Entertainment Meide Open G-STAR booth renderings Highlights new works such as "Legend 4"


17173youxi· 2019-11-07 12:30:15

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Korean entertainment company will participate in Korea held in Busan BEXCO from November 14th to 17th. Game show "G-STAR 2019".

The entertainment and beauty booth at the B2B pavilion will be centered on the "Mira TRILOGY", the integrated brand of "Legend 4", "Legend M" and "Legend W".

Among them, the booth uses the main color black to create a mysterious atmosphere, and you can also see the game characters of "Legend 4" and "Legend M". At the same time, the front and back of the booth will be printed with the traditional "Dragon" representing "Legend", showing the feeling of transcendence and the beauty of the blank.

During the game show, Entertainment Meide also interacted with Waveon Coffee, a coffee brand in Busan, to provide visitors with three special coffees featuring the taste and fragrance of coffee.

In addition, Entertainment Meide also plans to conduct investment negotiations on the "Legend 2" IP business with the partner company in the game show booth, and explain the development status of the novice tour.

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