Picking up drugs, taking a break, losing the Chinese market... Is the NBA going to die?

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wangyitiyu· 2019-11-07 11:45:46

June 14, 2019, the sixth game of the finals. The Warriors lost 110-114 to the Raptors and three consecutive dreams.

A few days ago they experienced a torn injury from Durant's Achilles tendon; on this day, Clay Thompson failed to complete the game and was kicked out in the third quarter with a left knee injury. It was eventually diagnosed as a cruciate ligament tear.

The more powerful team also has a day to end the rule, But no one thought that the Warriors would be in such a painful way.

After the dust settled, President Adam-Xiao Hua visited the Warriors locker room. Steve Cole asked him a question: Mr. President, can we let us take a vacation next year?

" I want to go to Italy to live, ride a bicycle every day, drink a little wine, and have a full year off," he said.

Cole did not lose his fighting spirit. But at this moment, he knows better than anyone else. This team, these players, is really at the limit.

" Our people played too many games. I don't know if this is the cause of the injury in the playoffs, but really, it's crazy to see it happen."

The Warriors lost Cousins, Curry, Iguodala, Durant, Thompson and Wayne Rooney in the playoffs. Some people can't continue, some people still insist that some people forcibly return to get the worst results, and ultimately they are exhausted.

Xiaohua certainly won't agree to leave the Warriors from the NBA Delisting for one year. Durant left, Thompson recuperated, they must also join the fierce competition in the West, there are so many opponents who want to revenge, the completed Chase Center is waiting for them to sell tickets.

Cool’s six months ago’s worries finally turned into reality in the 2019-20 season: after only four games, Curry’s left hand fracture was fractured, and at least three months after the rest, the Warriors returned. Before the liberation, completely fell out of the playoffs.

to some extent, what Cole wants" The holiday is realized. The four giants of the Warriors, once invincible, can really rest for a year.

The whole league has not experienced the wonderful ideas of screaming and smashing in the new season after experiencing an unusually busy offseason. Instead, it has come up with an ass to the back of the sand. Street, caught in a trough that may have never been seen in the NBA since the Showtime era.

* * * *

On November 7, 2019, the Warriors played against the famous Red Team on the road. It stands to reason that this is the most popular enemy battle in the NBA, but the main storyline we want to see is a blank. Moreover, the famous red team game has long ceased to exist in China.

This is the first major episode of ESPN's "Double-Header" on Thursday. The second game was followed by Los Angeles, where the Clippers played against the first Bucks in the Eastern Conference last season. Similarly, the protagonist exited early – George did not return, and Leonard announced load management the day before.

ESPN Two consecutive broadcasts have always been a festival for NBA fans. Carefully selected star showdowns, vengeance, behind the sky is the NBA's sky-high broadcast fee and ticket revenue.

However, today, the famous people, the staff and journalists who have set up countless seats, and the fans who booked tickets in advance are all boring, just like buying the zero point gold of "Reunification 4". In the end, I found that the Iron Man team was just a guest inside the egg.

This is just a day of disappointment. Those who bought the Datong Center and the Barclays Center's high-priced season ticket, could not afford to sell, and could only endure the team's struggle on the edge of the playoffs.

Williamson, who had just been selected as the champion for a month to sign a high-priced sponsorship contract with the Jordan brand, had not played yet, just because the knee surgery was a six- to eight-week truce, and the pigeons had been waiting for a long time. New Orleans fans (also directly let the Alliance carefully arranged the opener to beat the Raptors cool).

John-Wolf's four-year, $170 million contract At the beginning of the implementation, it was confirmed that the season reimbursement, Adidas suffered heavy losses, but no choice to start negotiations with him on the buyout contract. Of course, they are terrible, and Wall has a salary of 37.8 million a year. The salary will be more than 84 million in the next two years. Don’t think about buying it.

Including Wall, we played less than 10 games in the opening season, and we saw a lot of unscrupulous injuries. On October 30th and 31st, Trey Young and Myers Turner sprained their ankles almost in the same position. On November 5th, it was the turn of the ball--he was even more speechless. The dribble was half-courted with leg cramps without warning. When he didn't realize it, the running movement was distorted and he stumbled himself twice. The ankle is bent.

How good is the Lakers in the West? Rondo didn't return from injury, Kuzma took a few trips and returned to sleep from time to time. Davis was injured in the shoulder and cut 40+20&hellip in three quarters; …

So you can't blame the small card season As far as load management is concerned, there are too many previous cars.

Kobe, the incomparable Kobe, was stunned by the players who love load management today. There is no choice for small cards.

The Clippers opened the Bucks and opened the back to back. They touched the Bucks twice in a season and touched the Blazers three times. In the West, they clearly won the Blazers more than the Bucks. Moreover, the small card does not want to be the next Durant, the Clippers never want to be the next Spurs.

As for the TV station and the fans - this is like the real estate speculation. It has gone up to stealing music. If you fall, you will not be able to beat the management of the office.

* * * *

After exiting or playing, many people are forced to make choices. However, many people who have taken the initiative to choose have also played a bad show.

The first season of the season, Harden and Weiss had a quarrel on the sidelines. Just like the farce room in the locker room that the famous red team played almost every year, the quarrel has been turned into a trivial matter.

The number does not lie, the 3 wins and 3 losses start It was better than last year, but there was still a rumor of Capella's trade (no Gordon was only one year old because of his salary increase); and Dan Shuai’s rumors.

Hardden is still the scoring champion, but 38.1% of his field goal percentage, 25.3% of his three-point percentage, and 5.7 turnovers per game, he has to question his offseason. What?

The Heat, their first quarter 14-46 behind, is creative. This is by no means the face of a normal strong team.

There are kings. No one expects them to play the championship level. They can lose a total of 87 points in a five-game losing streak. Why do you want to leave a hole in the Saskatchewan fans?

But you can't blame the players for firewood.

The red team pre-season tossed to Japan; the king was sent to India. For the company's global market, the employees took the same ten-hour flight, adapted to the jet lag, sold their labor, returned from the game, and experienced a short-to-no-training camp adjustment period, which was pulled out to pick up the passengers.

So ESPN experts also started to discuss whether the Asian game is true Will it affect the status of the team?

A lot of people directly suggested canceling the Asian competition - yes, just after the NBA was bombed by the domestic public opinion that "it should completely abandon the Chinese market", the abandonment of the Asian market was also put on the agenda. However, before there is a clear impact on the outcome of the game (the current sample analysis results, it is not obvious that the impact of the Asian Games on the book record is not obvious), the NBA is bound to change direction.

Maybe, David Stern definitely can’t think of the league’s reversing today.

Someone is stupid to die in disregard of business rules, but so many crises seem to be just as good as the ones that broke out during this time period. The hidden dangers have been buried for several years.

Before the start of the season, ESPN launched a survey report with the theme "The biggest killer of NBA stars hidden in the dark."

It’s quite horrifying, but the things that are said are very simple. More and more ordinary people are being bothered by it, that is, “sleep deprivation”. It is not insomnia, but because of the 24-hour non-stop social network, the ubiquitous electronic screen, the increasing pressure of work and life, people are forcibly deprived of sleep time.

82 regular season games a season, with an average of 2.07 days Playing a game, a team can fly up to 50,000 miles. In order to seize the prime time ratings, the game is always in the evening.

Sports science tells us that after the player finishes the game, the body releases cortisol, which inhibits the secretion of melatonin, making the body excited and difficult to fall asleep (the Blu-ray screen also suppresses the fade) Melanin secretion). Lack of sleep affects the recovery rate of the human body, which affects the competitive state, cognitive function and mental stability.

They travel across multiple time zones and often stay up all night. These rhythm disorders are also one of the human carcinogens, which not only increases the risk of injury to players, but even reduces their life expectancy.

Many teams have long monitored the player's biometric data and accumulated analytical samples. The neurologist was surprised to find that when the season was three months, the testosterone level of a player directly became 50 years old; some players hit the brain in April, and the brain cognitive ability directly fell to the level of sixty or seventy years old.

Every player who can stay in this league Have amazing talent. The talent is thicker and can't afford such loss.

Someone is physically paralyzed, while others are spiritual.

* * * *

Durant has already made himself a stalk because he loves to spray on the Internet.

It’s younger and more like Enbid and Downs, not only on the Internet, but also dare to sneak on the court, and all these tricks are used in the blink of an eye, so Barkley laughs. No. After he was not ashamed, he continued to spray on the Internet. The other players who spouted were both upset and told them to save time and have a skill to wear a box.

Many people have realized that their mental state is wrong, such as Kevin Love, who admits to suffering from depression, puts everything down during the offseason. He travels around the United States with his girlfriend and looks at the beautiful scenery. He says, "I am experiencing the best life"; Durant, at least, can be aware of what he is doing and choose to stick to it.

can't stand the social network big dye tank, just like Delete all software applications as well. But the most feared is that the players are not aware of it and deliberately evade.

From the end of August, Wilson-Chandler was banned for 25 games due to violations of the ban on drugs. Up to now, there have been three recruits, and DeAndre-Ayton and John Collins have great prospects. Young people also took drugs.

What made them use enhanced performance now? Hormone drugs?

They were cheated by people around them to eat? Or is the body spirit hollowed out and must be eaten? No one knows the truth for the time being.

The alliance has undoubtedly strengthened the drug testing efforts. Perhaps the biomonitoring data of the past few years has made them aware of the crisis facing the players. In order to ensure fiscal revenue, the strength of the schedule can not be changed temporarily, and medicine can only make the existing vicious circle worse.

The star's body and talent are the foundation of this alliance. Depression, anxiety, and lack of concentration have become epidemics, but even if the fans can't see it, the league can never allow players to ruin their bodies.

The news that Collins was banned came out, and the Twitter commentary area was all about the alliance to test LeBron.

Yes, this 35-year-old man is really perverted like a drug this season. Three consecutive visitors have three consecutive triple-doubles, averaging 26.1 points, 8.3 rebounds and 11.1 assists. question.

While Lebron usually pays for the maintenance of the body. Everyone has a lot of money. The professional expenses of various equipment technology are millions of dollars. They also invest in nutrition and health products with Schwarzenegger. The training is almost never-ending, and he always tries to ensure that he can get a high-quality sleeping environment.

Furthermore, his psychological endurance is indeed different from ordinary people. Durant said that the media environment around him is poisonous, and many people are therefore reluctant to be teammates with him. However, he has long been accustomed to it and has a good grasp.

So far, the Lakers have ranked first in the Western Conference and are the team with the most points.

This is not necessarily a good thing.

Now, we are really afraid that LeBron will suffer a major injury from Kobe when he was 35, and he will suddenly end his peak.

When Kobe was injured, there was already a hot newcomer on the most dazzling stage, but now LeBron is still a pillar. Younger than him, he is either injured or under load management, talent is invincible or low-key is not like a star, or a mess can not find a breakthrough.

No matter whether you admit it or not, the fact is that LeBron has become the first person in the uncontroversial alliance when Kobe Bryant is at the peak, but after so many years, the NBA has not yet been able to pick up another class. people.

He brushed the label "Old King" on Twitter and satirized the experts who predicted his decline. But everyone knows that he will always be old. We don't know when it will come, but what is certain is that many people are not prepared for it.

The 25-year-old king sang a one-man show, and we will say that it is heroism. If the 35-year-old king is still singing this, it is a tragedy for the NBA.

There have been many people who have been labeled "Mamba DNA" by Kobe in these years, and many people have been called "Young Prince" by LeBron. But we are still missing Kobe, and we are already missing Zhan Huang.

This is the best era and the worst. The player's destiny is self-defeating, taking power from the boss and realizing his own ideals in the business community and even the political world.

On the other hand, Zuckerberg suffered the biggest business ethics crisis on Capitol Hill. "Social Network" gold screenwriter Aron-Sokin personally criticized him for allowing politicians to place false information on their platforms. Political advertising, "American democracy may be destroyed by social networks."

NBA may be the most powerful way to run social networks around the world. Sports leagues, so they have also suffered the most serious counter-attacks - the Chinese market is almost destroyed, and the mental state of their players, the rules of the entire free market are subverted by the 24-hour uninterrupted news cycle of social media.

When LeBron was forced to take a position on the US media, the former President Barack Obama suddenly criticized the cannibalistic characteristics of social networks.

It’s too harmful to act as a politically correct "woke culture" for keyboard man and a "cancel" wave of politically correct one-size-fits-all. Obama said so. But he seems to have forgotten that just three years ago, his wife was impassioned to speak for the Hillary election: "When they are morally corrupt, we have to stand on the high ground."

The times are chaotic The future is lost. Perhaps all the knowledge about basketball that Magic and Jordan bring to us will cease to exist. At least for now, we can be sure that the NBA is unrecognizable.

" Wild people meet and sing over the sun, blind eyes can shine like a meteor. Angry, angering the light, do not gently enter the good night*."

(* Note: poetry excerpts.)

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