The doctors at the top three hospital remind you: this family should have

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Guide: Every year you enter the autumn and winter season, you will be able to see the following information in the circle of friends:

Children are sick and often have long queues every time. Parents are tired and tired...

Lined up to nine o'clock in the night, there are 16 numbers in front!

Every time I go to the hospital Seeing a doctor is a sea of ​​people.

The problem of registration is unfortunately a problem that many families are currently facing, especially for families with pregnant mothers and small babies, often entangled in whether or not to go to the hospital. In fact, not to mention the hardships of going out and going through the hospital, in addition to worrying about cross-infection, the hospital has to face a queue for a few hours and see a doctor for 2 minutes, but not going to the hospital and not being practical, I am afraid that there will be a mistake.

A friend of Xiaobian recently produced it. I found it very flustered yesterday. He said that the baby just spit out when he was discharged from the hospital. He spit twice a day, so she was very panicked for the first time. Ask us if we need to take the baby to the hospital immediately.

Xiaobian recommended that she use the "quick question and answer" service of the hot mom, consulted the doctors of the top three hospitals, and got a reply from the doctor in 6 minutes. She explained the reasons for the newborn baby to spit milk, teach her how to take a baby after feeding, how to care after spitting milk, when the baby appears what circumstances need to seek medical treatment immediately, to help her solve the anxiety.

To help the hot mom We solve the problem of gestation, the hot mom helps the speed question and answer service has been stationed in the public number, the top three doctors answer your questions one-on-one online 24 hours a day, and apply for special benefits for the hot mom, the original price 25 yuan , the limited time spike is only 9.9 yuan.

The nine advantages of speed question and answer

One, three qualifications

Optimized tens of thousands of top three doctors online reply

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Second, replies quickly

Average 6-minute consultation

Three, waiting all day

24-hour service is open all year round

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Four communication

20 hours of conversation with the doctor /p>

Five, smart triage

Don't worry about choosing the wrong doctor

Sixth, protection hidden

All questions are only visible to experts

Seven, better price

Limited time 9.9 Meta-question

8, Respond to reminders

To prevent you from missing the consultation, the doctor will notify you by SMS after replying

Nine, timeout refund

Ask a question for one hour without a doctor reply, the consultation fee is returned to the field

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