How many people's childhood memories! The famous actor died of illness and participated in the movie Stephen Chow.

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Another "Childhood Memories" Goes

You may not be able to name him

But this face must be very familiar

November 6,

Actor Cheng Sihan The heart attack rescued ineffective,

At the age of 58.

Cheng Sihan was born in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province in 1961. He has been active in large and small screens for many years. Has starred in "Water Margin" "Smile Face Tiger Zhu Fu" "Wulin Foreign History" "Golden Not Change" "Fengyun Xiongbaxia" "The Third Pig Emperor" "Little Fish and Flowers" "Li Dazui" "Famous Flower Drum"" "And the movie "Journey to the West, Devil's Devils", "Intelligence Takes the Tiger Mountain" and so on.

The wicked in "Little Fish and Flowers"李大嘴△△△

Stephen Chow, "Journey to the West"野△人△△△

Zhejiang The Maitreya Buddha in the Journey to the West △△△

heard the news,

netizens expressed their regrets,

hoping that the old play bones will go all the way .

Actually 2 months ago, Beijing People's Art Theatre actor The drama director Banzan also died of a sudden heart attack at the age of 41.

The myocardial infarction is no longer exclusive to the elderly. The age of the patient is younger.

Qian Xiaodong, deputy director of Department of Cardiology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University, said that in the past weekend, including Friday night to Monday morning, they had a total of 6 acute myocardial infarctions. Five are less than 40 years old and are relatively young.

Doctor Qian Xiaodong

Source: Suzhou Broadcasting and TV Station APP See Suzhou

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Source: Suzhou Broadcasting and TV Station APP See Suzhou

Good These patients were sent to the hospital in a timely manner and have been rescued.

The symptoms of many MIs are not obvious,

and are easily overlooked,

but some "micro" signals in daily life,

In fact, you can see the clues.

01[Transient pain]-24 hours of onset signal

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Transient pain refers to the pain caused by the activation of a nociceptive sensor in an environment without any significant local tissue damage.

The harbingers of heart attack are often slight, easily overlooked or omitted, and should be improved in alertness! In fact, pain or abnormal performance in many places may indicate that we have coronary heart disease. The most common are the chest area and the anterior area.

In addition, there are pain in the stomach, exercise-induced pain, pain in the lower jaw, left shoulder and back, and even left thigh pain. These pains are often painful, and they don't hurt when you take a break. They are especially easy to ignore.

Note: Once the above symptoms occur, it is likely to have a sudden myocardial infarction within 24 hours. These symptoms are prone to myocardial infarction as soon as they occur for the first time. You should be vigilant and go to the hospital for treatment in time. Prevent accidents.


[Not in the middle of the night] -12 hours of onset signal


When you suddenly have a chest tightness in the middle of the night, you can't breathe, this may be a dangerous signal from the heart. Before the occurrence of myocardial infarction, the myocardial blood supply is seriously insufficient. At this time, the myocardium has no power to supply blood to the body. This affects the delivery of oxygen. At night, it is also a low blood supply time, which leads to severe hypoxia and may even endanger life!

Note: If the above symptoms occur, it is likely that a sudden myocardial infarction will occur within 12 hours.


[Suddenly sweating] - Incidence signal


may be just Sitting in a chair, it began to sweat, and this sweating is not local, it is the whole body. Sudden sweating is a common symptom of myocardial infarction. It is sweating at the moment of vascular blockage, and people will fall down at once.

Note: If this happens, it indicates that the patient has a myocardial infarction or has already had an episode. You should call the emergency number in time to fight for gold treatment.

First-aid heartbeat should remember two "120"

promptly dial 120 emergency calls!

Take the gold treatment for 120 minutes! !

" Unblocking the coronary artery and regaining blood supply is the key to reducing mortality. The ideal time to open a blood vessel is within 120 minutes after the onset." Chairman of the Chinese Medical Association Cardiovascular Disease Branch Huo Yong, director of the Department of Cardiology and Heart Center of the First Hospital of Peking University, said that, unfortunately, in this battle for life and time, the answers of patients in China are not very satisfactory.

If you have an emergency!

CPR is doing this

Hurry up and learn!

Source: Qianjiang Evening News·Hour News

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