Destiny 2 Redemption Garden Tail King Play

Playing fate

52PKyouxiwang· 2019-11-05 21:40:22

The following brings fate to everyone 2 Redemption Garden Tail King play, some players do not know how to play this boss, then let's take a look.

Fate 2 End of the Kings play

boss hate

The player who is closest to the boss and plays boss (plays boss first) It is recommended that when the Titan has a small skill shield, you can go to the boss for a while. Open the shield station and play the boss at the front desk.


boss every time When a broken leg or shoulder is weak, a floor is removed and a very high damage big eye is generated (first time knocked out).

The following repeater is the 1st position, even the black cross is the 2nd position, and the boss is the 3rd position.

The patching time is the tenths of seconds after the big eyes are cleared and the mobs are cleared, and the first wave is output after the second wave is just ten seconds after the repeater is started.

It is recommended to keep the four positions before and after the repeater.

After clearing this mob, you can make up a wave board.

This wave of repeaters came out to make up the floor.

At this time, the teammates who don’t need to make up the floor are going to pull the boss and hate to run (the warlock Titan is preferred).

Team and play

Personal recommendation 33 detachment, 1, 2 players are responsible for the triangle, 3 players are responsible for floor communication and defensive repeater.

Blue is an example:

boss weakens the point while breaking the weak point, 1 player enters, 23 players clear the patch.

1 Players 捡 10 triangles to the field (this time the door is also open) Player 2 enters the infield, and No. 1 goes on the 2nd, and the loop continues so if it is stolen. (30 is full of observation repeaters, all the stones in the middle become full of particleized beams.)

Before you open the blame, you can divide the station at the 123th position even if you have a boss. Do not change positions. (The 3rd position on both sides can't be put together, it will be chaotic.)

If there is a mistake on the side, don't panic, if the repeater is full, the mobs will be close to the repeater and will automatically help you eliminate the mob shield. One side quickly loops.

Output method

Because most teams can't control the boss's first wave of flying time.

The first wave is connected to the second wave.

The first wave of flying dew weakness is short-lived. The gold-headed hunter suggests that the advance time should be widened. After flying, it will directly weaken, and then use the green ammunition to output. (Only when the fly is weak, it is a crit)

The second time, the boss landed for a short time, and Wendy’s six bombings.

After the whole team buff is full, take out the swords, insects and bullets, if there is no warlock fire phoenix, it is recommended.

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Destiny 2 Redemption Garden Tail King Play