Sucking a bit of poisoning and vomiting? India’s air has begun to “kill”

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yingguobaojie· 2019-11-07 02:28:12

Speaking of haze, I think everyone should be familiar with it.

A few years ago, when the smog was serious, Beijing’s friends greeted each day, asking What is PM2.5 today... If it is more than 200, no one wants to go out.

At that time, I felt that the smog was really terrible...

India in 2019: Your smog is a pediatric.

(Source: hinddustan times)

In the past week, the Air Quality Index (AQI) of the Indian capital, New Delhi, has reached its highest level in history. The readings directly burst the table, and no one knows how much.

A lot of observatories give a value of 999. Given 999 is not because the value is 999, but this is the maximum value detected by the instrument...

The Air Quality Index (AQI), like PM2.5, is also a measure of air quality. The value is similar to PM2.5, below 50 is good, even more than 100 is polluted.

Abc News says India's pollution level, Equivalent to 33 cigarettes per person per day...

This is not a question of whether you need to wear a mask when you go out. This is the question of whether we want to go to New Delhi to back the oxygen bottle...

Indian netizens commented on the Internet:

" I live in Delhi, which is more serious than everyone thinks. The throat is itchy and painful, the eyes are hot, I want to vomit when I breathe outside"

" I live in Delhi, the sky is like a doomsday movie"

" I just arrived in Delhi for the first time. The air pollution here is so bad that it cannot be described. Imagine 20 people smoking around you and blowing the smoke on your face. "

" My air filter In an effort to overload, I have never been so sympathetic to an object"

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" Our school's fire alarm system is alarming, because the fog is too heavy...This is still in the classroom"

The visibility of the entire region of New Delhi this weekend, all dropped to the lowest in history

(Source: NYT)< /p>

(Source: CNA)

Some netizens said: I live in a 17-storey hotel. I can't see the ground when I look down in the morning.

(Source: ceomagazine)

< p>Since the fog is too serious, The New Delhi government has announced a state of emergency and the school is closed.

However, the New Delhi Marathon in the past few days will continue as usual. This kind of weather dares to run out, it’s really a strong man.

(Source: hindustantime)

< p>

(Source: DW)

Many students may think that this is because the Indian industry is catching up, and now the smog is The pain of industrialization must pass. Was it not foggy in London, England?

If this is the case, the Indian government is expected to wake up. The facts are very cruel.

Because the smog problem in India and the smog problem in China are not the same thing at all. The main cause of smog in India is agriculture, not industry...

(Source: forbes)

As early as the end of October, Indian farmers will harvest the grain from the previous season and then plant the seeds for the next season. And after the harvest of the grain in the previous quarter, the Indian farmers will burn all the straw straw left in the ground...

So, this smog in New Delhi is not Because the city develops industry, but because the countryside surrounds the city. It can be said that it is very magical.

(Source: npr)

< On the Internet, Western netizens are very shocked: Why do these people still use such backward farming methods, why the government does not care about the situation, why do these people do not consider the environment when doing things? How can Indians be so lazy?

In fact, it doesn't matter if the peasants are slashing and burning. The reason is very simple: a fire is the cheapest way.

(Figure: Observation on satellite map The smog to the 霾)

If you want to clean the farmland like farming in Europe and America, then you need a tractor or other professional equipment. There is no cost to a fire. In addition, fire can also increase soil fertility, remove pests and so on. If farming is used, farmers are required to additionally apply fertilizer/pesticide to the land.

In the absence of government regulation and the fact that everyone is poor, slash-and-burn is the only option.

(Source: hindustantimes)

< p>In addition to burning fields, another major source of pollution in India is waste incineration. Because of the lack of municipal services, a large part of India’s domestic garbage is solved by residents themselves, that is, littering anywhere...

Remember that there are Western countries in China who are worried about garbage siege, is the garbage dump full? The major cities in India show you what it looks like after the rubbish siege...

The picture below is not snowing in India, but industrial wastewater is directly discharged to Hanoi, New Delhi. Produced a toxic bubble...

(Source: abcnews)

(Source: reddit)

Of course, the development of industry is also smog One of the reasons students. India's industry is currently relatively junior, and the main energy source is coal-fired. This is a production mode that is much more serious than oil pollution. With the gradual development of Indian industry, smog should be more serious.

The final result is not just New Delhi. In major cities across India, and even in villages, smog has become sore to the point of being unbreathable.

Shared photos of Indian life (Source: reddit )

In the most polluted cities in the world, seven of the top ten are Indian.

Al Jazeera: India's air pollution is the worst in the world

At present, the air pollution problem in India is not likely to be resolved immediately.

Air pollution in New Delhi is also the case in recent years. Because of the population growth in India in recent years, the demand for food in the entire country is growing. In order to eat, more and more people are investing in agricultural production. They take the most primitive and savage farming methods, just to extract the last resources of the land...

(Photo: Density of slums in New Delhi)

The AQI index of the New Delhi burst is a by-product of this phenomenon.

At present, many Indians have begun to organize demonstrations and demand that the government respond more actively to environmental pollution: Stolen slash-and-burn, industrial emissions, etc.

But it’s obvious that the root cause of environmental problems lies in the level of economic development. It is impossible to change qualitatively by changing one or two laws by the government.

New Delhi (Source: reddit)

There is a theory in economics called the Kuznett curve. This theory says that when an economy is very backward, its impact on the environment is very low. Because people have limited influence on the environment, such as some African countries.

When an economy is very developed, their impact on the economy is also very low. Because they have enough motivation and money to use green energy.

So only when a country starts to develop, but not yet When it becomes a developed country, its environmental impact will reach its maximum.

Consider that India is in the early stages of development, the worst environment may not have arrived...

(Source: downtoearth)


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