The young man took a photo with the flight attendant, and after 15 years, this scene was shocked.

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Recently, a comparison photo of 15 years ago became popular. The young man in the photo, Xu Yanfeng, is now an internship flight attendant, and the master who took him is actually a flight attendant who took a photo when she first flew the plane 15 years ago.

fifteen years ago

The first time I took a photo with her on the plane

The young man in the photo, Xu Yanfeng, is now a junior in the aviation crew of the Civil Aviation Flight Academy of China. In October this year, he started an internship. After coming to China Eastern Airlines for an internship, Xu Yanfeng inadvertently pulled out a photo taken 15 years ago. After the remake, he sent a circle of friends.

Recalling the scene at the time, Xu Yanfeng said: "2004 It was my first flight. I was flying from Shanghai Pudong to Sanya. My mother took a photo with the flight attendant after I got the permission of the flight attendant. I thought this big sister was so gentle and beautiful."

The original Xu Yanfeng just sighed with a circle of friends. He did not expect his leader to come over mysteriously the next day and asked him if he wanted to see this sister in the photo.

Xu Yanfeng said, "I thought the leader was joking. There are so many airlines in the country, so many flight attendants, and how many years have passed, how can it be."

15 After the year I became "you"

Let Yan Yan Unexpectedly, the next day his leader actually took him to the flight attendant who was photographed 15 years ago. The flight attendant, Fang Wei, has been working in Eastern Airlines for nearly 20 years.

Fang said: "I felt incredible. The scene of the photo was suddenly remembered. He changed from a child to a big boy."

Considering two people This special experience, China Eastern Airlines specially arranged Fang Hao to do the flying master during the internship of Xu Yanfeng.

Fang said: "In the past, the teacher was a teacher. The feeling of the students is now the feeling of the mother to the son." After completing the 60-hour flight, Xu Yanfeng reached the standard of his independent flight attendance.

Working idle, Fang Hao and Xu Yanfeng were in the plane and remake a photo according to the ride position 15 years ago.

User: "This is the fate!"

When these two 15-year-old photos were sent to the Internet, they also attracted the attention of netizens. Many netizens said: "It's really a fate!"

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