After the online ban, the plan for the e-cigarette store owner to run the drop is "suspended"

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" I originally planned to close the store and open the car to the car. After seeing the news of the online ban, I will consider it for a while." The newly announced supervision of the e-cigarette product line, which has been banned from sales, has been sold for five years.

Lao Zhao’s counter is not big, but because of the opening of a large commercial building in Wangjing, Beijing, the business in previous years was not bad. However, in the past more than a year, many people have seen the e-cigarettes and opened their stores. His business has also been greatly challenged. Under the circumstances of a lot of porridge, Lao Zhao has already retired.

However, the dazzling news a few days ago gave him new ideas.


Online "Close" offline.

On November 1st, at 3:37 pm, Luo Yonghao was on Weibo Forwarded his own new venture project - Ono e-cigarette advertising, for the upcoming double eleven warm-up. Unexpectedly, 20 minutes after he sent this Weibo, the e-cigarette products completely "goodbye" with the domestic e-commerce channel.

At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and the State Administration of Market Supervision officially issued the Notice on Further Protecting Minors from E-cigarettes. The notice shows that e-cigarette electronic cigarette production and sales companies or individuals will be urged to promptly close the e-cigarette Internet sales website or client; urge the e-commerce platform to close the e-cigarette store in time.

After the second, I was still gearing up to prepare for the e-cigarette companies that had doubled the 11th, and became a "leisure man" for a time.

However, when the sales staff of the e-cigarette company are feeling sorry for their carefully prepared double eleven promotion plan, this "banned sale" is notified to the offline practitioners of e-cigarette products. What brings it is mixed.

" Although we have online stores on major e-commerce platforms, online sales account for less than 10% of the total, basically relying on offline channels. This notice affects us. It shouldn't be big." An insider of an e-cigarette company has revealed that the online channel is banned from sales and will not have much negative effect on sales. "In fact, it is also expected. After this supervision, the follow-up supervision will certainly follow up. Now we are more concerned about when the next step of supervision and the specific form of supervision. As an industry participant, we are sure Welcome and actively cooperate with the relevant regulatory measures."

For those new players who want to use the Internet thinking to subvert the electronic cigarette industry, "online ban" is the first sap.

It is these players who hold the banner of Internet thinking that have poured into the electronic cigarette industry in the past year, attracting the attention of many capitals. They have made the online market for e-cigarettes fast-growing, and the prices of the entire industry have become more transparent.


New player entry price warrior

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When a mature supply chain enters a large number of entrepreneurs, the price war It seems impossible to avoid. In the past year, e-cigarette entrepreneurs have received huge amounts of financing. When they have money in their hands and the fierceness of orders, the e-cigarette processing plant has also set up production capacity. When the speed of channel expansion cannot keep up with the factory output, in order to avoid the pressure brought by inventory, it is inevitable that the company will reduce the ex-factory price of e-cigarettes.

We can see that the average price of single items in the e-cigarette industry was between 500 and 1,000 yuan two years ago, and now the e-cigarette of 99 yuan is already full of streets. The disposable e-cigarette products of various brands have even achieved less than 50 yuan. Despite this, new brands of new e-cigarettes can still make better profits with mature supply chains.

However, for those old players who have already entered the industry before the industry becomes a custodian, the days are not too good.

Lao Zhao, who has been engaged in e-cigarette retailing for many years, said, "The current smoke-type e-cigarettes for this type of smoke changer are better than the previous ones, but the profits are much worse. "Looking for the introduction, the oil-changing electronic cigarette that they sold earlier, everyone called it "big smoke", and the cigarette rod was called "smoke". The price of "Big Smoke" is slightly better than 800 yuan, and it is also sold at 1000, 1200 yuan.

" In the early two years, there were fewer online sales, and the price per customer was also high. Our profits can be higher. Now that the e-cigarette 'smoke' comes out, it costs 200 to 300 yuan. The price is less than 100 yuan. The price of this kind of standard is very transparent, everyone's price is the same, we are not the kind of big regional distributor, after the thing comes to our hands, the profit is much worse than before." Lao Zhao said.

Lao Zhao said that in the past two years, business has become more and more difficult to do, so the business began to retreat. "Before the 'big smoke' is not a standard, we will set the price after we get the goods, and the brand will not give the official price, so we only have to sell with the average price of the local market. But now the smoke Rod-type smoke is a national uniform price, the profit margin naturally compresses a lot, and many customers are also willing to buy this relatively cheap." He said that many guests tried a "smoke" in the store, followed by If you buy it again, you will be directly connected to the Internet. "The returning customers of Xiaoyan are obviously much worse than the big ones."

"Smoke" sells less, and the profits of small cigarettes are low. This situation lasted for more than a year. Lao Zhao has been extremely disappointed with the industry's prospects.

If this is not the news of the online ban, he will have a little hope for the future. It is estimated that Lao Zhao has already opened his own new Jetta to run the car. "A month ago, I decided to close the door and go to run. The new regulations have banned the sale of electronic cigarettes. Maybe the offline market will be better. I will continue to look at it for a while, maybe the market will Something is getting better."


Online channels are not "active"

Although in the "announcement" at the beginning of the month It is banned from selling electronic cigarettes online (and at the same time calling for the removal of the e-cigarette), and the relevant e-cigarette companies have also announced that they will fully cooperate with the new regulations to adjust, but it is still possible to see that most e-commerce platforms are not "emergency". Among them, in addition to Suning, Vipshop will respond in a timely manner, Taobao is still selling e-cigarette products.

The reason why some e-commerce platforms and brands still insist on online sales is not known, but the whole network is only a matter of time. More importantly, the “banned sale” rule for online channels at this stage does not seem to be a sales channel for e-cigarette brands. It can be seen that in addition to requiring online channels to ban electronic cigarettes, the main purpose of the announcement is to prohibit any enterprise from selling such products to minors.

However, it is forbidden to sell e-cigarettes to minors, and the current offline channels may still be difficult to implement. Taking traditional cigarette products as an example, although the relevant departments have clearly stated that it is forbidden to sell to minors many years ago, until today we can still see the young people who look like high school students and the emperor walks into the store to buy cigarettes. This is true for ordinary tobacco, not to mention e-cigarettes that do not have clear regulatory definitions and national standards.

In this regard, Lao Zhao understands the notes: "There are indeed 16-year-old children coming over to buy cigarettes, especially after the relatively cheap little smoke has become mainstream. I feel that it might have been before. The price of 'big smoke' is relatively high, they can't afford it."

The new rules are now on, is it possible to prohibit the sale of cigarettes to minors?

In the view of Lao Zhao, there may not be obvious effects at the beginning. "Not for sale to minors, although it is said that it is not very good to implement. It is not allowed to let those young people buy e-cigarettes before. The store has to check the ID card first, which is definitely not realistic."


Online bans are small, and regulation is a big deal

Despite the introduction of relevant regulatory measures, the e-cigarette industry is still in a state of no status, no regulation, no authoritative hazard assessment.

In contrast, traditional tobacco sales currently have many restrictions. In addition to not selling cigarettes to minors, general merchants cannot directly sell tobacco, and must first obtain tobacco monopoly retail. License, and to sell cigarettes within the scope of their permission. Among them, the license stipulates that retailers can only purchase goods from local tobacco companies, and the single sale cannot exceed 49.

In the future, if e-cigarettes are included in the general category of traditional tobacco at the regulatory level, it will mean that even if they sell e-cigarettes, they must obtain a tobacco retail license.

For a large number of offline channels, they are not eligible to apply for a license. Therefore, if the electronic cigarette is "invited" in the future, it will be a huge impact on the offline sales channel and even the entire electronic cigarette industry. After all, the sales of most e-cigarette companies come from offline channels.

In this regard, Lao Zhao also expressed his concern about understanding the notes: "I have a counter in the mall, not the kind of separate store. I know many people are renting this way. I sell e-cigarettes at a counter. I don't know if I can handle the license in such a situation. If I can't do it, I can't do it. Can't you let me sell it?"

If you say a dealer It is necessary to consider whether it is possible to "certify", then the new incoming brand should consider whether it can produce and sell electronic cigarettes in the future. At present, the relevant regulations have clear regulations on the purchase channels of traditional tobacco - they can only be purchased from local tobacco companies, and the background of tobacco companies is self-evident.

In the future, if e-cigarettes and ordinary tobacco enjoy the same treatment, the invoicing will also be on the right track. Some people think that the e-cigarette market will end in vain, or completely end the current barbaric growth. However, some insiders are relatively optimistic about this. Insiders of a new e-cigarette brand revealed to their understanding that at this stage they are not worried about this one-size-fits-all situation. After all, it is difficult to confuse the electronic products of the smoke-changing bomb with tobacco. But for the tightening of offline channels in the future, they have some concerns and concerns.

[One More Thing]

Although e-cigarettes and ordinary tobacco are not yet clearly defined and classified, it is forbidden to use e-cigarettes in public. Has become a consensus. In the Internet cafes, e-cigarettes are also not allowed to "open".

In this large-scale exchange with the e-cigarette industry, one of the Internet cafe owners said that they understand the notes: "According to the regulations, all Internet cafes are not allowed to smoke. Even e-cigarettes can't be done. The words of the police comrades who patrol the weekdays are: no matter what the smoke, as long as it smokes, it will not work.

Maybe, the tightening of the sales channel is only part of the negative impact, the use of the scene The large "compression" will also become an important factor limiting the e-cigarette industry.

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