Chinese kindergarten textbooks appeared at the conference attended by Kissinger and the US Defense Minister

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On Tuesday (November 5), the National Artificial Intelligence National Security Council hosted a conference on artificial intelligence and national security in Washington. Current and former senior US officials and the elite of science and technology gathered together, including former Secretary of State Kissinger, current Defense Secretary Espoo, current Energy Secretary Perry, and Senate Democratic leader Schumer.

They discussed the importance of artificial intelligence to the United States. Esper also said that the United States needs the government, academia and industry to work together as well during World War II to make artificial intelligence develop rapidly. During the period, challenges from China were repeatedly raised.

In order to highlight China's emphasis on artificial intelligence, a member of the National Artificial Intelligence National Security Council also presented a Chinese artificial intelligence science book.

The one shown at the conference is Henan People's Publishing House. "Artificial Intelligence Experiment Textbook" designed for children in small class in kindergarten. Source: US media

Accord to the US Department of Defense website, Esper said at the conference that during the Second World War, "industrial giants" Detroit It became a "democratic arsenal" to help the American war effort. After the war, the Soviet Union launched its first artificial earth satellite. The United States established the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and "controlled the space race."

He went on to say, "Mastering artificial intelligence requires similar vision, ambition, and commitment. We need the full power of American wisdom and creativity, and the public and private sectors need to operate in harmony. We need your leadership and Vision to ensure that we maintain a strategic advantage."

Esper then mentioned China, he said that China plans to become a leader in artificial intelligence in 2030, for example, China has developed autonomous vehicles, and the Chinese military has also They are "actively deploying these weapons in many areas of operations." At the same time, he said, China is still investing in low-cost, long-range autopilot and unmanned submarines, and exports advanced military drones.

Esper expresses American ambition: "No matter which country uses artificial intelligence first, it will have a decisive advantage on many battlefields for many years. We must do it first."

He said that the US military "will use the potential of artificial intelligence to create a power that is suitable for our time."

Esper (right) Source: US Department of Defense

According to US media reports, at the meeting, Energy Minister Perry also mentioned When he arrived in China, he said that "China and Russia are catching up with us."

Walker, vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council for the National Intelligence and former Deputy Defense Secretary, said he is confident that the United States can outperform China in this competition. "I don't think this puts us at a disadvantage. This is an asymmetry that we have to overcome in this competition. The Ministry of Defense is working hard to communicate. I think the Department of Defense is more successful than ever in trying to work with private companies to work with us." As all participants said today, we are absolutely confident. China has some advantages and we have some advantages. We believe that our strengths are stronger. In the future, we will win this competition."

< Previously, Observer Network had extracted the book "Global Pattern of Artificial Intelligence" just published in September. The book mentioned that in the early days of Trump's appointment in 2017, the government's response to artificial intelligence was relatively cold. But this situation is changing. The Trump administration has made some changes and sublimation of the artificial intelligence development strategy of the Obama era, and began to seek a completely different, free market-oriented artificial intelligence strategy.

And China, the development of science and technology has long been in the running position, but in the industrial 4.0 era, China has been catching up and has been leading the way in many fields. China has entered the first echelon of global artificial intelligence development and regards artificial intelligence as the dominant strategy of the future. As the world's second largest economy, China has announced its ambition to lead the world in artificial intelligence theory, technology and applications at a time when countries are making intensive development strategies for artificial intelligence.

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