Counterattack the first person! Cindy甩 20 pounds of body fire out of the circle

Circle fat

xinyang· 2019-11-07 10:02:17

Good night for fairies

Jianbo a sister goes online

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Remember the sunshine combination of "red circles"?

Today's member Cindy is on the screen, and a sister's eyeball is fast on the screen.

The book reads less and lie to me, this is really an impression Cindy in?

The long-legged show is fully open, if not the five senses The verification was successful and I couldn't believe it.

Others are changing heads, she is more like a change The whole body (and by the way, I stretched myself by 10 cm).

The netizen is also exclaimed, slimming down and more fashionable, and even some people boast that the figure has been over-modeled.

We all know that Cindy's form factor is not dominant. There was no ridicule in debut.

But the little girl is prejudice against everyone, From the entertainment circle to kill a "blood road", alone said that courage is more than most of us.

The net size of cindy is 20 pounds. As a result of the meat, a picture of the suspected vest line was also revealed some time ago.

But Cindy said on Weibo that it is because of everyday The training was only slimmed down and did not deliberately control weight.

A sister rounds up to understand that the sister has no diet, and It is the weight loss caused by the training too hard, and the fat burning effect is quite good!

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