Survivor Li Jiaqi: A person becomes an algorithm and wants to return to people

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Interview, author: Liu Min

Editor: He Wei

Photography: Jia Rui

Vision: Zhang Nan

Published In the "GQ" November 2019 issue

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Li Jiaqi's experience is often interpreted as a kind Inspirational Chicken Soup: Born in an ordinary, unremitting efforts to rewrite the fate. Few people realize that the screen image of this 27-year-old boy, like our spending habits, is the result of being screened by Internet algorithms.

This is a story about algorithms and people. "One person, becoming an algorithm, now wants to return to people." When Li Jiaqi is already at the peak of attention, he is also confused, he is in the end Who will be.


"I am not a star, just a net red."

At 3 o'clock in the morning, the hot pot was still snoring and bubbling, Li Jiaqi was not a little sleepy, and asked for a bottle of wine.

In the middle of the night, at the beginning of the meal, he called a few bottles of champagne. Before becoming famous, Li Jiaqi likes to drink beer. When I went to Paris earlier this year, when I visited the Guerlain headquarters in France, an old gentleman asked him what he liked to drink. "Beer", he saw that the other party's eyes quickly flickered a little. The old gentleman said, you must try champagne.

"I think now, the sound of champagne clinking is really much better than the beer mug." Li Jiaqi's voice is low, relaxed, and the speed of speech is half of usual.

The first day, he just finished the "Wish of Wishes" of the month, this is the promotional festival created by Li Jiaqi live. "All girls, all girls!" Li Jiaqi kept a high-pitched tone throughout the live broadcast. In 4 hours and 17 minutes, he continuously promoted 48 products, those masks, liquid foundation, office snacks 3000 pieces, 5000 pieces of shelves. In a few seconds, it was snapped up by netizens.

At this moment, in the private hot pot restaurant of this small villa, Li Jiaqi’s tone has finally returned to the state of ordinary people. "In fact, live broadcast, I can urinate for 4 hours." He took the initiative to mention the first night to go to the bathroom several times: "Every time it is not urinating, go to the balcony to empty."

People nod : You are too stressed.

Across the table is a famous artist and his curator friend. Li Jiaqi's beauty ONE company is planning an exhibition with them, with Li Jiaqi and lipstick as the theme. A few days ago, the curator just gave Li Jiaqi a one-on-one training and talked for an hour "What is art?" This dinner wanted to talk casually and collect some materials. I didn't expect to eat it all night long.

"Oh My God!"

"Oh my god!"

"Buy it! Buy it! Buy it!"

< p>The artists imitated Li Jiaqi’s mantra. They judged that the 27-year-old Li Jiaqi was a cultural phenomenon in the era of consumerism. Everyone talked about the annual queues of several famous shopping malls in Beishangguang. In contrast, Li Jiaqi’s There is some ambiguity in positioning: "It is clear that personal sales have exceeded one single store, but it will still be said to be low, being arguing, selling fakes, and not having works."

In April of this year, Li Jiaqi and several stars were a beauty brand platform, on the Aurora's big screen on the Bund, actors Their large singles are rotated in turn, but there is no Li Jiaqi.

"They don't recognize a net red to go to the big screen of Aurora." Li Jiaqi put down the glass, and the tone suddenly excited: "I really care about this matter, why can't I go to this big screen? Many fans came for me, everyone is looking forward to seeing Li Jiaqi."

The whole list of Li Jiaqi's co-stars has grown in 2019, Wang Yuan, Xiao S, Angelababy, Carina Lau, Yang Yang, Tang Yi … … In the short video, he painted with the stars, joked, magic, and shot each other's shoulders.

"I am not a star, just a net red." Li Jiaqi repeatedly mentioned this one of the boundaries: "The star cooperates with me because I see my fire and traffic, not to make friends with me. If I don't have any traffic, others won't cooperate with me."

The hot pot is getting colder, and Shanghai is quiet at 4 o'clock in the morning, leaving only this table in the whole building. The guests started to get sleepy, and the words on the table became scarce. Only Li Jiaqi was drunk and kept talking:

When he was a Maybelline teller in Nanchang three years ago, he liked to make friends with his colleagues and sing. KTV, playing mahjong until late at night, SKII's Jiangxi executives raised his salary several times to dig him, he refused, and did not want to abandon this freedom to pick up a table at any time.

He is very lonely in Shanghai today. In the past two years, he only knows the three roads in Shanghai: the company's road, the renting road, and the Yueyang Road where the hot pot restaurant is located. "I don't have friends in Shanghai, they are my team, we have a very good relationship, but not friends ……"

"I think I am so realistic, I changed." He said, "This It is the price I want to become Li Jiaqi."

He said that he is only an anchor, not a star. Stars can convey emotions in TV dramas and variety shows. An anchor can only show happiness when facing the camera.

"I want lipstick to show emotions." Li Jiaqi asked the artist: "I want to come in, and people who go out can feel my emotions. I must It’s emotions, not lipsticks.”

"All girls!…… buy it!"

A few days later, I watched A live broadcast of Li Jiaqi at home. The live broadcast started at 8:15. Ten minutes before, there was no tension in the room. No one counted down. The team members just sat down to eat.

8:13, Li Jiaqi sat down and added powder to the mirror.

8:15, "Hello everyone! Welcome to Jiaqi's live room!" Li Jiaqi's voice, faintly heard the kitchen aunt "哗哗" brush the background sound of the pot.

Many anchors repeat the mantra in front of the camera, and the limited adjectives are used repeatedly. Li Jiaqi is like a self-contained barrage, and the golden sentence is constantly coming out: a first-aid mask - "like ice cream, open, one night, back, spring!" The smell of a big-name perfume is cheap - "Shu Jiajia The taste of soapy water. "The feeling of a lipstick coating - "After squatting, I smiled back, 'The old lady won'."

Li Jiaqi sighed the lipstick of bad color to the table, sighed and turned Big eyes: Is XXX home crazy? This is the photo studio used 10 years ago! When selling the cream, he let people hold two boxes of their own big-name creams in front of the camera. He unscrewed a can and showed that he had seen the bottom. He slowed down, like the kind of friends around you, always thinking of you: "Believe me, buy it."

There is the most respected virtue in the live broadcast, everyone I know that he is tens of millions of people every year, but Li Jiaqi is still sitting behind the desk, holding a handwritten calculation, and calculating it in his own place: the original price of this bottle of shampoo is 1ml, now, plus gifts and coupons, low per milliliter A few dollars. He lined up the sample one by one, one by one, and attracted a ring of mind. Every time the audience felt that all the profits of the merchant had been squeezed out and squeezed out, this is the lowest price in history.

Next second, "All girls!" He improves Tone, yelling at the camera: "3! 2! 1! Link!"

After countless screens, the thumb starts to click on the phone quickly, and the audience is called by the speed of collective consumption. The inventory is thousands of thousands. disappear. When the hesitant person reacted, dozens of seconds passed, and there was nothing left to kill.

This is a high-pressure performance. The female assistant raised her nails on the side and showed the color of the nail polish in a while. Before joining the Li Jiaqi team, she worked as an assistant to two anchors. The first female host broadcasts the costumes, and she stands in front of the camera for 8 hours every day. The fans talk about their heads: the legs are thick and the assistants are really ugly. After dozens of clothes have been tried and rounded, and the number of online users is the highest, there are dozens of people. The words of the anchors are like talking to themselves. The two girls finally sat on the chair and didn't want to move.

The second male anchor cosmetics teller was born, Qing Qing Su Yan on the mirror, let the male anchor start from the skin care water, step by step to her makeup. The boys posted a cheat sheet under the camera, and the eyes smashed in the air during the live broadcast. As soon as the camera was turned off, the excitement of the male anchor’s efforts to maintain it was dispersed. "How do you sell so little today?" "Why didn't anyone come to see me?" "God, when can I get fire?"

< p> Qingqing can't answer these questions. She only knows that every new anchor will be jealous for a few months, and time is too low, but most people can't get through. Qing Qing also had a live broadcast, and she gave up only after one day of trial - she was not a flesh-and-blood person before the camera, she could only feel nervous.

The users of Taobao live broadcast are mostly women. The labels such as "Mengmei", "Sexy" and "Yujie" are worthless here. Everyone prefers female anchors close to themselves, or one without attack. Sexual boy image. There are no major anchors in the company who have resigned, and the opportunity given to them by this industry is only half a year.

"Taobao Live is the best choice, not to make up the difference, that is, you are suitable for doing this industry, and you have to do it quickly," said the company's COO Zheng Ming. "The image is very good, but it won't talk, then I Training, you can talk? There is no such time."

Li Jiaqi is proved to be suitable for this medium. He always looks pale during the day and yawns when he speaks. As soon as the lens is turned on, the whole person becomes excited. At the same time, facing 2 HD cameras and 3 screens, you can't see the viewer's face. You can only monitor the online number "砰砰砰砰" to jump up, "No seconds" "Is there a mask?" "The constant stream of comments scrolls quickly on the screen of the phone, which gives him an electric shock.

Before making the anchor, Li Jiaqi did not have a Taobao account. There is only one screen app on his mobile phone screen. When he buys things in Taobao, he has to borrow a colleague's mobile phone to place an order. He didn't look at the short video, the little girl in the team learned "Well!", he asked to sing, the little girl said it was a vibrato, and he asked, what is the vibrato?

In 2018, he was finally asked by the company to make a vibrato. Li Jiaqi was always very resistant. He danced gestures and followed the script to take a professional foundation evaluation. One night, only one or two hundred praises.

The 26-year-old boy Kang Kang is in charge of this project. He has run the public number and has also been a Weibo video blogger, specializing in editing and grabbing hot spots. Kang Kang also has another female anchor's vibrating voice. It is a little girl of 1 meter 55. She looks cute and is good at wearing. The girl dances with the popular BGM, sells Meng, and quickly rises to 200,000.

But this is not Li Jiaqi’s language style. No one interacts with him in real time when recording videos. He sits alone in the company and speaks lines to the camera. He always feels like acting, even the photographers are hiding. No outcrop behind the machine.

Kangkang finally refused to move Li Jiaqi, and the boss advised him to try again from the live broadcast, no logic, no need to pave the way, which one is good to pick.

At the end of 2018, Li Jiaqi’s vibrato released a color test recommendation for MAC lipstick, and the video style changed greatly. It was all the accelerated stitching of his live broadcast scene. The silent account suddenly became popular overnight and went up within a few hours. Hot - dozens of minutes of live video cut into a minute, straight into the theme, the golden sentence to receive the golden sentence, every second is Li Jiaqi's most exciting state.

"The explosion broke out!" Kang Kang ran out of the office and rushed to Li Jiaqi's home to wait for the broadcast. At 12 o'clock, Li Jiaqi shook his voice and found that he had nearly 1 million fans in the night. From this night, his fame quickly circled, and the rapid and exaggerated "buy it!" viral spread, Li Jiaqi became a popular symbol.

And the little beautiful female anchor, because the company cut off the live broadcast of the clothing, has left. Kang Kang politely showed me the girl's vibrating account: her 200,000 fans on the vibrato was a contractual asset and not her own. That account is now completely emptied, all videos, one is not left.

"He knows how to please girls."

In 2017, Zhang Ying came to Shanghai to visit Li Jiaqi, a former subordinate. Zhang Ying was originally the director of the Maybelline counter at Nanchang Tianhong Mall. Li Jiaqi is her youngest employee and the most naughty one.

Sitting in the live room for a while, Zhang Ying found that Li Jiaqi went to the bathroom and rushed all the way. In Nanchang, Li Jiaqi likes to greet colleagues to come to the house for dinner. But in Shanghai, eating with Li Jiaqi at the same table has become a difficult matter. He always said, I am busy, you should eat first, you should eat first.

On the night in Shanghai, Li Jiaqi had to fly to Thailand for breakfast at 3 am the next day. In the evening, Zhang Ying was connected with three or four friends and helped him with the boxes. The eyeshadow and foundation that were to be broadcast live in the next few days were all wrapped in plastic foam. They were packed one by one according to the schedule. Large suitcase.

She asked, you can't stop for a couple of days? Li Jiaqi said, sister, do you know how big this competition is?

In the double eleven in 2015, Zhang Ying first met new employee Li Jiaqi. The boy who just graduated from Nanchang University seems to have endless energy to release. During the first week of work, he frantically invites everyone to drink Starbucks, drink milk tea, eat snacks, and bring small gifts to everyone. "He knows how to please girls. ". He always sneaked around to see the counters of Mao Geping, Estee Lauder, and Snow Show, and turned over their bottles and cans. I came back with a warm recommendation. "The XX family has a highlight, my mom! It's so good to use, you must try it!"

Sometimes he will cross a road to the opposite side. The mall looks at the counter. This is a violation of the rules, but everyone is blinding one eye. Less than a month, at the crossroads of the old commercial street, "Tianhong, Parkson, a few shopping malls did not know him."

Colleagues gradually discovered that the character of this young man and many people do not same. Many tellers deal with people from morning till night, and they don't want to talk after work. Li Jiaqi is difficult to be alone, he enjoys, eager for the feeling of being in the crowd.

Zhang Ying began to respond to the little girls who sent milk tea and snacks every day, and others sent flowers. The girls always turned around in front of the counter, specifically waiting for Li Jiaqi to go to work and buy something.

Every teller must carry a merchandise selling point, "0.1 mm wool pen tip, accurately depict your eye contour … …" ready to respond to telephone calls at headquarters. Li Jiaqi did not recite anything. The female customer sat down. He put on his makeup and said casually: You see, this pen is very soft and will not sting your eyes. It is especially difficult to spend … … Li Jiaqi said to the girl in the mirror, "This thing is super easy to use, believe me."

Time and time again, the little girls nodded happily: "Well, I believe in you."

The teller Li Jiaqi never puts lipstick, goes to work every day, he only uses The cream covers the acne, and then grabs the hair and gets to work. Female customers like this tall, thin, three-dimensional male teller, even if she is a shy student girl at a glance, he also has a kind care in him. Li Jiaqi almost does not give customers the opportunity to entangle, tried several Lipstick, just like in the live broadcast today, he picks one: you don't have to choose, you buy this.

After six months of work, Li Jiaqi was promoted to a makeup artist and his salary doubled. Zhang Ying told me that Li Jiaqi's reason for promotion is very realistic: he is handsome.

"The make-up artist is very picky, his technique doesn't need the best …… what do you need? It has the ability to influence others." By default, the makeup artist has a little delicate trait, can observe People can see the difference between their brows and their own shape. Moreover, "the opposite sex attracts, boys can be smoother than girls in this career channel."

The influence of makeup artist Li Jiaqi is quietly expanding, and has already surpassed Nanchang. He began to travel frequently and went to the newly opened counter to support. Once in Zhengzhou, the new counter will open the business, and the sales bosses of the country will be present. The boss arranged him to be the host of the newly-followed female star Lin Yun. Before he took office, Li Jiaqi was so nervous that he was fainting. Seven or eight months later, at an event in Chengdu, Lin Yun met Li Jiaqi again and took the initiative to say hello. Li Jiaqi did not expect that he could be recognized, and once again he was too excited.

"He didn't show any ambition before, but he didn't have anything at all." Zhang Ying said that seeing Lin Yun is actually a good opportunity for careers. The bosses of Maybelline are sitting at the stage. under. Li Jiaqi only sent a circle of friends, and he spent two days with his friends. He did not think about doing something with the potential.

"The price of Nanchang has risen very quickly, and the monthly income of more than 3,000 pieces can not afford even 1/4 square meter." Zhang Ying has long known that the development space of the tellers is limited, and many people have done seven or eight. I can't enter the management team in the year. If I am a young man, I have to resign and find a way out. She later left the beauty industry and switched to a children's English education.

Young Li Jiaqi is still unaware of these problems. SKII’s Jiangxi executives have to raise his salary several times to dig him, and he is not willing to go. He cares more about the feeling of being accepted. At the Maybelline counter, it's fun, everyone is spoiled by him, and when he goes to a big brand, he can only be managed more strictly.

He is still immersed in the joy of calling friends and friends, and he is at the counter every day. "Come to my house to eat, choose a day to hit the sun, how about tonight!" The rental house is on the 8th floor. There was no elevator. After work, my colleagues climbed up in batches and squeezed in the kitchen to help him peel the shrimp tail. Li Jiaqi claimed to be good at cooking, and always called her mother in public before the pot, and asked how to do it. He is good at making crayfish, from three pounds to five pounds, and has been doing it for ten pounds each time.

"I will make a lot of money, I will raise you."

Li Jiaqi is not actively entering the live broadcast industry. One day in the second half of 2016, he suddenly found himself being pulled into a group. More than 200 group members were makeup artists from all over the country. On that night, the group told everyone that L'Oreal and US ONE companies should cooperate to test the water network live. Upload a short video of your own introduction.

"I am a computer idiot, never PS or cut video, so annoying things." Li Jiaqi feels that it must be completed - more than 200 people, his qualifications are the shallowest, the company's attention makes him flattered . More than a minute of video was done all night, the computer was down in the middle, all empty, crashing back again, he tossed until 3 o'clock in the middle of the night to finish. The next day, only a dozen people actually paid homework.

In the early days of the live broadcast, Li Jiaqi, like other colleagues, just did it casually. Two hours a day, the company subsidized twice as much, from four to five thousand to more than 10,000. "More than 10,000 lives in Nanchang are really good. I have to use three bowls of rice for breakfast." After three months, my colleagues’ live broadcasts only dozens of people online every day, and they can’t sell a few. Things, the company stopped the subsidy, and everyone did not do it.

Li Jiaqi was not willing to stop. Later, when others were eating at the camera and listening to songs, Li Jiaqi was still honestly talking about the end. He has been staring at the rankings in the group. One person went to the premise and turned back to tell Zhang Ying: "Get one more!"

In the Spring Festival of 2017, his tonsils were inflamed, and the live broadcast stopped for one month. Colleagues advised him to try again for three days, and did not pick up and gave up.

That night, Li Jiaqi couldn’t stand up in weakness, sitting in the chair and turning on the camera. "And then, wow, a lot of people come to see!" Now think that he should happen to be put on the recommendation place that night, thousands of new audiences poured into the live room, Li Jiaqi feared, while playing live, while quietly giving the company outside the camera WeChat: There are so many people, I am so nervous, what should I do?

"Hahahahahaha", every time he speaks a paragraph, the audience immediately responds intensively. The comments can finally speed up the scrolling, the links are on the shelves, and the number of inventory can be seen to decrease rapidly. This feeling of screaming makes his adrenaline soar.

A small manual recommendation in the background, so that his fate suddenly reversed within a few days. In the words of the live broadcast industry, Li Jiaqi "catch the flow of the platform", casually point in to see the passers-by, a lot of attention, this data will let Taobao continue to give him more exposure.

Li Jiaqi realized an unprecedented sense of satisfaction. He worried that he would be beaten back to the original shape the next day. He couldn’t sleep after the broadcast. He thinks the only thing that can be done is to broadcast as much as possible.

He developed a "6-hour marathon" for himself Plan to broadcast for 6 hours a day for at least 30 days, so that you can accumulate a steady amount of data to get the next wave of traffic. When it was broadcast for more than ten days, patiently reached the limit. At 11:30 in the evening, four or five friends gathered at home, urging him to go to eat late at night, keep saying, forget it.

In the last 20 minutes, Li Jiaqi couldn't help but got up and stopped the live broadcast.

When he went downstairs, he began to regret it. The live broadcast also called him: You are so disappointed. The next day, Li Jiaqi received the request, the count was cleared, and re-broadcast for 30 days. "I never dared to broadcast it again."

The owner of the US ONE quickly found him, and he met in Shanghai: there was already a live broadcast of Taobao anchor for one year, and a good car was changed. Room, I also bought a new house for my parents, maybe you can.

"I really thought for a long time." In the evening, I sat in the live room, and tens of thousands of fans were waiting for him. The new round of the rise began again. One night, he earned more than 1,700 yuan. "My mother!" He calculated his monthly income, which was more than 50,000, and he was excited.

Li Jiaqi was moved. He thought that he would never go to the first-tier cities to live a life of death. This time, he decided to go to Shanghai.

The Dragon Boat Festival in 2017, the night before leaving Nanchang, Li Jiaqi also opened a wine bureau, more than 20 people sat on two tables, and everyone went to the bar to drink. Zhang Ying was sitting in the deck and had a good time, but found that the people around him disappeared one by one. She went out to find and saw Li Jiaqi being surrounded by a few friends, sitting on the stool at the bar door and wiping tears.

"I am going to Shanghai, I must develop …… you can rest assured that I will make a lot of money, I raise you … …" Li Jiaqi bowed his head.

"If you don't mix it, come back, anyway, you are worse, don't you look like this now?" Zhang Ying is still ridiculous, but I know clearly that this boy is going to smash the world, those who are haha The days have come to an end.

Absolutely not broadcast in 5 days

Even at 3 or 4 in the morning, open the Taobao live page, you are constantly on the energy source. Brush out the online anchor. The girl turned left and turned right at the camera, and introduced the sample with the already hoarse voice; the thumb slipped, the next one, the Inner Mongolian guy called the beef jerky at the camera, and cut the meat into beef strips; Next, a fat woman with a lid that is convenient for hot and sour powder, introduces her 56th item of the day: "My family is eating this, really delicious!" ……

< p> Under the incandescent light, these live broadcasts do not see day or night, the anchors seem to never tire, many people have lived for more than six or seven hours, meaning that they are facing most of the time every day. The lens, even the takeaway, is eaten while watching. The story circulating in the industry is that many newcomers can broadcast for 16 hours a day in order to reveal more; there are husband and wife accounts, live broadcast 24 hours a day, one sleeps, and the other broadcasts.

When Li Jiaqi moved to Shanghai in 2017, Taobao Live was just getting started. The MCN companies where the anchors are all are studying the embarrassment recommended by Taobao. In the face of an Internet giant, everyone is trying to attribute everything to "algorithms" - why do you broadcast more than 4 hours a day? Because of the "algorithm"; why do you have to broadcast at least 5 days a week? Because the word "algorithm" …… is like a black box, the official never gave any response, but directed the anchors to work according to a convention called the industry standard. One of the basic consensus is: the longer the live broadcast time The better.

Hangzhou Jiubao, at 2 o'clock in the middle of the night, I saw a female anchor who had just broadcasted. On the same day, she broadcasted for 6 hours, and the voice was hoarse. In the first half of the night, there were more than 500 coats sold well, and dozens of pieces were quickly sold out. However, the next coat was similar, and the female anchor’s face changed a bit. She found that the backstage began a large number of returns – the fan budget. Limited, it is better to break the contract to buy this new one - her previous work has hardly created any production value.

The live broadcast is mostly impulsive consumption, especially for women, most of them are unconditionally returned in 7 days. A female anchor will sell at least 50% of the clothes that are sold out in the evening, and will be returned as they are. Watching live broadcasts, placing orders, fingerprint verification seconds, and cheap logistics to transport, shopping has become a simple entertainment.

This female anchor is already a leader in the industry. Just two years ago, her Guangdong live broadcast company also had a large number of head anchors. The girls started working 15 hours a day, one blink of an eye. I have to face the lens. There have been people withdrawing from the middle, and one of them has a monthly income of 30,000 to 50,000 and 200,000. One day she went to massage cupping, and the cupping master said: How is the center a little black blood, how long do you work in a day? The girl said that 12 hours a day, did not stop. The master said that if you continue this way, you may have life threatening.

The girl resigned when she went back: I don't want money, I am going to die. The company asked her to try again. The girl bid farewell to the fans directly to the camera: I am still young, I will not do it.

Their bosses learned the lesson and recruited a lot of beautiful girls with low incomes and rural origins. "Now our company is doing a good job of building a house for the family, raising a family, really More powerful. "The anchors are like a mechanical part that can be replaced at any time. Once something goes wrong, you can immediately transfer resources to other anchors.

Li Jiaqi is an absolute star in the industry due to him The lead is too great. The Taobao live broadcaster's qualifying session was renamed the "King Challenge", and he and another anchor, Via, directly reached the throne of the king, not counting the qualifying list. I was in the anchor training class in Hangzhou, and I heard that the accented speaker encouraged the full house girl: I wish you all a million years! This line of pay has a reward, "Like Li Jiaqi said, not going out for two months, no friends, only the staff around him … … do not be tired of the live broadcast, day and night to contribute to the live broadcast."

"The company never tells the story of failure." Two days later, a girl who had left the job complained that her company would sign a large number of new anchors. The contract does not include five insurances and one gold. There is no guaranteed salary. It can be calculated for more than 50 hours, and it is settled according to working hours. Everyone has to wait for time, waiting for strange fans to come in curious places, at least for three months, and then wait for the "algorithm" to suddenly fall.

Add new fans, online watch time, purchase ratio …… various data to closely assess each live room, the algorithm determines who can be pushed to the home page. The live broadcast room has recently been popularly "like to XX million draws". To reach that number, fans should at least poke for more than 10 minutes, which will lengthen the "fan stay time". Some people sing in the live room, talk about the history of entrepreneurship, or call the merchants to bargain, and talk about it for five or six minutes. This is all for "fans staying for a long time."

The girl who left the company is always unable to fully invest in all the goods, encountering ugly clothes, "Operation can see that I am not very emotional." When a live broadcast, there is black powder ridiculing her The clothes were expensive and ugly, and the girl’s accumulated emotions suddenly collapsed. She sat in front of the camera and cried that she would get up at 5 o'clock every day, no matter how much she had to fight, and she had to deal with various after-sales. The comments began to be full of sympathy, and people finally realized that the girl was facing a lot of pressure on the camera for a long time.

After the broadcast, I watched it. The ten minutes of crying was the highest peak of her traffic.

Can you start a live chat? "No." The girl said that the chat would delay the sale of goods, the data purchased was poor, and the traffic was still not up.

"I feel that all fates are in my own hands." When I mentioned the metaphysics of the algorithm, Li Jiaqi showed great resistance. He thought that many people did not do well, and then gave responsibility to them. Algorithm, "There are background monitoring data now, you can let fans stay in the live room for an hour, I don't believe you have no traffic."

He guessed that after 300,000 fans, he has already entered the white The list, don't worry about the sudden drop in traffic. However, to maintain this data, Li Jiaqi has been paying a huge amount of labor. He broadcasts live for 6 days a week, allowing fans to develop stable viewing habits.

The holidays are to be broadcast, and the New Year is also to be broadcast. Last year, I returned to my hometown Yueyang in the Spring Festival. Li Jiaqi went to play mahjong and sing KTV. Suddenly I felt so boring and empty. When he was eating dinner at night, he turned on the camera and took the initiative to chat with the fans for an hour. In the end, he played 4 games in the 7-day holiday. Xiao Peng, a small assistant, was similar to him. On a Friday break, he went shopping with old friends in Nanchang, bought a few clothes, and watched the "White Snake Origin", which was being shown, but he was not stunned. The friend asked him what happened, Fu Peng said, I feel that this day has no meaning at all. "It is still live when it is live."

Last year, Zhang Ying came to Shanghai for a business trip and lived in Li Jiaqi's home. After she changed career, she was working at 996 every day. I thought that Li Jiaqi became famous, and I may have been detached from the troubles of the past.

Under 12 o'clock, turn off the camera, Zhang Ying thought that she would go out to eat supper immediately. I didn't expect the team to gather together and started a resumption meeting. I discussed how much traffic today is going up. How much, how many people are lost, which products are not selling well, what is the reason; the same product, how is the other anchor with similar cafés, how high their previous data is ……

Zhang Ying realized for the first time that even if he became a well-known anchor, Li Jiaqi was still anxious about traffic. There is a joke in the live broadcast industry: "The most terrible day for operations is the day when your data is not good. The second horrible thing is that your data is good but you don't know why." A resumption will cost For an hour or two, Li Jiaqi did not dare to open, fans increased tens of thousands of tens of thousands, he is also worried, "I am afraid that after this live broadcast, traffic may be gone tomorrow, not so good."

< p> In early September of this year, Li Jiaqi and the team spent five days to participate in a brand event in the rain forest of Xishuangbanna. Down the mountain, the team stayed in the top five-star hotel in the local area. The star Yang Yang was also in the evening. The two had previously cooperated with each other in Shanghai, and they also shot the vibrato. The two young people talked and laughed in the video.

The dinner was a long dining table. Yang Yang sat diagonally opposite Li Jiaqi. They arranged a Western-style plate in the middle of them. The two people politely greeted each other through a high and low crystal cup. This is the first time Li Jiaqi has eaten with the stars at the same table. Yang Yang looks more handsome than the screen, and it is just like the screen. It doesn't talk too much and maintains a star style.

"Actually, I don't really know what Yang Yang is like. He doesn't know what I am like," Li Jiaqi said. Holding a champagne glass to each other, the short-term exchange, he felt that he was performing a "Li Jiaqi".

After the dinner, the team immediately returned to the room and pulled the curtains. Li Jiaqi lived for another 2 hours and 30 minutes. The mountain has been interrupted for three days. Now it can be time-shrinked, but it must not be 5 days. Nothing is broadcast.

New rules for traffic business

On the first day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Nanqian Maybelline trainer Guo Qian has been very busy.当天美宝莲上新一款气垫粉底,李佳琦9月6日在抖音推荐之后,每天柜台都有来问,但是线下迟迟没有货可以铺,这一天终于到货了。

很多顾客来天虹商场问新品时,并不知道眼前的柜台是李佳琦工作过的地方。郭倩曾经想过在柜台前放一个李佳琦的人形立牌,提高销量,但愿望没能实现。 "佳琦很为难,肖像权属于公司,不属于他个人。牌子如果被粉丝拍了发到网上,公司发现了会很难办。"









否决的理由各不相同:一个泰国唇膏的条形码是69开头,说明这明明是国产代工产品;一个精华液从包装到效果,都与一款大牌雷同,付鹏比了下价格:"加点钱可以买大牌了,定位尴尬,不行。"某个腮红出了纪念款,上面有个浮雕小桃心。 "毫无特色啊,很脏。"付鹏拿着腮红刷,转过去开始飞快地刷,粉末飞起来,十几秒后,那个浮雕小桃心已经被刷光了:"就是表面一层,没了。"腮红被拒了。


今年,李佳琦当着自己团队的面,和妈妈大吵了一架。老家一个发小想让李佳琦直播自己的一款零食,产品没通过公司的选品会,发小找到李妈妈, 想走个后门。








李妈妈是湖南岳阳一所小学的数学老师,年轻时离异,一个人把儿子带大。李妈妈漂亮,活泼,性子也很烈,李佳琦记得一次,母子俩上街买西瓜,跟瓜贩起了矛盾,李佳琦往后缩:妈妈,算了, 我们回家吧。没想到他妈妈更生气了:你为什么不争?为什么这么懦弱?



他聊起今年与明星的合作,说自己最想见的是孙燕姿。 10岁时,他买了一张孙燕姿北京演唱会的VCD,反复看过至少20遍。他心想,我也可以成为明星。







李佳琦说,他被深深地触动了。 "这句话真的太好了。我也应该要收放自如一点点,要慢一点点。"



李佳琦当天不在,公司老板和公关总监听完这些构想后,沉默了很久。出了门,在回程的车上,大家很久都没有说话。临近傍晚,马上又要到李佳琦直播的时间。 "这个展览,怎么说呢……"有人提了个话头:"我看不见李佳琦在哪里。"








"我想要以后去所有的商场,也会看到李佳琦的品牌,跟雅诗兰黛在一起,跟香奈儿在一起。" 李佳琦觉得对方在帮自己找方向,他体会到一种真正的尊重,回来后他反复跟团队提起那几场对谈: "我想成为他这样的人。"





一个又要创造上千万流水的直播即将开始了,李佳琦是房间里唯一停滞的人,人们不再主动跟他说话,他一言不发,贴在椅背上,就那么坐了10分钟。 █



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