Netizens exposed Guilin Airlines incident female host old photo suspected "head-changing" facelift

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wangyiyule· 2019-11-06 12:10:24

Recently, a female net red entered the cockpit of a flight of Guilin Airlines and took photos of the whole network.

It is reported that the captain and the woman involved in the relationship are a couple relationship. As the situation continues to ferment, the netizen exposes that the woman involved is a net red female anchor, and the facial features are exquisite and good. The white looks beautiful and slender, and the big eyes look pretty sweet.

On November 5th, another netizen pulled out the More identity and old photos of the female net red, it is reported that she graduated from the Guilin Tourism College, even more surprising is that she was also exposed to "head-to-head" plastic surgery, netizens sunburned their 2014 INS photos, then she Mouth and face are very different from the present, questioning its "head-changing" facelift and lamenting: "Sure enough, cosmetic surgery changes fate!"

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