloud computing rapid development, on the one hand, cloud computing is a large data base, data processing need cloud computing to provide computing storage and network resources support, another aspect of data values and rules to promote cloud computing and industry application and play a greater role. The future of cloud computing and actively promote the depth of integration of large data, and actively explore the application model and business model innovation.

therefore, Xie Shaofeng suggested: to actively create a cloud computing a good environment for the development of and adhere to the decentralization pipe combination optimization services, both the principle and continuous innovation train of thought of development of the industry, RE development planning strategy policy standards of the leading role, and promote the healthy development of the industry, actively organize cloud computing comprehensive standardization system construction guide, and gradually improve the cloud computing standard system framework for exploring the Kaiyuan international community driven China Cloud Computing Department of industry development, to build a perfect cloud computing services evaluation system and specification of cloud computing services market.

at the same time, accelerate breakthroughs in core technologies and continued support of foreign enterprises with colleges and universities and research institutes the user unit strength powerful alliances to promote synergy, to construct the high level cloud computing services platform and push to improve the efficiency of applying information technology, innovative business processes and models, foster cloud field of computing is the backbone enterprise in the international competitiveness, vigorously promote the development of industry alliance.

to in the modern manufacturing industry key areas of the promotion of cloud computing application, continue to deepen the pilot work of industrial cloud services platform innovation, on the one hand support enterprises to build a private cloud services platform, for cloud platform to carry out the migration of the information system, to achieve information sharing and collaborative innovation, on the other hand to build platform of the cloud service industry, to explore the model base and knowledge base design innovation resources integration and sharing, promote cloud computing as the depth of the representative of a new generation of information technology and modern manufacturing industry fusion, actively foster the formation of new formats, new models.

in addition, create a cloud computing environment security system and to the overall dynamic open relatively common security concept as a guide, correctly handle the relationship between security and development, support the backbone of enterprise R & D attract cloud computing environment of security technology and products, organization to carry out demonstration and application of security enhancement technology support and service capabilities and efforts to formulate and improve gathered in bulk Environment Standard Specification for information security and management policies, and continuously improve the safety door system, and effectively protect the information security of cloud computing.

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