"The rest of the life" kills the black warfare and sends a message: Will meet again next year

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wangyiyule· 2019-11-07 10:02:54

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Shaft of the black and white bouquets

Netease Entertainment 11 Report on the 7th of July On November 6th, "The rest of the life, please advise" is officially killed. In the early morning of the 7th, Xiao Zhan issued a text saying goodbye to the character. "Lao Gu, envy you everything! Farewell in the late autumn, next year!" The nameplate of the character "Gu Wei" was also exposed. The studio forwarded Weibo to say that "the boss has worked hard" and attached a back view of the flowers holding the flowers. He was dressed in a white shirt and he was handsome and handsome.

Fans have also sent blessings, "Happiness is happy, take a rest!" "Brothers are happy to be happy" "I will meet again next year! Look forward to Dr. Gu!"

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