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To mention the night show in the Northeast, the first reaction of everyone is "noisy"! It’s not a two-person turn, it’s just a sing with a jump and a treasure, and there’s a big slam on the stage. I am so happy that I have to blow a bottle on the stage. I respect the big brother who is here to join the ……

This "Turkish wind" that has been popular in the last century is now slightly tired. State, "9102" Harbin has such a person, neither sing nor jump, relying on a mouth to talk to you, can be a vernacular, a room person laughs. If you want to listen to someone "瞎白话", you have to spend more than 100 yuan to buy a ticket. If you can say it, you have a chance to say ……

" My husband and I are on a romantic Bali vacation. Dedicated, he still can't forget the work, insist on a circle of friends to promote: new to mahogany The casket, discount!" The lady on the stage is "serious". She is the husband of the white matter business. The next two hundred people laughed and leaned forward … …

Recently, the reporter of the New Evening News ZAKER Harbin I watched a talk show at the Youth Bar. The ticket price for the ticket for the night was 158 yuan. The bar was full and some viewers stood and listened to the audience.

The small theater talk show started in Harbin in 2019 A kind of live performance, which is obviously different from the variety show talk show such as "Qi Yu Said" and "Talk Show". The variety show is recorded in the studio, and there is a scriptwriter team. Although not every line is based on the text, but "the story goes" Behind the scenes team control. The live show's talk show actors and audiences are almost zero distance. The audience's participation is part of the performance. The actors are arbitrarily thrown at the stage, and the audience's reaction is shaken. In the case of totally uncontrollable, many jokes are randomly generated. .

In theory, every talk show is unique.

This performance has been in Beijing, Shanghai, etc. for the past two years. The first-tier cities are everywhere, and some of them are even relying on "can speak vernacular" fame and fortune. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently only a dozen talk show brands in Beijing, most of which have their own contracted actors. The talk show variety show such as "Ki Yu Shuo" has brought business opportunities. The threshold of this form of performance is relatively low. Non-professionals who can say that they will be jealous and do not follow the routine are very popular.

Beginning in 2018, some little-known theaters The talk show actor became a net red through short video platforms such as vibrato, and the northeastern man with accent is the absolute main force. For example, the actor Xiao Ha of Shanghai "come comedy" has more than 2.6 million fans in the vibrato. A stalk of "Returning to Changchun New Year" has ridiculed the relatives of the northeast of his family, who are in the middle of the seven aunts. Some viewers took the high-speed rail and even flew to Shanghai to see him. They wanted to listen to Xiaoha’s vernacular, and his 100-odd talk show ticket was fired to more than 300 yuan, or even higher.

When you want to spend more than 100 yuan to listen to people, "white words"? In addition to having fun, many viewers are going to "play". For example, a talk show will select a few viewers to say a word. Some viewers deliberately "when", "I don't want it!" The actor didn't catch it. So the audience laughed. "Testing actors", striving to be cue, grabbing words, and playing on stage and on stage are all fun to listen to the talk show. This is contrary to the resentment of the cross-talking audience. "The plan is live" is the opposite, a characteristic audience The performance can be cue several times on the stage and become a full-length smile.

and the more mature small theater talk show in Kitakami Than, the reporter’s "Youqu Talk Show" in Harbin is obviously less interactive. The actors who opened the show that night were two post-95 college students. They were slightly nervous and had little interaction. The uncles who played next will be quite active in the atmosphere, and the laughter is dense, that is, the "painting style" is a bit "retro".

The head of the "Youqu Talk Show" is very honest: "The small theater talk show is a new thing in Harbin, the actors are scarce, the non-professional lack of on-site experience, and the professional is inevitably with the night scene. "At present, his actors include professional comedians, comic actors, and non-professionals such as college students, online celebrities and journalists.

The original east is a literary and art soldier, and after the retirement, he walked through the country. With more than 20 years of on-site experience, he was the host of the most popular nightclub in Beijing, Sika, and he has been the artistic director and general manager. He can be said to be a witness to the changes in China's live performances. He lamented the reporter: "The times have changed. After 90, they have become the main force of watching performances. They are young, have a high level of education, and like network segments. The traditional two-person turn and the treasures are not loved."

As early as half a year ago, Yuandong wanted to let the small theater talk show land in Harbin, and began to look for actors and investors. When he attended a party in early September, he met the organizer, the chairman of an Internet company. I thought about the other party’s decision on the talk show: "Take it!" After a month and a half, "Youqu Talk Show" is open for business!

Why do Internet companies invest in talk shows that perform in small bars? The answer turned out to be: Internet big data! Out of curiosity, the reporter interviewed Liu Gang, the chairman of the investor Huaqi Zhixin Technology Development Co., Ltd., which is amazing: "We are not experts in cultural performances, but the Internet operation is professional. Integrating the cultural industry with Internet thinking is the future trend. The talk show is a test of water, and now I don’t want to make money on it, but the market must seize it."

Liu Gang’s company has never been involved in the cultural industry before, but the huge flow of short videos, online micro-movies and online dramas that have flourished in recent years has made this use the algorithm to see the world. The IT people are very concerned. Liu Gang said that the company had long planned to invest in the cultural media industry. The goal was not to rely on theater performances to make profits, but to use the Internet to operate online, incubate IP, and take the e-commerce route. Investing in talk shows is only the first step. Next, they will explore the potential of new talk show training packages, using the Internet, media, short video and other forms of promotion. Liu Gang said: "Our goal is to do online drama, online movies and cinema movies."

It sounds like it’s not far from the distance from the talk show to the filming. At present, some excellent talk show actors in Beijing and Shanghai have begun to log in to various network variety shows. They have millions or even tens of millions of fans on short video platforms. "Capacity" is not to be underestimated. You can even say "one person is an IP." The famous big talk show labels have started to take short comedy video routes. If there is an internet company investment, network film and television is operational.

The vision is beautiful, the talk show is facing in Harbin There are also many problems. In 2019, two or three small theaters appeared in the Harbin market as a selling point, but the actors were too old, and almost never got rid of the singularity of stand-up comedy and nightclubs. Yuan Dong said that his goal is very clear: "Be the first real live talk show in Harbin, go to the cross-talking fan, go to the nightclub fan, go to the two-person turn."

The talk show has Two characteristics: young and cultural quality is relatively high, "oily" performance is their most resentful, in order to "go to oil", "good interest" The current tickets are mostly tickets and discounts, by asking people to see the show" ".

Unlike traditional comedy performances, talk show actors need a deeper cultural heritage, such as Shanghai's Xiaoha is a master's degree at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. In order to discover more "love vernacular" and talented ordinary people to join, the mature talk show label has "open wheat", which is to ask the amateurs of all walks of life not necessarily to be very amused, interesting, deep, There are philosophical things, emotional topics, market chores, life philosophy can talk.

Liu Gang said: "We must put an end to the vulgarity, not haha, and it is rumored to be reminiscent." And the original East has more whimsy: "Which day to ask a philosophy It’s good for the university teacher to talk.”

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