The new "legs" of the dance teacher: the left leg is called an elephant, and the right leg is called a scorpion.

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After class, she took off her prosthetic leg and held a "leg" in one hand: "Do you know? My legs have names, my left leg is called an elephant, and my right leg Calling a blind man, do you look like it? Do you have a name on your leg?"

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▲ On July 9, 2008, Liao Zhi insisted on dance rehearsal in the rehearsal hall of Chongqing Mass Art Museum. Image from Vision China

New Beijing News reporter Li Gui edits the slippery school to Chen Yuyan

Step by step from the dark to the stage, Liao Zhi is the most attractive The note is the pair of red high heels.

The slender high heel stepped on the floor and made a "beep" sound. On the shoe is a small piece of silicone material, the skin of the instep, the back of the foot is two black ball-shaped "foot", "the ankle" has two silver, stick-like connecting tubes, composed of Liao Zhi The "calf"; again, is a pair of golden, leg-shaped receiving cavities, which are like knees, connecting Liao Zhi's fleshy thighs with artificial "calves".

In the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Liao Zhi lost his two calves. At the time, the 23-year-old girl was buried under the rubble for 26 hours, and a steel bar passed through her right foot and extended to the calf. After being taken out of the ruins, she signed her consent for amputation surgery, and then she was a long day with her prosthetic limbs.

The pair of prostheses that wear red high heels are the most commonly used by Liao Zhi. She prefers to call them "my legs."

" Walking on the road, people often like to see me more. I believe they are because of my unique legs. But I prefer to believe that they think I am very special and cute." The corners of the mouth are upturned, the eyes are bent into the shape of a crescent, and a sweet smile hangs on the face.


Unusual "legs"

" In his life, there are almost seven or eight pairs of 'legs'. On November 1st, in an apartment near Dawang Road in Beijing, Liao Zhi once again made a joke with his prosthetic. The sun shone from the window, Liao Zhi stood by the window sill, and the whole person was covered with a golden light. Under the light, she wore the pair of "legs" in red high heels.

The reason why these two "legs" are favored is that the prosthetic feet of most prostheses and the connecting tubes are perpendicular to each other, in order to ensure uniform force. But this pair of prosthetic limbs is tailored by Liao Zhi’s husband Charles. Charles is a prosthetic technician. The prosthetic limbs can also be adjusted at a slanted angle on the black spherical ankle: just put the fake foot into the high heels.

In addition to these prosthetic limbs, Liao Zhi’s "legs" are still many: one pair is sent by the students of the Academy of Fine Arts, and there is a phoenix-style carved flower, "like a piece of art"; White, Liao Zhi often wears it with shorts; a pair of connecting tubes are made into the same type of "Blade Warrior" J, the bottom is slightly curved, flexible, Liao Zhi will wear it to run; there are a pair of real legs and prosthetic legs The junction can't be fixed. When dancing, it is broken into the audience like a hidden weapon...

▲Liao Zhi, a dance teacher who lost his legs in the Wenchuan earthquake. The Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing photo

The prosthetic limbs after that have been customized and improved, and there will be no more "flying out" when dancing. When the doctor asked Liao Zhi what other requirements, she "carryed the private goods", "I told the doctor, you can help me adjust, I want to grow to one meter six."

In a long period In the time, Liao Zhi, who is 1.58 meters, is worried about his height. This feeling reached its peak when he could not apply to the dance academy: the admission requirement of the dance academy is one meter six. "The reason why I didn't ‘long’ to higher is because I still enjoy the way that my little bird depends on people, and you have to give yourself a space to wear high heels.” Liao Zhi smiled.

In China, many people who wear prosthetic limbs use plastic foam to wrap the metal connecting tube with a layer of skin-skinned silicone. This prosthetic is more like a human leg. But Liao Zhi won't, she likes the feeling that the connecting tube is exposed outside, because it looks like "cool."

Every time I go to kindergarten to pick up my daughter, Liao Zhi will be surrounded by children because of her "legs." "Every time they say 'the robot aunt is coming again', and some children will ask 'Auntie, how do you change your legs again?' "At this time, Liao Zhi’s little daughter will hug her mother. Prosthetic, "This is my mother's leg, you go to your mother's leg."

Unlike many people with disabilities, Liao Zhi will not feel embarrassed because of his "legs", sometimes even think Prosthetic limbs bring convenience to themselves.

After the Sichuan Ya'an earthquake in April 2013, Liao Zhihe volunteers went to the earthquake zone to rescue the disaster. In order to save space, everyone was crammed into a car and four people were seated in the back. Liao Zhi finally got on the bus, the upper body just entered, and there was no place to put the legs. She took the prosthetic arm down and slammed it on her shoulder, and the car drove off.

"You must be alive"

Liao Zhi’s real leg has been lost for 11 years. If it weren't for the boy she didn't know the name yet, she might have lost more than just her own legs.

On May 12, 2008, Liao Zhi and her mother-in-law, the older daughter of less than one year old, stayed at the home of Hanwang Town, Mianzhu City. After the earthquake, she was buried in the ruins of her house, and her body was filled with concrete prefabricated panels. The rescuers did not dare to use the crane, fearing that the fragile prefabricated panels would break, causing two injuries to Liao Zhi; and fearing that the artificial holes would take too long and delay the rescue. Just as the rescue work was at a loss, a small boy got into the ruins and came to Liao Zhi.

Liao Zhi determined that this person is not a rescue team, but a local speaker speaking in tongues. After being buried for more than ten hours, I finally saw the "people outside," which made Liao Zhi very excited. She grabbed the boy's hand and was reluctant to let him go." He said nothing, I just came to save you."

▲ After the Sichuan Ya'an earthquake in April 2013, Liao Zhihe volunteers went to the earthquake zone to rescue the disaster. Figure / Vision China

The boys brought tools such as shovel and chisel, and Liao Zhi took turns to punch holes in her left leg. The outside staff also cooperated. After an hour, they finally knocked out one. A small mouth. Before the arrival of the aftershocks, the boy was called out, and after the aftershocks, he came back again. He cried and said, "You must not die in it. We have saved you for so long, you must live out."

After being buried for 26 hours, Liao Zhizhen came alive, but her older daughter worms and mother-in-law were gone.

On May 21, when Liao Zhi transferred to Chongqing, director Ren Honglin was preparing for the "Miss World" Chongqing competition, and brought a group of staff to the hospital for condolences. He heard about Liao Zhi's story: a "post-80s" mother who lost her child.

Standing at the door of the ward, Ren Honglin saw a little girl sitting on the bed, talking and laughing, he was not sure if this was Liao Zhi. Because other injured people from the earthquake zone are crying and mourning, this girl is more like a condolence.

Ren Honglin’s impression of Liao Zhi is too deep. Knowing that she was a dance teacher, she wondered if she could make a program in the form of art to infect survivors in disasters. "I asked her, do you still want to dance? She was surprised, said I thought, but can I still jump? I said that I can jump, as long as you think, you can jump." Ren Honglin said, after the dialogue, " Inspiration" came into being.

In Liao Zhi’s opinion, someone created a dance for her so that she could earn more income. This is very realistic and also helps her. These people, like the boy who helped her to survive, did not return. At that moment, Liao Zhi thought that he could do something more meaningful, such as "Encourage". Perhaps people would see another possibility of interpreting life from her experience: without legs, I can still create value. .

But for a person who lost his legs, it is not easy to dance on the drums, not to mention that Liao Zhi’s legs were only subjected to simple amputation, and there were many sudden spurs under the residual limbs. . Before each dance, she will put a layer of thick gauze on her legs. No matter what it is wrapped, the gauze after training will become "two packs of blood."

Ren Honglin couldn’t stand it anymore, and he volunteered to make a wrong prediction. "If you don't, you won't jump." However, Liao Zhi still insisted that under the conditions of 40 degrees of summer in Chongqing, he practiced for more than a month without blowing air conditioners and preventing wound infection.

On July 14, 2008, on the day of the premiere of "Inspiration", the venue for 800 people was packed. From the beginning of Liao Zhi’s appearance, everyone stood up from the seat and applauded and applauded until the end of the show. Ren Honglin stood under the stage and cried with the audience. "This is not the best dance, not the best light, but it must be the best expression."



On the second day of the premiere of "Inspiration", Liao Zhi made a second amputation and installed a prosthetic.

In my mother’s imagination, my daughter should be able to walk with her prosthetic foot, at least a few steps. Most of the time, Liao Zhi can only stand there motionless, "the most time has gone three steps."

In order to reassure her mother, Liao Zhi, with the help of a friend, practiced walking while her mother took a lunch break. Her goal is not big, she took six steps and succeeded two hours later. When she returned to the ward, she said, Mom, I can walk by myself, and I don't believe that I will show it to you. My mother suddenly ran out of the ward. When I came back, the patients and family members of the entire third floor came.

The third floor of the hospital is an orthopedics. People who lived after an amputation after the earthquake, but no one can walk on their own. Liao Zhi’s mother ran out and knocked on the doors of all the wards and told them: “Liao Zhi can walk, come see us Liao Zhi walks!”

Standing in the hallway, Liao Zhi thought: Finished Six steps will definitely not be bad, they are probably ready for my ability to run and jump. She took the first step, the second step with a hard scalp... In the end, she didn't know how long she had gone.

Since then, Liao Zhi often walked around the wheelchair in the hospital. Everyone thought she was going very well. But only she knows that she is transferring most of her power to her arm, and only by holding things can she go. The real walk without external force is only the one that is onlookers in the corridor.

After leaving the hospital, Liao Zhi, who was no longer required to be on the sidelines, was completely discouraged. He completely gave up walking with prosthetic legs and was sitting in a wheelchair every day. Once, when she was alone at home, she suddenly wanted to go to the bathroom. It was really impossible to get out of bed. She squatted on the ground and climbed the back of the living room sofa to find a prosthetic that had not been used for a long time.

▲Liao Zhi participates in "Dancing My Life" Final recording. Figure / Vision China

Put two "legs" and she stumbles to the bathroom, but steps on the floor without water stains. As soon as the left leg stepped in, the person fell and fell stunned. She didn't know how long it took to wake up in the toilet and the hair went to the toilet.

Liao Zhi slowly stood up with the sink, and suddenly he saw himself in the mirror when he was going out. It was a wolverine face, the hair was dripping, the clothes were soaked, and a big bag was bulging on the forehead on the left side, and the eyelids were swollen like a bun.

She began to think about the benefits of prosthetics: wearing prosthetic limbs has more room for movement, more freedom; can wear a lot of good-looking clothes, more beautiful; and the wheelchair is sitting for a long time, the waist will become thicker, the whole person Will become fat, wear prosthetic limbs can maintain a good physical state.

After that night, Liao Zhi locked the door and began to practice walking in his room, holding the mirror in one hand and holding the door handle in one hand. After nearly a month, the door handle was loose and the base of the mirror was about to break.

One day, the water in the kitchen at home boiled and gave a harsh sound, but no one kept it. Liao Zhi came out of the room, went to the kitchen to pick up the kettle and went to another room, and poured the boiling water into the thermos. After doing this series of actions, she looked up and saw her father's red eyes, and the mother ran out of the room. "Hurry up, take the kettle and look at the hot water again."

"Do you have a name on your leg?"

Because of "Encourage," Liao Zhi became a celebrity, representing the shock Inspiring power in the world's disasters. At the end of 2009, she was invited by a school in the disaster area to visit children who were seriously injured after the earthquake. Many children have performed amputation surgery like her.

Liao Zhi found that these children always wear long trousers, especially afraid of being seen by their prosthetic limbs, and they are not willing to take a wheelchair. Sometimes things fall in front of them, and they are not willing to stand up and pick up, waiting for teachers or volunteers to help.

Liao Zhi didn't want the children to live like this. After class, she took off her prosthetic leg and held a "leg" in one hand: "Do you know? My legs have names. The left leg is called an elephant, the right leg is called a scorpion. Do you look like it? Do you have a name on your leg?"

The children stunned, but they quickly laughed and discussed excitedly. Give the name of the prosthetic. Since that day, their attitude towards the prosthetic has changed.

The next day, Liao Zhi came to the school with a wheelchair. Her goal was to let the children accept the wheelchair.

In the past, there was a break in the middle of the class, but that time, Liao Zhi stood talking for an hour, and the children stood and listened for an hour. She also let people remove the stools in the classroom until the class, when they asked friends to push a few wheelchairs.

The tired girls, first seated in a wheelchair. The boys looked at each other and stood there motionless. Liao Zhi pretended not to see, started the game with the children in the wheelchair, driving the train, picking up the dragon, spinning, the more the children were playing, the more happy they were. The boys gradually got into the wheelchair and joined the team. Liao Zhi said that they suddenly found that it is not a shame to take a wheelchair. It is normal. "And sitting in a wheelchair can still be very happy."

" A healthy person will do it for the children. Psychological counseling, people will think that you are standing and talking, but Liao Zhi is not the same." Ren Honglin said that Liao Zhi is using actions to tell those who are physically handicapped. Our conditions are the same, what I can do, You can do it too.

▲Liao Zhi has a lot of rag dolls, no matter moving Wherever you go, bring them. Profile Photo / Beijing News reporter Wu Jiang Photograph

In order to give demonstrations to children, Liao Zhi sometimes does something "extreme".

Once, she was in a wheelchair, threw a thing out of the podium, then climbed down the wheelchair and slowly climbed to the front of the thing and pulled it back. The children did not speak, so they watched quietly, but since then, something has fallen on the ground, and they will pick it up.

After more than a year, the children gradually face up, accept their own bodies and reality, and their personality is becoming more and more cheerful. One day, Liao Zhi stood on the playground and heard a child who had had an amputation operation shouting at another child: Don't run, run me one leg and fly over to you! Then really, a "leg" flew past her eyes. A healthy girl ran over, picked up the "leg" from the ground, and ran to the other side of the playground and gave the child who flew the "leg". "Return your leg to you, quickly put it on, let's work together. Play."

Stand up and go out

Liao Zhi knows that when children are willing to accept themselves, the challenges they face are just beginning. For a long time, they will see other people's eyes on the street. But more likely, they will not go to the streets at all.

Liao Zhi has contacted a parent because the child is a deaf person and the parents never take him out. There is also a mother, the child has no problem in hearing, but she has no natural ear, and her mother can't accept this. She even said, "I can't wait to have this child ever."

" These parents have a strong sense of stigma. Why are other children healthy and healthy, only my children? They think this is a shameful thing." Liao Zhi said . However, this group has a large number of people. According to the statistics of the China Disabled Persons' Federation, there are at least 85 million disabled people in China.

When most people with disabilities do not want to go out, those who go out may be treated as heterogeneous.

Once, Liao Zhi was in a wheelchair waiting at the airport, and a foreigner kept staring at her. When Liao Zhi looked back, the other party turned around and pretended to read the newspaper, but Yu Guang was still on her. Liao Zhi stood up and pushed over the wheelchair and sat down beside him. He didn't pay attention, Liao Zhi suddenly reached out and took his right leg down and looked at each other with his legs crossed. "He was scared at once and his face was red." Liao Zhi laughed, and the other person smiled embarrassedly.

Even if there is no malice, many healthy people don't know how to get along with people with disabilities.

Liao Zhi’s friend Wen Yuyang remembers that she wore a pair of shorts when she first met Liao Zhi. Before Wen Yangyang, she had an exchange with her on the Internet to understand her story and was very curious about her legs. But he only dared to look at her face, did not dare to look at her legs and even the body, can only sneak a "snap two eyes" when looking down at the phone. "I respect her very much, I don't want to hurt her, but I don't know if it's better to see her (legs), or not to look at it."

Before the earthquake, Liao Zhi never saw it in life. People who wear prosthetics, now, she wants to encourage more people with disabilities to leave the house: "Going out, being seen, will solve the problem." In her opinion, many times, people lack understanding of people with disabilities because I have never touched such people in life: I can't see them, let alone get along.

▲ In December 2013, Liao Zhi attended Shanghai International Marathon. Figure / Vision China

Liao Zhi went to the United States to change his prosthetic limbs and found that no one took the prosthetic and physical disability, the metal on the prosthetic limb was exposed, and the person wearing the prosthetic could still be Models participate in fashion shows. "This is just like wearing glasses. I believe that the first person wearing glasses has also received a lot of attention, but now everyone feels normal. No one looks at you because you wear glasses." Liao Zhi said that he was from there. When I started to remove the shell of the prosthetic skin, I put on a short skirt and went out to go shopping.

After returning from the United States in 2013, Liao Zhi and Charles organized several meetings for disabled people. They shared interesting things and troubles in their work and life, and tried to solve problems together. The way they think of is to promote the concept of "community" for people with disabilities and healthy people in the country, such as helping people with disabilities to start a business online, holding fashion shows led by people with disabilities, etc. These activities can help people with disabilities find their own value.

"It is very important to discover the value of others and find their own value." Liao Zhi said, "I don't think this is helping others. No one is alone. It is an island. I Also helping yourself."

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