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Today, the "Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition" officially launched a new official ranking "Tai Shou"! The new officer and the military will be added, and the good will be formed to form a legion, and the million men will fight to kill the enemy. In the past, the problem of insufficient team strength due to the absence of the league members on the line has also been solved. Not only that, but "Tai Shou" will also use the intensive management of the Legion to improve the response speed of the war situation and lead the Alliance into a new era of efficient team battles!

"Tai Shou" Playplay on-line efficient team battle era open < /p>

"Tai Shou" Legion's vertical and horizontal battlefield

[The squadron of the squadron of the squadron]

After the new official ranks, the lord, the deputy lord and the commander can appoint "Tai Shou" in the county. Players who become "premature" have the right to hold heavy men, but at the same time they must shoulder the mission of the entire legion. From organizing management to leading the war, every step must be toward defeating the enemy.

When the Legion is formed, "Tai Shou" should, like the human resources consultants, first understand the details of the members, and then comprehensively consider the forces, arms, speed and other factors of each unit, and rationally allocate personnel. At the moment of the war, "Tai Shou" needs to quickly formulate an operational plan, adjust the order of the troops according to the enemy's situation, and thus launch a multi-dimensional battle with the enemy. Different from the previous point-to-point scheduling, the "Tai Shou" legion can efficiently mobilize a large number of troops, respond to changes in the battlefield in time, and also allow the tactics to exert greater power.

"Tai Shou" assembling millions of men, forming an elite army

[Three Forces Legion Team Collaboration]

With the emergence of the Taishou, people with lofty ideals have more opportunities to command operations. They have been promoted to "Tai Shou", they can not only integrate the resources of the alliance, unite the ally, but also serve as the head of the corps to point out the mountains and rivers. Other members can borrow the troops from the "Tai Shou" command. Even if there is something in the body, they can do their best under the trust of "Tai Shou" and not miss a major battle.

After the "contracting alliance resources, compiling the corps


For the entire league, the "Tai Shou" with the right to mobilize troops can effectively guarantee the fighting power of the team, and can quickly respond to the battle situation in the name of the regiment. Take the lead in the battlefield of "Bing Youshen" Great advantage.

All the wisdom and bravery of the world, commanding the division of the division of the million soldiers. "Tai Shou" will rely on personal ignorance and superior commanding ability, promote the efficient cooperation of the alliance, better promote the alliance The world's domineering!

About the "Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition":

Thirty-four years of the Three Kingdoms Genuine Passage, defining the new standard of the Legion Strategy

< p> "Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition" authorized by Glory Tekumo, presenting the real ancient Three Kingdoms War. You will be in this ancient battlefield, the three kingdoms of the three kingdoms, with five arms to win less. In a million grid of real sand table It The plan of the 10,000-military group is to fight. The flexible marching is free to turn to the interception, and it is necessary to deploy the arrow tower to refuse the horse according to local conditions, and to use the strategy of fighting against the west to fight for help. Don't sell VIPs, don't sell resources, strategy is fair and fair, and strategy is used to determine the trend of the world.

This is the real battlefield of thousands of strategists, and welcomes my master to burn the world's Kyushu!

[Source: Sanguozhi·Strategic Edition]

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