After Ta Kung Pao’s video of He Junyi’s video, a strange scene took place.

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shangguanxinwen· 2019-11-07 11:44:20

On the morning of November 6, at Qifeng Road, Tucson, Hong Kong Near the park, the Hong Kong formed member of the patriotic Hong Kong affiliation, He Junyi, was suddenly stabbed by a man while propaganda canvassing for his own Legislative Council election.

It can be seen from a live video that the man holding a dagger directly stabbed the heart of He Junyi's chest, but thanks to He Junyi's quick response, although the victim was injured, the dagger did not penetrate the heart and cause fatal injuries.

However, when the Hong Kong police investigated the cause of the assassination of He Junyi, the black and evil political forces that had been making riots in Hong Kong for a long time suddenly jumped out, "a swarm of bees" distort the facts and said that He Junyi was stabbed. It is his "self-directed self-acting".

The most shocking thing is that a report on the assassination of He Junyi in Hong Kong’s Ta Kung Pao has been severely falsified on social media platforms, and this tampering approach It is quite "surprising".

The story is like this: After He Junyi was assassinated and sent to the hospital, he quickly reported to the Hong Kong and mainland friends who care about him through the Internet at noon on the same day (6th). Peace.

Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao also posted a post on its social account at noon on the 6th:

But it didn't take long for strange things to happen. Ta Kung Pao was originally a report released at noon on the 6th, and its "timeline" It was tampered with and was changed to 19:54 the night before.

Next, those Supporting Hong Kong street mobs, the local political evil forces that continue to launch riots, and even anti-China elements hiding in many Western countries, began to collectively speculate on the social media outside the country, saying that this is He Junyi’s self-directed self-defense ". A similar voice appeared on Weibo in the Mainland.

▲The picture shows Hong Kong thugs and accounts supporting the porters in the speculation in the speculation

▲ Many anti-China elements hiding in Europe and the United States are following the hype

< /p>▲A similar voice appeared on Weibo

not to mention that Ta Kung Pao’s own social account has also suffered a lot of such siege:

Of course, someone will definitely ask: How do you know the Global Times? The post of Ta Kung Pao is not the night before the incident. of? How do you know that this post has been tampered with time?

Our primary basis is that in the post that the "Ta Kung Pao" was besieged and appeared to be the day before the assassination of He Junyi, we found a small label with the same "clock". And when we moved the mouse over this small label, a paragraph like this appeared: "(post) was added on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 11:54 am."

We also use the English version of Global Times The official Facebook account, as well as the personal account of the colleague, simulates the operation of modifying the post time. It is found that although Facebook provides the user with the function of modifying the posting time of the post, any such post that has been changed by the posting time will have such a "clock". "Label, and as soon as you move your mouse over this tab, it will show the original post time of the post. (Note: This function is not available on the Facebook app of Android phones. The app of Apple mobile phone has the same function as the PC, but it has different function)

This situation has been confirmed by many foreign Facebook users long ago, that is, as long as you modify the posting time of the post, there will inevitably appear a "clock" on the post. Label ", showing the original release date of the post.

So we can identify Ta Kung Pao The report that was polluted by the Chaogang and anti-China forces as "unknown prophetic posts" and "crossing posts" was actually "moved" and "tampered", otherwise the "original release date" would not appear on the post. The "clock" label.

This situation also disintegrated some of the newspapers that insisted on the slogan of "Ta Kung Pao". "The post was written and set to 'only visible to yourself', and then he was assassinated in He Junyi. Later, it was changed to the public, but I forgot to change the date, so that the rumors of the stuffing.

There are also people who insist that Ta Kung Pao is fraudulent It is proposed that the newspaper is "the draft was written the day before, and then set to be released on the day of the assassination of He Junyi, the result will be displayed as yesterday, resulting in the stuffing." However, after verification, we found that this statement is also not true. Regularly posted posts will only show the date of their final release, not the "draft save date."

However, things don't end here . After further verification, we found that although Facebook provides the user with the function of modifying the date of the post of the post, any normal operation from the user cannot be changed to a post originally made at 11:54 on November 6th. Until 19:54 on November 5th.

This is because Facebook gives the user the ability to post time to modify posts, allowing only time Change to [integer minute] in [multiples of 10 digits] (ie 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, as shown below).

At the same time, even if the timing is [Non Integer minute] Posts posted, once released, no matter how the user edits on Facebook, it will not change back to the time of the non-integer minute [that is, even if the user himself "exposed" It is impossible to achieve this by mistake.

So, from the current situation and evidence, only the "abnormal" or "background" operations can achieve this "tampering".

At present, in a statement issued by Ta Kung Pao, it is suspected that their Facebook account may have been invaded, so that the posting time of the post was It was changed to 19:54 the day before He Junyi was assassinated.

So at this time, you need to be responsible for management The company that operates the Hong Kong Facebook account has stood up to explain the situation. According to our understanding, Facebook will master the operation record of user posts, and in the face of the suspected invasion of Ta Kung Pao, the operating company of Hong Kong Facebook as a station should assist Ta Kung Pao to restore the truth.

Finally, we also want to remind everyone that from the current public opinion situation, this strange incident surrounding the "Ta Kung Pao" He Junyi is probably just a black and political situation. And a game in the "anti-war" and even "speaking war" of anti-China forces outside China. At the same time, the remarks made by some "media people" in Hong Kong and Western media after the assassination of He Junyi also showed the complicated situation of overseas public opinion.

For example, the overseas social platform Twitter has a "freelance journalist" who has been certified as a Hong Kong "South China Morning Post", the British "Guardian", the US ABC News Network and CNN. The man, just after our "Global Times" released the video of He Junyi's assassination, first asked: "Why would anyone take a close-up video of his assassination? Why is the Global Times the first to send him this video?"

This post quickly received hundreds of reposts and likes, and most of the comments were hype "He Junyi and the Global Times self-directed and self-acting".

Until the post was posted 2 hours later, he "clarified" and said: My colleague told me that this video was uploaded on Weibo. And then the Global Times was released.

But this "clarification" only got 2 forwards...

column editor: Zhang Wu author: Global Times copy editor: Cheng Pei thematic map source: China visual Image editor: Cao Liyuan

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