9 American citizens were killed in Mexico, and Trump "dismissed words"

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中新网 November 7th Comprehensive report, local time on November 4th, a Mormon family was attacked while traveling near the US-Mexico border, killing 9 people. The deceased is believed to be a US citizen, most of whom also have Mexican citizenship. After the incident, US President Trump called on the Mexican authorities to "war" the drug trafficking group, but it was rejected by the Mexican side.

[The deceased were all women and children attacked or related to drug trafficking groups]

The incident occurred at noon on the 4th, when the victims were riding three off-road vehicles. He was attacked by gunmen on a road at the junction of Chihuahua and Sonora in northern Mexico. Video streaming on social media shows that one of the cars has been burned and the bullet holes are still visible.

According to the Mexican authorities, the gunman may have misidentified the victim’s vehicle as a hostile gang. The location of the attack is believed to be one of the battle points for local drug trafficking groups to compete for territory.

The CNN reported that six children and three women were killed in the attack, many others were injured, and they both have dual citizenship in the United States and Mexico.

The 9 dead are members of the Le Barron family. The relative of the victims, Alex Le Barron, said that their family has lived in northern Mexico for more than 50 years.

It is reported that the Sinaloa Group, one of the largest drug trafficking groups in Mexico, is often active in northern Mexico. The Le Barron family often clashes with drug trafficking groups in Chihuahua.

[Trump urges Mexico to declare war on drug dealers]

The incident caused great concern from both the United States and Mexico. On the 5th, the government of Xi’an stated that it had arrested a suspect related to the case. The suspect has several rifles and a large amount of ammunition, including many large-calibre weapons. The US ambassador to Mexico said that it is paying close attention to this matter.

US President Trump made a statement on the incident on the morning of the 5th. He said that if Mexico needs help in sweeping these criminal groups, the United States can help at any time. He said: "For Mexico, it is time to fight the drug trafficking groups with the help of the United States and wipe them out of the earth."

The Mexican president refused. He said: "This is not in line with our beliefs. The worst thing is war." He also said that he would discuss this with Trump, but the United States must respect Mexico's sovereignty.

Reuters reported that the US Drug Control Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have worked closely with Mexico to combat drug trafficking groups.

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