"Goddess of Different Records 5S" new information and real machine demonstration: Sophia will become a new wife?

Fight goddess

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2019-11-05 21:40:25

Atlus hosted a live broadcast of the "Goddess of Different Records 5" series last night, introducing a large amount of new information on the unparalleled action game "Goddess of the Wind 5S".

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"Goddess The story of Wen Lu 5S happened half a year after the end of this episode of "Goddess of Different Records 5". The members of the squad in the summer reunion were involved in a new event, and everyone will travel in more than 5 cities. The different worlds have encountered the red-haired girl "Sofia" and the police "Israkawa Hasegawa" who are not friends and friends. The two are the key to this story.

" Sophia's ability is very similar to "personal mask", called "Pithos", the weapon is yo-yo and igniter, also Good at restoring department skills. Her aim is to become a friendly "neighbor" of human beings, nicknamed "Sophie."

Game System

This game can control many characters of the thief group and "Sofia" to fight. Each character supports deep development and has its own separate bloodline and good weapons and skills. Players can target enemy weaknesses or In the event of a crisis, other roles will also be offered at a time suitable for their own appearance, so the development of each role is part of the game strategy.

The enemy encounter is still in RPG mode. Enemy signs will appear in the maze, and the contact will enter the battle. The player can also Attack with a gun or sneak attack, so that the battle is good, you can also escape directly in the battle.

The player only needs □ and △ two buttons in the battle You can combine gorgeous attacks, use "personal mask" to make the game more strategic, "personal mask" will be suspended when the launch (air can also be used), players can choose skills with different powers and scope Attacks, but this consumes SP, and Joker also supports switching between different personality masks. This role can also be used to attack or chase with a gun. The screen will be stationary when using the gun.

Like the original, the enemy also has weaknesses and shield values ​​in the goddess 5S, and both the enemy and the enemy can be added Buff and Debuff, attacking a weak point can cause a lot of damage, and breaking the shield value can make a "one more" attack and a total attack. In addition, players can make a variety of different fit skills and "Show Time".

For the players who are fighting hard, this game is also prepared. Simple difficulty, but also higher difficulty for players to challenge, the specific maximum difficulty is still not revealed. It is also unclear how many roles the Coop system and the original will join, and the current development progress is 90%.

Source: gamestalk

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