"Lost Ark" New Professional Paladin Open Appointment December 4th Update

Knight occupation

shouyouwang· 2019-11-07 12:30:19

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Recently, the hanbok "Lost Ark" started the appointment of the new professional "Holy Knight" .

"The Paladin" is the 16th occupation of "The Lost Ark" and belongs to the Warrior Professional Group. "The Paladin" takes "one-handed sword" as the main weapon, and can provide various effects to the players with the help of faith. It is an auxiliary class occupation. The main feature of the Paladin is that you can use the "Faith" to strengthen your teammates' ability or strengthen your combat power to fight.

The new professional "Galaxy" will be updated to Hanbok on December 4th, and players who participate in the appointment can get a limited edition of the weapon skin and special title.

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