In order to chase Liu Dehua's family, his father committed suicide! After 12 years, her recent exposure

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Remember Yang Lijuan?

The chasing star who once shocked the country began to fall in love with Andy Lau from the age of 16. In order to chase the stars, she did not hesitate to go bankrupt, and her father also committed suicide by jumping into the sea. This incident caused a great sensation.

Recently, some media have once again talked to Yang Lijuan to understand this year. The status quo of the star chasing girl.

The current Yang Lijuan works in a supermarket, and the salary is not high, but Yang Lijuan is still quite happy with the familiarity of work and the recognition of colleagues.

Yang Lijuan’s life is now normal, living environment It is also general. The low-rent housing she lived in was less than 1,000 yuan a year. It is flat, and it costs only 80 yuan a month.

The floor is still concrete, and there is not much decoration. At present, only Yang Lijuan and her mother live together.

There is no TV in the living room, no dining table, only a sofa and a coffee table.

There is no refrigerator in the kitchen, only a cutting board and a food shelf.

The bedroom door is closed. Yang Lijuan said that there is only one bed in it, there is no wardrobe, and her clothes are in the bag.

Yang Lijuan does not watch TV or go online, at most When I was free, I listened to the radio on the radio. She was completely unaware of the online hot word "illegal meal."

Yang Lijuan will participate in a chorus of a music group every Wednesday. Activity, this is her only social event now.

After a few years, she has been reluctant to mention Andy Lau, and she will use "he" instead.

In a place with a large traffic flow in the mall, there are occasional people who recognize Yang Lijuan pointing fingers and make her feel a little sad. Some colleagues said that in fact, she has been able to face this matter more positively. The store manager of the supermarket also said, "It is shocking and very unexpected, but we are all ordinary people."

"House small I can't let go." She hopes to make some improvements for this family after her economic situation is better.

After many years of adjustment, Yang Lijuan is now quite calm, and everything before it has been put down.

Now she also has her own cautious wishes. She does not have much luxury in her life. She only hopes that her mother can live a better life and earn money to buy new clothes for her.

After the death of his father, Yang Lijuan sprinkled his father's ashes into the Yellow River. Every year, such as the Ching Ming Festival and other important festivals, she will go to the Yellow River to pay homage to her father. She cried and prayed, "Dad please forgive the daughter."

Talking about the events of the year, facing the camera, Yang Lijuan I uttered my regret today. "I am very sorry about my past behaviors. If life is coming back, I will not do that."

Of course, she still has a bit of paranoia. For so many years, why Andy Lau has never expressed concern for himself, but he turned his head and said that looking at the blue sky and the green trees, I am very grateful to God for not giving up.

She said that she does not want to fall in love now, I feel that a person is very good, and my wish is to let my mother live a better life.

Yang Lijuan is about 40 years old, and the star of Liu Dehua begins with her a dream.

Yang Lijuan once said that when he was 16 years old, one night, he dreamed of a portrait of Andy Lau on the wall. His sides read "You are coming close to me, you meet me." After she told her father about this dream, the father said that he had done the same dream.

Since then, this dream has become a hint that she and Andy Lau are "marriage".

In order to chase the stars, the first thing she did was drop out of school.

Yang family is in Lanzhou, Gansu, and Andy Lau often travels back and forth in Hong Kong and Beijing. Yang Lijuan has worked tirelessly between the two cities —— went to all the concerts of Andy Lau, the home is full His album. In addition to her parents, only Liu Dehua in her life.

In the past, in the face of media questioning, "Whether Liu Dehua and Mom and Dad are more important?" Yang Lijuan answered without hesitation. "Andy Lau is more important. I like him alone in this life. Anyone will come to me. It doesn't make sense to say it."

She also said in a rhetoric, "I don't marry Liu Dehua, I will never marry."

Many years of chasing stars, but never able to meet with Andy Lau alone, Yang Lijuan once threatened with death at home.

In online public opinion, madness and paranoia have become labels that Yang Lijuan can never get rid of, and many netizens believe that her personality traits are not unrelated to their families.

Yang Lijuan’s father was a 40-year-old woman. She loved Yang Lijuan since she was a child. She also tried her best to satisfy all her daughter’s wishes. He himself said that Yang Lijuan’s act of chasing stars Andy Lau’s behavior “is not enough to describe it.” However, she insists on losing her family’s dreams.

There is not enough toll, Yang’s father started selling houses and borrowing money. The money is not enough. He considered selling the kidneys.

Yang Lijuan also seriously discussed this issue with her father. "I mean, you better borrow, selling kidneys is too dangerous."

Later, Yang’s father really sold the kidneys, and Yang Lijuan’s chasing after the stars began to receive national attention, and Yang’s father also hoped. Can use the power of the media to let Andy Lau see his daughter.

On March 25, 2007, Yang Lijuan finally took a photo with Andy Lau at a fan meeting. At the same time, after she hoped that the request to be able to meet with the other party alone was not completed, Yang’s father left a suicide note of more than 10 pages and jumped into Hong Kong.

In the suicide note, he denounced Andy Lau "indifferent, no Humanity, turn a blind eye to her (Yang Lijuan). And ask the "Hong Kong government to reason for us, make us the Lord, let Andy Lau reply."

My child Yang Lijuan made an earth-shattering sacrifice to see you. I have paid 13 years of youthful price, and after 13 years of blood and tears, I almost got my life. Parents have fulfilled their little desire to see you for their children, and they have already poured out all their debts and debts. You haven't moved yet, are you a person?

Our children are looking for and waiting for you, 13 years of persistence and single-mindedness. This is destiny destined, miracle appears, and the arrangement is good, since the media reports so far, because you have not See, the child is under tremendous pressure. Didn’t you think of your surname Liu, didn’t you hear it? Why don't you see the greatest social responsibility and see Juan?

Yang Lijuan, you are not seen, do you still sing "Great China"? Is it Chinese? Can your heart be safe? Yang Lijuan has sent you a lot of letters in 13 years. You said that you have not received it. Now the media reports have been published for a year. Can you still say that you don’t know? Are you fair to seeing her? The child is paying for you, Andy Lau, no regrets, but you do not appreciate, the child is innocent, you are not seen, history will make you carry the crimes of the ages.

At the end of this suicide note, he said, "I am dead. You still want to see our children, or you will die. If you don't see it, you can't see it."

There was a Hong Kong media. In the report, Yang Lijuan was described as such: the star-hunting star was killed, and the Huazi Lanzhou female fanatics, the tired father hated to bury the harbor.

The incident also caused a big stir in the mainland. Soon, Yang Liju and her mother and daughter once again got the endorsement to go to Hong Kong to claim Yang’s body. After the two men followed the procedure of Yang’s ashes, according to Hong Kong media reports, at the time, in the face of media interviews, they were disappointed that Andy Lau did not attend the funeral of his father personally. They hoped to receive assistance from the Chief Executive Office. After seeing Andy Lau Return home.

Yang Lijuan said that this is the father's last wish.

A few days later, on the fan message board, Andy Lau responded to the question with the title "You won't know me sad". "I know that everyone wants to ask me some responses. I personally have nothing to do." In response, I will not respond any more in the future."

In 2014, Yang Lijuan appeared again in the public eye. At that time, she was a guest of Oriental TV's "Oriental Live Room" program. Program parties should not be crazy about Andy Lau, and bluntly, Andy Lau is not worth your youth. She also cried and said, "Dad, you are coming back, Dad, you are coming back, Dad, come back."

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