Hong Kun lost Yuan Chun’s 100 billion dream?

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Yuan Chun is a peacock-type personality, outside, hi-communication, good at expressing . Yuan Chun’s drink is good, he is often drunk, and he drinks a story.

A few years ago in the middle of the night, Long Ming, president of Longhu, received a call from Vice President Yuan Chun. When Yuan Chun is connected, he will ask,

" Lao Shao, why do you be the CEO, not me?!"

Yuan Chun once said that he is a person who is very consistent with "I am" and "I am". He was in Longhu for 8 years and was considered to be the next CEO. But in the end, after in charge of the non-core department, he finally left and went to the small enterprise that was not able to reach 20 billion sales at that time.

Beijing's Nancheng Xihongmen area, this land is almost all Hongkun, this company also made a home here, Yuan Chun joined Hongkun, said to talk with his boss Zhao Bin , the same personality, a hit.

Zhao Bin was transferred from Hunan to Beijing in 2002. He is a low-key person and does not often appear. Hongkun’s reputation is greater than strength, because Mao Daqing, the founder of Youke Workshop and former vice president of Vanke, has been working in Hongkun. According to the performance, Hong Kun is not ranked in Beijing.

Yuan Chun joined Hongkun on December 1, 2017. On the 21st of the same month, Yuan Chun found dozens of media in Beijing. After being questioned, he disclosed his KPI: Leading Hong Kun Chong 100 billion.

Zhao Bin wants to get out of Xihongmen and must sprint. The goal is that by 2023, the four business segments of Hongkun Group, including real estate, industry, investment and cultural travel, will each reach “100 billion”.

Among them, two hundred billion targets in the industry and real estate sector are the tasks of Yuan Chun.

That night, in the Hongkun Linyushu Restaurant in the South Fifth Ring Road, Yuan Chun and the media friends had a good time, a cup and a cup, laughing and roaring, referring to the old club, Zhonghai, Longhu. But it is not that the two hundred billion goals of the new owner can be completed.

Yuan Chun is very energetic and wants to make a career. After he joined, he took some of the old men of Longhu and squeezed away the old department of Mao Daqing. Despite this, Yuan Chun has to compete with the Hongkun veteran for financial power.

After several turbulences in personnel, Yuan Chun’s a lot of thoughts were placed here. In the past two years, Hongkun’s performance has remained at 10 billion, and there has been no improvement. In the end, Yuan Chun did not complete the KPI of Hongkun. After two years of employment, he left Hongkun.

At present, from the perspective of the development of this company, its development momentum is insufficient and the funding situation is also bad.

In 2018, the number of land acquired by Hongkun was also greatly reduced. It only added 1 land in Chengde, Hebei Province, with a planned construction area of ​​about 200,000 square meters and a land price of only 395 million yuan. In 2018, only 9% of Hongkun's real estate contract sales were used for land acquisition.

The taxi drivers in Beijing know that to get the performance, the land is the foundation and the construction is carried out on a large scale. Is Hong Kun reluctant to give up the goal of 100 billion? In addition, Xihongmen, the owner of Xihongmen, implemented the “Great Seven Rings” strategy in 2011. Many of the land reserves are in Beijing and Tianjin, which is one of the areas most affected by the policy in the past two years. As early as 2017, Hong Kun publicly shouted out the value of 100 billion yuan, sales?

Hongkun’s sales in 2016 were only around 16 billion. According to Hongkun’s “Company Bond 2019 Tracking Rating Report”, in 2016, Hongkun had already exceeded 10 billion sales; 2017 It reached 14.713 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 35%; in 2018, it was 17.05 billion yuan, an increase of less than 16%. Sales performance is far from the goal of 100 billion.

Hongkun or can’t survive the real estate winter.

In 2019, Hongkun’s short-term debt was 11.47 billion yuan, while its holdings of cash were only 5.05 billion yuan, and the short-term debt ratio was 0.44 times. The pressure on debt repayment is relatively high. The developers' routines are borrowing new and old ones, but in recent years, the monetary roots have tightened, and the difficulty of financing large enterprises has been increasing. Hongkun, with sales of only one billion yuan, is even more difficult.

This state makes it difficult for the outside world to understand. In the end, is Hongkun's mud not helping the wall, or is Yuanchun's ability degraded? No one knows.

Zhao Bin wants to push his son to the stage. The real controller of Hongkun is Zhao Jiagongzi, born in 1993, Zhao Weihao. According to the data, the only shareholder of Hongkun Group is Beijing Herun Asset Management Co., Ltd., and Herun Assets is controlled by Zhao Weihao and Wu Hong, of which Zhao Weihao holds 99% of shares and Wu Hong holds 1%.

At present, Zhao Jiagong has not really taken over Hong Kun. The latest development is that Zhu Kun, chairman of Hongkun Real Estate, took over the position of general manager of the vacancy.

Yuan Chun’s new boss is "Billion" Zeng Huansha of Hongyang. This person believes in Feng Shui, and the son of Zeng Junkai has a "Singer Dream" and has played five concerts.

Qiao, Zeng Huansha’s goal is the same as that of Zhao Bin, and he is also sprinting billions of sales. However, Zeng Huansha’s time node is next year. A hundred billion dreams, Yuan Chun took over the next hundred billion dreams.

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