"Blue Wave: Crosswave" PC version will be launched in 2020. Landing on the Steam platform

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The PS4 version of "Blue Line: Crosswave" believes that everyone has already known. Today, publisher Idea Factory International announced that the PC version of "Blue Wave: Crosswave" will go live in early 2020 and log on to the Steam platform. The game supports Traditional Chinese and come together to find out.

Players who like mobile games must have heard of "Blue" "Route" this game, and "Blue Wave: Crosswave" is a stand-alone game based on the "Blue Line". The game type is the same as the "Blueway", the main battle of the beautiful girl shipyard RPG, the game will use 3D shooting game, using the Unreal 4 engine, the familiar mobile game "Blueway" in the Cleveland, Chicheng and other famous ships will be all Debut.

"Blueway: Crosswave" uses the Unreal 4 engine For development, compared to the game screen of the mobile phone, with better hardware performance support, players will see more detailed game screens and character modeling, and the "wife" that players like will become more sophisticated. .

In addition, the game was developed by COMPILE HEART, so players can also see the characters of COMPILE HEART in the game, and Neptinu from the "Girls of Fighters" series appeared in the game. This is also the second collaboration between the Blue Line and the Fighter Girl series.

The Japanese version of "Blue Wave: Crosswave" will be On August 29th, the PS4 platform will be launched. The Chinese version is scheduled to be released in the fall. The PC version of "Blue Wave: Crosswave" will be launched in early 2020, supporting English, Japanese and Traditional Chinese.

Blue route:CrossWaveIntroduction:

Game type:< /strong>Adventure Games

Main Tags: Host, Ship Niang, Collect

Similar Games: "Blue Lines" < /p>

Listing date: August 29, 2019


One sentence evaluation: The 3D version of "Wife" is coming

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