Exploring the camp into the Expo Equipment Exhibition: 100% accurate garbage classification! There are robots that can also train table tennis

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xinkuaibao· 2019-11-07 10:36:24

New Express special correspondent Shanghai reporter Wu Xiaoyu Lu Yusi

The 2nd China International Import Expo today entered the opening day, This is also the first day to open to professional buyers.

The exhibition area of ​​the exhibition will increase from 270,000 square meters to 330,000 square meters. It will be built with technology life, automobiles, equipment, medical equipment and medical care, quality life, service trade, There are 7 exhibition areas in food and agricultural products, more than 3,000 companies from more than 150 countries and regions exhibiting, and the first products are gathered.

Equipment Pavilion-

There is a "high-precision" product

to "share the future with global high-end manufacturing" The theme of the equipment exhibition area, gathered a number of industry-leading companies in the industrial manufacturing field, the exhibition area of ​​the top 500 and leading enterprises. The reporter found that some companies have continued to overweight after they tasted the sweetness of the first Expo, bringing their latest technology and eye-catching products.

FORPHEUS Table Tennis Robot

can both train and teach people to play

Omron Group is a world-renowned manufacturer of automation control and electronic equipment. On the same day, Omron and Guangming Group formally signed a framework cooperation agreement. Omron will provide Bright Group with intelligent solutions for large fields and greenhouses, and jointly explore innovative business models and smart agricultural talent training mechanisms. The general manager of Omron (China) Co., Ltd. said: "With the world-famous grand stage of the Expo, Omron hopes to continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Chinese companies, and continuously innovate FA technology to fully support China's intelligent upgrade. "

Omron's FORPHEUS table tennis robot is a star product at the Expo last year. This year's upgraded FORPHEUS is once again in the Expo equipment exhibition area.

The man-machine pair on the scene hits, the FORPHEUS robot dexterously borrows the opponent's ball, and even makes the professional table tennis player's level of cut and cut ball professional operation, from time to time to give the opponent encouragement, and real-time Shows the skill level, ball speed and speed of the person.

Omron engineer Liu Xiaojun told reporters that after the popularity of table tennis robots last year, they upgraded the technology so that the robot can not only match the opponent's ball skills, but also load a more flexible "arm". "Bears" and "brains" become "coaches" and can be more proactive in coordinating with people, including finding people's weaknesses to train them. After the end, they can give suggestions based on the game data. He introduced that this robot embodies the concept of human-machine growth and human-computer integration. It is also the integration of Omron technology, using FA (automation) and artificial intelligence technology, and has a wide range of applications in industrial automation.

Artificial Intelligence Waste Sorter

Automatically identify and deliver junk, with a success rate close to 100%

Traditional waste treatment plants require manual sorting of waste, and ABB Group brings an artificial intelligence waste sorting device. Will greatly liberate manpower. The garbage such as bananas, bread, and bags are transported to the conveyor belt. The robot can automatically identify the garbage category, adsorb it and put it into different garbage bins, and the success rate is close to 100%.

The company's mechanical engineer, Mr. Cui, told reporters that this solution integrates robotic automation, artificial intelligence and cloud computing hardware and software technologies, through deep learning classification algorithms and ABB's unique PickMaster picking master. The system achieves seamless and precise tracking of the conveyor chain and the final sorting is done by the collaborative robot. The running data and equipment information of the whole process are uploaded to the cloud in real time for further analysis and optimization. He revealed that the solution was just released last month and cost more than one million yuan. It has not yet been listed, mainly used in garbage disposal plants. If there are corresponding needs in the community and other scenarios, it can be customized according to market demand.

Looking at the Chinese market and increasing the layout of multinational companies

Zhang Zhiqiang, senior vice president of ABB Group and president of ABB China, said: "This year our exhibition area is even more Large, exhibiting varieties are more abundant, and the display form is more vivid. We look forward to further close to the Chinese market through the Expo, to enhance understanding of domestic customers and promote open innovation."

Shanqi Mazak At the booth, the slogan "Helping China Made" was issued. The person in charge of the booth told reporters that their machine tools were used in various machinery manufacturing fields. In 1998, they entered the Chinese market. In addition to exporting production ports, they also invested heavily in China and built them. There is a spare parts center, 2 machine tool production bases, 7 sales areas, and 21 offices, including a technology center in Guangzhou.

At the Yaskawa Electric booth, four welding robots are being fitted with a car. Although Yaskawa Electric is participating in the Expo for the first time this year, its person in charge said in an interview that they are currently in China. The annual sales volume of the market has reached 6.7 billion yuan, and the Chinese market has become the world's largest market. "With the rising cost of employment in China, I am very optimistic about the prospects of the Chinese market." Gao Yunfei, the person in charge, said that a robot costs about 100,000 yuan, 24 hours of operation can reach three skilled workers, and the robot can achieve a lot of manpower. Unachievable tasks, such as the maximum grip of a person, are only twenty or thirty kilograms, but the robot can reach more than 100 kilograms.

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