This is really not a funny paragraph! Liaoning driving test question bank "God answer" is bright!

Liaoning questionbank

shenyangribao· 2019-11-07 10:36:29

The driving test is to become an old driver

The only way!

Innumerable rules,

Thousands of questions,

only if you have a chest

Get a driver's license The first step!

But with other provinces and cities driving testers

"I am too difficult" compared to

咱Liaoning driving test questions library with "God answer"

Let the subject a brush full of joy

Many people who have passed the driver's license know,

Subscription of a theoretical exam

monotonous and boring,

some relatively hardcore theories Knowledge

has little room for interpretation.

But the Liaoning driving test question bank

has played the "pattern"

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What a love!

The option is sad!

There is such a "God Answer"

It’s so easy and enjoyable to brush the questions

Your subject is not tested yet

It is simply "no reason"!

But tell the truth,

on the road to driving the exam

Who hasn’t been there

A stupid and awkward moment

Recently, a video of “The first person to take a driving test driver’s license” became popular on the Internet. After taking the test, the man who took the test was very naturally sitting in the position of the first officer to prepare for the test. Then the voice prompts at the end of the exam made him look confused!

But actually, this "candidate" It is a driving school coach. The video is taken by a driving school staff in Changchun City. It is not a real event. Because I had encountered a similar situation in the past during the teaching process, I took this video and wanted to give a lot of netizens who need to test the driver's license. I hope they don't make this simple mistake.

A netizen said

I don’t know how stupid I am if I don’t learn a car

Today’s Xiaobian also brings you to open your eyes,

See you Funny things happening while learning a car


When you learn a car, take your child

For your child, you have to pass it!

User: Sorry, I don't want to

Courage to send a message to the coach

But the coach never returns

third gear for four gears The ink was a little bit, coach: Hey? What do you give the clutch number?

I was 18 years old but studied for three years Only after the third year, there was a 50-year-old uncle who was practicing. The coach saw me coming to the uncle and said, Go down, your master sister came, let her come to a …… /p>

When you are practicing a car, there is a person in front of the road. I open the window and stick out my head and shout: The brothers have trouble letting them go. Coach: "When you buy a car, you say you don't need a speaker, can you show it cheaper?"

Once I was training to move into the warehouse, the coach suddenly asked me: "Are you joining the party?" Before I answered, the coach then asked me: "Why are others? I don’t want to enter the party?” I was a little angry at the moment: “Don’t I be a party member, can’t I learn a car? Do you discriminate against non-party members? Believe it or not, I complain to you?” Suddenly the coach slaps my head: “You If you don’t have any clutches, can you hear the engine exploding?”

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Let the slope up, teach when going downhill I was forced to step on the brakes, because I was very nervous when I touched the car. I didn’t dare to go down. I saw the coach squatting down and stepping on it. The good guy, I’m going to slam the throttle. Here are the people who are practicing other projects. Auntie was scared to run and shouted "killing". Fortunately, the coach stepped on the foot brake in the co-pilot position. I was scared to have a high fever in the evening … …

I was too nervous when I was in the second exam. When I called me, I got on the bus and suddenly found that the car didn't have a steering wheel. Suddenly the head was blank, and the driver opened the door and shouted: "Coach, this car has no steering wheel!" "Security Officer: "You are on the back seat! ”


The second exam was supernormal. I got off the train and told me that I didn’t test it. I went to the theory with anger and told me to buckle the seat belt in the passenger seat. ……

You encountered

what was funny during the driving test?

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This is really not a funny paragraph! Liaoning driving test question bank...

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