Introduction to the evolution method of Bao Ke Meng Jian Shield

BaoKemeng method

52PKyouxiwang· 2019-11-07 12:30:21

This article introduces you to the evolutionary method of the treasure sword, the shield, and the demon. The trick is a evil attribute of the Galer area and a fairy attribute. How do you evolve? Let’s take a look. .

Tricky demon evolution method

A few levels of evolution of the devil's demon

The devil's demon has evolved into a second stage.

The devil's level 42 evolution Three paragraphs

What are the characteristics of the quail egg demon

Characteristics: the heart of mischief

characteristic effects

in the battle

< p>Priority +1 when using change moves, including Z moves for change moves.

The change moves affected by this feature are not valid for the opponent's evil attributes.

The moves that affect the opponent’s opponent’s Pokémon’s actions, such as the moves that affect the weather, the moves that affect the weather, and the trick space, do not directly affect the Pokémon on the field, even if the opponent’s dream is The evil attribute can also function normally.

If the use of the move itself has a priority of 0, after the addition of the mischievous heart, the priority is positive, which can be resisted by fast defense, spiritual venue, and the majesty of the queen.

The evil character's Pokémon is subject to change moves that target itself. It can still use magical reflections or use magic mirrors to invalidate the change of priority caused by the prank heart, and bounce back to the move. Users, unless the other party is a bad attribute.

Eggs and monsters racial value


Material attack 110

Material defense 70

Special attack 95< /p>

Special Defense 85

Speed ​​60

Race and 505, positive and negative should have a 10~15 error, which is a prank of low-speed double-knife Assaulter, as long as the skill pool is richer (giving the wildfire to one) is a very promising elf.


Mastering the new goblin physical moves, lowering the opponent's special attack

75 Power +100%debuff, not bad

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