The girl comforted the male friend who lost her love and was confessed on the spot! After living together for 7 days...

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Face to confession

It’s hard to refuse. It’s a good friend’s confession

Because it’s especially cherish that friendship

is also particularly easy to get lost

will treat the appreciation between friends as love


harm yourself

Girl Chen Li (a pseudonym) and man Zhang Feng (a pseudonym) are both in their 20s and are ordinary friends.

On the afternoon of August 5, Zhang Feng suddenly called Chen Li and cried to him that he had fallen out of love. He especially wanted to see Chen Li. As a friend, Chen Li did not think much. She immediately went to Zhang Feng’s residence and was ready to persuade him. After meeting, Chen Li found that Zhang Feng drank a lot of wine, Zhang Feng took her hand to confess to her, Chen Lixin thought it was true, and began to live with Zhang Feng.

Since then, Chen Li, who has fallen in love, has spent 1000 Yu Yuan bought daily necessities, and bought a mobile phone worth more than 8,000 yuan for Zhang Feng, and transferred 1,000 yuan through WeChat.

At noon on August 12, Chen Li suddenly received a call from Zhang Feng. Zhang Feng said that he had reconciled with his ex-girlfriend and wanted to break up with Chen Li. This phone call made Chen Li suddenly stunned, and asked the story of the original, Zhang Feng said the truth: It turned out that a few days ago, Zhang Feng and his girlfriend quarreled after drinking alcohol, drunk and turned to Chen Li's mobile phone number This has this ridiculous "seven-day love."

At this time, Chen Li is at a loss, but calm After I came down, I thought of my true heart, but in exchange for such a finale, I asked Zhang Feng to return the mobile phone and other items. Zhang Feng verbally promised, but he was not able to return it.

Unfortunately, Chen Li sued Zhang Feng to the Weiyang District Court in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. After hearing the case, Qi Mingming, the presiding judge, took into account the relationship between the two parties and organized two people to mediate. However, the defendant Zhang Feng repeatedly claimed that these things were voluntarily given by the plaintiff Chen Li and therefore refused to return. The mediation failed.

The court held that the parties were responsible for providing evidence of their claims.

In this case, the plaintiff requested the defendant to return the paid payment of more than 10,000 yuan. Although the evidence was submitted, it could not prove that the payment for the purchase was a payment.

The defendant argued that the property was voluntarily given to him during the two-person relationship. The statement and the corresponding evidence of the two parties can be confirmed. The goods purchased by the plaintiff are actually purchased during the cohabitation period during love.

The two have broken up and the defendant should return to some of the property. Both parties confirmed that the goods were used by the defendant at the defendant's office, and the plaintiff required the defendant to pay the discounted amount for sufficient reasons to support it.

The plaintiff requested the defendant to return the transfer of 1,000 yuan, which is the plaintiff’s voluntary gift to the defendant. Therefore, the plaintiff’s claim lacks facts and legal basis and does not support it.

In recent days, the Daming Palace Court of the Weiyang District Court made a first-instance judgment on the dispute over the return of property caused by the end of the relationship. The defendant was ordered to return a discount of 8500 yuan for the items purchased, and neither party appealed after the verdict.

Slag man is no doubt!

Make friends and keep your eyes open!

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