Wei Mi supermodel leads a thousand girls as a farmer? Beauty and long legs can't be passed down but others can! !


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Young fame, world supermodel, entrepreneurship, early marriage, programming... These words are combined, you must know who I am talking about: She is Karlie Kloss, who is called KK.

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Reviewing the small KK's supermodel road, you will find that the goddess of luck seems to care about her. 13 years old was explored by scouts. From the official launch of the T-stage to the rapid redness, she only spent more than a year, and then entered the opening period, becoming the most watched star in the 2010s.

17 years old, she got the Dior haute couture creation at the time John Galliano, the director, appreciated the Dior show, and even went 12 seasons to open the show.

In 2011, Galliano was dismissed for his dissatisfaction, and Xiao KK also suffered a career bottleneck. At this time, after she joined the Wei Mi show, many people also met this unique face from here.


Before debuting for ten years, Little KK has everything that models and girls want, and her life seems to have doubled Play button. However, in 2015, at the age of 23, she decided to press the timeout button: I signed a contract with the talented person who signed the contract for two years, went to the New York University Caledon Institute for Personal Studies, and graduated after a year of study. .

The major she studied is called media and program editing. The simple explanation is to write code;

In that year, most people held a watching attitude on this matter: "Supermodel torrents retreat as a programmer" "Programmers who don't love fitness are not good supermodels" "Professional procedures After many years of study and thousands of hours of practice, how can you study for a model for a year?" ...... In the eyes of many outsiders, she is just a gimmick to give her supermodel identity. gold.

In fact, she I didn't think about rushing the rice bowl with the code farmers, nor for the mixed education.

After more than a year before enrolling, Karlie suddenly began to think, is life like this? Is this what you want? no!

" I am 21... I feel that it is not so challenging to be a model. But the change in technology is so amazing, I don't understand it, which makes me frustrated."

In the same year, she went to the famous Flatiron School ( Iron Academy) participated in a one-week programming class. That intense study made Little KK very shocked: " It opened my eyes and recognized the power of programming, which can be applied in every aspect in a very innovative way."

So she got into the New York University programming.

What she wants to do after she learns is Help more young girls learn this magical language. Because Xiao KK himself came from a girl, she knows how much economic and social support is needed for girls to pursue their technological dreams.

(74% of girls in high school are interested in science )

(University's science and information technology majors only 18% are women)

So she began to work hard for more people's dreams.

For 15 years, she opened the programming language project Kode with Klossy to encourage girls aged 13-18 to learn programming. The project is not only free of charge, but Karlie also co-founded the "Kode Scholarship" bursary with Code.org, the organization that calls for global youth learning programming, to help more girls who want to learn programming.

In April of this year, she personally ran to the street and personally promoted it. When she saw the little girl, she stopped to introduce the project to them.


Everyone from the beginning will be suspicious (even if the opposite is a supermodel), keep asking questions, and later by the small KK Enthusiastically infected, the girls smiled and signed up. Many people who dare not learn and have no confidence also have confidence.

With its own influence (tens of millions of fans across the network) and efforts to promote, the project has grown and grown in just three years, from the United States There are 15 locations in 12 cities, 300 girls, and 50 teaching sites in 25 cities, with more than 1,000 students.

Small KK is happy:

" I firmly believe that the younger women who are exposed to and learn programming can help us have a voice and a place in changing the world."< /strong>

This supermodel is rarely mentioned. She was born in the suburbs of St. Louis. She was very interested in mathematics and science since she was a child. Unfortunately, high school did not open a computer class, and the prosperous model business also let She has no time to take care of this matter.

Now Karlie finally finds the original ideal, not only make up Regrettably, it also provides opportunities for girls of the new generation. " Learning to write code is the basis of my ability to understand the technology. It lights up the light, it lights up a light for me."

Now, this light is not only She is bright, and she is lighting up the lives of more girls.

A girl who has received a scholarship says ,

" People don't always encourage girls to pursue careers in science, even if it's their passion. I think people of all genders should be allowed to follow their love. Pursue the career of your choice. When you are young, learn to write code, girls can overcome stereotypes from the very beginning, no longer discouraged."

Another girl Isabella said:

" I didn’t realize before in the technology industry I need women, I don’t know that technology is not so annoying. However, it is still very cool. During the time of studying here, I began to really consider the cause of technology and software engineering."

Most of the girls who have participated in the study will choose technology work in the future and become Change the members of the world.

An average of 90% of students said that after class Feel more confident and learn new skills

People often do not insist on their dreams because of life and reality: they give up studying abroad for economic reasons; because they can't stick to their hobbies because of their work/work; Because the environment is forced to choose to compromise...

The girl who benefits from the small KK programming class is lucky; I don’t know, there are always a group of people around like a small KK: With hard work to succeed, look back Pass the experience and spirit to the next generation and let more dreams come into reality.

This year’s HSBC Championship, HSBC has held Youth Golf Teaching Guidance to give young people who love golf a chance to make their dreams come true.

At the golf instructional class held this Saturday, women's professional golfers Ms. Feng Shanshan and Ms. Liu Wei, for the China High-Tech Association - HSBC China Youth Golf Campus Program Cooperation School Shanghai The students of Yongchang School and the young golfers carefully guide the batting action.

The first Olympic golf in Chinese history Ms. Feng Shanshan, the medal winner, said:

" In the past ten years, China Golf has made many breakthroughs in hardware and software development, which is inseparable from HSBC and other sectors of society. The promotion and popularization of sports. More teenagers choose to join the golf career path or participate in the golf experience. I hope that the Chinese Golf Corps can achieve a good result."

From the China High-Tech Association - HSBC China Youth Golf Development Program, and transforming professional players in 2015 >Ms. Liu Wei

" HSBC has witnessed my journey to become a professional player. I am very grateful to HSBC for its long-term support for golf. I hope that I can win HSBC women in the future. The trophy for the Golf World Championship."

Since the establishment in Shanghai in 2005, the World Championships - HSBC Champions has celebrated its 15th anniversary. A series of golf teaching and experience activities were in full swing during the event, helping to promote the long-term commitment of golf in China.

In the past 12 years, the China High-Tech Association - The HSBC China Youth Golf Development Program brings golf clubs to more than 100,000 young children, helping young people to dream about golf and promoting the development of the golf community.

In mid-October this year, Shanghai Minhang District Kaizhi School became the first special school to join the program, and the children also had the opportunity to experience golf and be accompanied by it. Healthy and happy growth.

Everyone who works hard for a dream All need to be seen.

HSBC hopes to provide more and more support for the next generation of golf talents in China while letting China and even the wider sports industry focus on Chinese golf. Plan to add more investment and sponsorship to help these golfers to develop their sports potential and achieve more.

Every young dream is worthy of being Guardian, HSBC has always worked hard to make young people have a better future.

HSBC not only gives Young people provide sufficient coaching resources and a wealth of events, while also paying attention to the wealth status of the whole family.

Excellent Finance Family Financial Services and Youth Growth Accounts provide a platform for Premier Banking clients to realize family wealth management concepts in a family-based manner. Young people have their own individual accounts. You can also participate in public welfare activities by participating in the game of financial business training through mobile banking.

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