Former colleague 30% off the sale of the new "Apple X", the girl immediately ordered 9, the result of tragedy

Applemobilephone policestation

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If someone tells you that he has a new "Apple X" 3 fold shipment, do you believe it? The young woman Xiao Liu is too "trustful" to cope with the "predecessors" who have worked together. Although she hasn't contacted for 3 years, she can make a single pass. She transferred 5 orders in 5 days, and the mobile phone did not receive it. The yuan purchase machine will not come back.

Ms. Liu Ms. Intern in an accounting firm in 2015 At that time, working with Zhao Cheng (a pseudonym) working in the company, the two were of similar age. Zhao Cheng was like a "predecessor" and took care of her in the unit. Later, after Ms. Liu left the company, she no longer had contact. She did not know about Zhao Cheng’s work experience. Until September 2018, Ms. Liu suddenly received a message from Zhao Chengfa. The other party claimed that she was working in the Hulan District Taxation Bureau. Recently, she had seized a batch of "Apple X" mobile phones. Since the company is eager to get rid of it, she wants to sell it cheaply. .

At the time, "Apple X" was listed as the latest model, and the price was around 890,000 yuan. The "predecessors" had the channel to get 2,300 yuan for a mobile phone, and the ultra-low price of about 3 fold. The price makes Xiao Liu feel at heart.

Because the number is limited, the "machine" cannot be lost. Within 3 days, Xiao Liu transferred a total of 20,000 yuan to Zhao Cheng by means of transfer, and ordered "9" Apple mobile phones. According to Ms. Liu, since the price is too tempting, she not only buys herself, but also gives her family and friends a "purchase".

The result, Ms. Liu did not even receive a mobile phone after she turned the account. She just started to have a mobile phone. Zhao Cheng said that the boss is not there and has no time to pick up the goods. Later, Ms. Liu only wants to put 20,000 yuan." The order is "to come back, the other party is excused by various reasons such as the bank card is not good, and the business trip is not at home." Neither delivery nor refund, WeChat does not return, and people lose contact.

Ms. Liu feels cheated and tortured herself nearly one In the time of the year, it is really hopeless to return money, and this is the choice of the police.

On October 12, 2019, the Daoli Public Security Bureau’s Qunli Police Station immediately launched an investigation after receiving the alarm from Ms. Liu. After investigation, the Hulan District Taxation Bureau did not have such a person at all. The police also collected information such as the chat records of the two people. On October 21, the police passed the control and arrested the suspect Zhao Cheng in Hebai Street, Daoli District.

According to Xu Shixin, police officer of the police station of the Daoli Public Security Bureau, The suspect Zhao Cheng once purchased a pirated Apple phone from a mobile phone dealer at a similar price, so he thought of implementing fraud in this way, and the "intern sister" who had worked together as a scam, fictitiously taxed himself. The identity of the personnel was "killed" and confessed to the crime of defrauding the victim for more than 20,000 yuan in the name of selling mobile phones.

It is understood that the suspect is now unemployed, and more than 20,000 yuan defrauded has been squandered by him. He has been criminally detained for suspected fraud and the case is being further tried. (Personal name of the person involved)

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