exposure! Wholesale a few yuan, the market is selling as gold! A net red can sell 100,000 pieces

Gold 10 000pieces

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Recently, there has been a kind of "sand gold" on the market, which is golden and heavy, but in fact there is no gold in it. Some people have reported that some factories that process jewelry are producing and selling so-called "Shajin" jewelry in large quantities.

18k, 24k, 999 purity is easy to edit

Wholesale for a few dollars

Guangdong Province Meilong Town, Haifeng County is a professional jewelry processing town, known as the "China Jewelry Capital". Walking on the streets of Meilong Town, the dense jewelry factory signs can be seen everywhere.

The jewelry processing factories here are mostly located in residential buildings, and the area is not large. In the name of wholesale goods, the reporter came to a jewelry factory called "The Royal Family". In the finished warehouse, there are glittering jewels everywhere.

" 御赐金家" Jewelry Factory Finished Warehouse < /p>

Introduction by the person in charge of the factory, the thicker sand gold necklace, the wholesale price is 70 yuan 1 string. The finer sand gold necklace, the wholesale price is 50 yuan 1 string. As for the smaller ring, the price is only 2 or 3 yuan.

These jewellery varies from a few yuan to several tens of dollars depending on the specifications, style and weight. In the process of peddling, the person in charge specifically emphasized to the reporter that they are at home. The quality of these sand gold jewelry produced is very good, not only the color texture is very similar to the real gold, but even the weight is almost the same.

Guangdong Haifeng County Jewelry Factory Operator: Why it is as heavy as real gold, because it is half thicker than real gold.

" 御赐金家" Jewelry Factory Necklace

The person in charge also said that the "Shajin" jewellery of his own family can definitely be used for retail sales. When the reporter expressed doubts, he told reporters that many of the jewelry factories in the town are doing this business. A net red can sell 100,000 pieces.

Guangdong Haifeng County Jewelry Factory Manager


The reporter then came to a jewelry factory called "Jin Taisheng", and the factory staff bluntly told reporters an open secret in the industry.

Guangdong Haifeng County Jewelry Manufacturer: You go outside to sell, when gold is sold. Some people say that Shajin is gold and sells hundreds of dollars.

Guangdong Haifeng County Jewelry Manufacturers

< p> Originally, some customers of this manufacturer, in the name of activities, discount promotions, openly sell these sand gold ornaments in the name of gold. Take a shot and change to a place to avoid supervision.

In order to convince reporters that they are not guilty, the staff also brought reporters to the warehouse and told reporters that their factories are not only available in a variety of sources, but also provide various gold brands. Packing box. At the scene, the reporter saw the jewelry box with the words "Lao Fengxiang" printed on it.

In the town of Meilong, another one is called " Jin Yali's jewelry factory, the "Sha Jin" bracelet produced here, directly printed the words 999, the boss told reporters that printed such words, it is indeed convenient for customers to sell in the name of 999 thousand gold.

In addition to Haifeng County, there are many sand gold jewelry factories in Huizhou. In a jewelry factory called "OPK Tengyi", a jewelry factory staff opened the door and told reporters that 18k, 24k, 999, are just sales gimmicks, what kind of words can customers engrave on jewelry? .

Do you need to give money?" Certificate of Appraisal"

Appraisal Agency Helps Abuse!

The so-called "Shajin" jewelry, printed with the words of 999 thousand gold, and with the test report and the brand's packaging, many consumers are difficult to distinguish true and false, but the wholesale price Only a few pieces, dozens of pieces, obviously can not be real gold, then, what is the so-called "Sha Jin"?

Guangdong Haifeng County jewelry manufacturers: Vietnam Shajin, Thailand Shajin, Shajin is just a gimmick, because Shajin has a gold word.

With the question of whether sand gold jewelry contains gold, reporter Finally, at the price of 130 yuan, I purchased two sets of sand gold necklaces at the "Golden Gifts" factory, and at the "China Chamber of Commerce Jewelry Quality Supervision and Inspection Center" not far from the factory, I purchased the two strings of sand gold necklaces. The test.

The inspection agency staff told reporters that this so-called sand gold necklace does not contain any gold ingredients at all. However, he added that in the town of Meilong, the gold products in the market contain no gold and how much gold, but they are all determined by their testing institutions. Such a necklace without a little gold component can actually make a gold certificate.

When the original merchant needs to issue an identification certificate for a product Just take a sample for testing. If the sample is a real gold, you can issue a large-scale identification certificate, and each certificate will be stamped with a different number. The appraiser emphasized that as long as the appraisal fee is paid on a piece-by-piece basis, how many certificates can be issued by the merchant. As for where the merchants use these identification certificates and how they are used, they do not care.

Worker of Jewelry Inspection Agency of Meilong Town, Haifeng County, Guangdong Province: I have a certificate of 100, and I have not issued it. I don't recognize it. I only recognize this one. Small ones can be given to you a little, and the big certificate is five yuan.

In Meilong Town, there are more than one institution that can produce gold certification certificates for Shajin. The reporter came to an organization called "Golden State Inspection Jewelry Testing". The staff told reporters that they could issue an identification certificate for Shajin Jewelry to prove that it is real gold. If the amount of detection is large, the detection fee can also be discounted.

Work of Jewelry Inspection Agency in Meilong Town, Haifeng County, Guangdong Province Personnel: If you have more than 100 pieces, you can count 1 piece and 5 pieces.

In the survey, many “Shajin” manufacturers in Meilong Town also used the words of copper-plated 24K gold for marketing. With a variety of different types of sand gold jewellery purchased, the reporter came to another jewelry testing center called “Zhongsheng Xincheng” in Meilong Town for testing.

After testing, the so-called gold, gold content of 0.58% and 0.48%, respectively, the majority of the other components are copper, the content of gold is negligible, almost negligible.

The jewelry factory in Meilong Town has opened a factory store in Guangzhou for sale. The reporter then came to Taikang Jewelry City in Guangzhou, which is a famous jewelry wholesale and retail market in Guangdong.

It is roughly estimated that there are at least 40 shops selling copper-plated jewellery here. These merchants unanimously promoted the sand gold jewelry in the name of 24K gold, and then sold it to the north and south.

In fact, 24K gold is in the inspection industry nonexistent. Whether it is Shajin manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers, they have been using a 24K gold that does not exist in reality, posing as high-end jewelry and selling cheap sand gold jewelry.

China Consumers Association expert committee expert Qiu Baochang stressed that even Appraisal institutions do not collude with illegal operators for subjective fraud, but their practice of issuing a large number of certificates for a single sample has been suspected of violating the law and constituting a crime, and criminal responsibility must be investigated according to law.

In the program, the so-called "Shajin" jewellery, after being packaged by manufacturers and appraisers, can be put into the room and transformed into 999 pure gold for sale.

These so-called "Shajin" contain no gold at all, but only use various metal materials to make the color and texture of gold. What is most surprising is that some of the appraisal agencies are also playing the role of umbrellas in this scam. They know that merchants are making fake sales, but they also issue jewellery identification certificates, product fraud, certificate fraud, and multiple Under the routine, consumers have no reason to be fooled.

Calling relevant departments to strengthen supervision and management

At the same time as inspecting such counterfeit goods

also severely punish some appraisal organizations

See Forgetting and harming consumers' behavior

Source: CCTV Finance (ID: cctvyscj)

(Editing Su Xiangyang)

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