Ren Wang 2 镰鼬 play sharing

RenWang playing

52PKyouxiwang· 2019-11-07 12:30:08

This article brings you Ren Wang 2 to share the game, in the demo version will encounter a variety of parts of the boss, then how to fight it? Let's take a look.

Try the gameplay skills

Speaking of this cockroach, other tricks are good to say, the green whirlwind charge that comes from a stroke is not easy to handle, the release frequency is high, the move is fast, the tracking is strong, and the scope is wide. The success rate of no rollback is below 20%. It is a trick, so if you can handle this trick, the boss will be halfway through.

Before I know the main methods are:

1. Block. However, a tube of energy trough directly bottomed out, easy to eat even strokes;

2. Double-knife eyes dodge.

The key points:

The default follower was changed from "Jing" to "Xun", and the two directly passed.

The root cause is that the "Xun" R2+ square demon anti-technique is a direct blinking, so that the Cyclone charge of Xunlong hits the afterimage with a wave of damage, and more importantly, it can be almost lossless. The handling of this trick, it is simply not to recruit, do not look at the cutting edge of the 斩 ( (three Princes you learned? Ice original next patch to arrange quickly).

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Ren Wang 2 镰鼬 play sharing

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