Shaodong County, Hunan Province, a doctor was attacked official: being rescued

Doctor Hunan Shaodong County is

zhongqingchenbao· 2016-05-18 19:22:27

5 18 afternoon, in Shaodong, Hunan Province, the local post bar, a people's hospital doctor was killed by the patient, the post caused local users hot. In addition, micro-blog also has a lot of Shaodong local friends mentioned the incident, with multiple monitoring pictures said the assailant. < Chongqing Morning News - upstream news reporter found that users have posted a screenshot of the circle of friends, screenshot a claiming to be the hospital staff said in the circle of friends: "our hospital ENT of a doctor, because at the same time there are two patients required debridement, ask him to wait for a while, it was the one patient with a sledgehammer hammer in afterbrain spoon. "And in the circle of friends mentioned that the doctor surnamed wang.

subsequently, upstream news reporter contacted Shao East County People's Hospital, the hospital office related responsible person does occur the violent attacks on doctors, doctors are now in the rescue, specific doctor's injury as well as attacks on the motivation of the responsible person also said to disclose.

in addition, the hospital complaints branch related staff on the upper reaches of the news reporter, said the injured doctor surnamed Wang, more than and 30 years old, is the hospital ENT doctor, other circumstances inconvenience revealed.

5 March 18, later, Shaodong county Party Committee Propaganda Department official micro signal Shaodong bulletin, said the afternoon around 1:40, Shaodong county people's Hospital occurred along with family members of patients beat and injure doctor events, the victim Doctor Wang Jun trying to rescue them.

cases occurred after, Shaodong county Party Secretary, county Shen Zhiding first time make instructions to victory at all costs to rescue the doctor, and efforts to apprehend the murderer. Shen Zhiding said that the doctor's professional rights and personal rights must be protected according to law, does not allow any person to illegally violate the doctor's personal safety. < / P > < p > Shaodong / > the Standing Committee of the county Party committee, politics and Law Committee Secretary Zhou Ping, county Party committee in charge of health Yin Rong and Shaodong county deputy magistrate and Public Security Bureau Zhu Jiayun also in the first time to make reaction and requirements try to rescue the wounded, and indicate the public security organs to immediately start the investigation work. Zhou Ping, Yin Ronghe County assistant Min Guowei, county CPPCC Vice Chairman Xie Guangyuan made a special trip to the hospital to visit the injured Wang Jun doctors, and to appease the medical staff. < in Shaodong county Party committee and government attach great importance, Shaodong county public security bureau, political commissar of the Xie Wei Hong personally in command, immediately set up a task force to start the detection. At present, the case is under investigation.

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