Crazy attack on the site, these hackers were "killed"!

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In daily life, people sometimes encounter similar problems such as "Failed to connect to the website", "The server cannot be accessed", "The website automatically jumps to other pages". This is not necessarily a malfunction of the network connection, it is likely that the logged-in website is being maliciously attacked by a hacker. Recently, Jiangsu Suining police cracked an organized cyber hacking case for illegal interests.

The server abnormally pulled out the "DDoS attack" gang

In May 2018, the Jiangsu Suining police found that a network server in Xuzhou Telecom's computer room was abnormal and was suspected to have been uploaded. Trojan horse control program.

The police launched a investigation around Hwang, who rented the server, and found that It uses a controlled computer for cyber attacks and pulls out a network hacking criminal gang.

The criminal behavior committed by the suspect is called a "DDoS attack." This type of attack exploits network vulnerabilities to control someone else's computer and use these controlled computers to centrally access a website or send offensive commands that render the target website unusable or unusable.

The police said that these suspects are charged on an hourly basis. In general, let the target website squat for an hour and collect a few hundred dollars. The stronger the defense of the website, the higher the charge.

After more than 9 months of investigation and evidence collection, the police combed A chain of hacker crimes. In January and March of this year, the task force went to 16 provinces and 20 prefecture-level cities, including Guangdong, Henan, and Yunnan, and successfully smashed the “DDoS attack” gang and criminal gangs that acquired and controlled the control of the website server. A total of 41 people were arrested in the arrest operation, more than 100 cases of “DDoS attacks” were detected, more than 200,000 illegal control rights of various websites were seized, and more than 30 servers involved in the case were closed, involving more than 10 million yuan.

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Crazy attack on the site, these hackers were "killed"!

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