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xinyang· 2019-11-07 10:02:45

The content of the sheep's entertainment bulletin has come again. Today is also a sheep that eats melons and eats a round belly!

Fanfan sends a new song MV on his birthday! Let me say first, every happy birthday!

From the frequency of posting, he attaches great importance to this MV, pre-heating on Weibo three days in advance, it is a very dedicated work!

I have to say that the photo is quite handsome, handsome, extravagant, and faint with a fragile beauty, dream back archery god Kris!

The excited sheep wiped the nosebleed before calming down, for fear of being sleazy... After all, there was no precedent before...·

In this way, the sheep waits for the video to play automatically with a sly mood. First, in case there is such a ridiculous Fan Fan in the MV, the sheep will immediately turn off the video!

Close your eyes and take a look, Mom, it’s a surprise!

is really thin! This nose, this eye, can still blow a wave! The MV is still a very long version, with a length of 16:31, which is two and a half points more than the famous suspense short film "The Tuner" directed by Olivier Trenet!

It seems that the content is quite substantial, and the sheep decided to look good. , maybe it’s a "dream of you" that is scheduled for the ring!

The view is good, the composition is not bad, the music is OK, However, this is?

The sheep swears that there is no intentional blackout, maybe detached Kimura Koshihiko of the Japanese filter looks like this...

Although this MV was ridiculed by netizens on the line, whether it is the Douban team or the B station barrage is a hahahaha, only Weibo has maintained a good commentary trend because of the control.

But the sheep still hold on to the heart of the surprise, who can think of it in this short sixteen and a half minutes, the sheep has Successfully reached a slap in the face, restless, such as needles and other achievements ····

< /p>The story goes simple. It is the princess (who is Kimura) and the general (male Wu Yifan) at first sight, but it’s quite The king of the family (bad male) did not agree. To steal the princess, the two fled, fled, escaped, and both hanged. Fanfan also flew away and the two were cursed.

It’s still the kind, if you fall in love with me, I will immediately curse the level of smog!

The same paragraph Wu Yifan did it! Look at this butterfly, how big, how beautiful!

The sheep saw that they were still awkward than the barbarian king. Here is the barbarian king!

Then the king flew away, but changed Crow····

The lens is cut to modern times. The female owner is blinded by a car accident. The only hobby is to read a small book, although the book is written with the love story of Fan Fan. ································································································

is quite strong enough, not quite like a blind person.

Is this story a logical problem? Well, Fan Fan has been with you for so long after you lost your sight! It is also pushing the swing, the whole shoe, and playing the piano. It’s too thin.

The sorrowful male master puts his eyes on a sword Poke, give the cornea to the female owner, then, after the female waking up, she fell in love with Vanfan, and then Van Fan once again vanished!

This story is also absolutely...·Looking at the left and right, there is a very good trend of Jinjiang’s early romance, and there is also a feeling of Korean costume drama. The drops look big! According to the top outflow, from the team to the late is not bad, how can you shoot this? Is it too bloody?

But the 17-year "I miss you" is also quite a dog Blood ha, is also a love through time and space, but it is a good work in the eyes of passers-by.

The difference between the two is probably an intentional emotion. One is not... (Just a joke)

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