Jin Xiqi suspected of adopting Shirley love cats. Source: Secret

Shirley KimHeeChul

wangyiyule· 2019-11-07 10:02:52

Jin Xiqi was photographed in the house and there was a hairless cat walking around. It was suspected that she was a cat before her life

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Shirley and her cat Brin

Netease Entertainment reported on November 7 > Recently, Korean artist Kim Hee Chul [microblogging] was photographed in the live broadcast, there is a hairless cat walking around, suspected to be Shirley's love cat before his death.

In the recent live broadcast, Kim Hee Chul was discovered by a Korean netizen that there was a hairless cat walking around the house. So a netizen commented that Kim Hee Chul only responded to the netizen saying that the cat is a secret, and the netizens look from the cat’s ear. It is speculated that it is very likely to be the cat "Brin" that Shirley raised before her birth.

After the news was exposed, many netizens expressed "gentle people" and "this looks like two people are really close". "It is a secret, everyone will keep the secret in mind." .

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Jin Xiqi suspected of adopting Shirley love cats. Source: Secret

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