What is the sacredness of Nojima who wrote a novel for "Death Stranded"?

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dianwanbashi· 2019-11-07 12:31:16

The small island studio recently announced that it will be launched by Nojima. The novel "Death Stranded" is divided into two volumes, published by Xinchao.

The novel has now opened an appointment on Nichia. The roll-up price is 693 yen (about 45 yuan) and the next volume is 737 yen (about 48 yuan), which will be released on November 28, 2019.

Where is this wild island one sacred? In Nichia, click on his name to find out that in addition to "Death Stranded", this person also wrote "Metal Gear" series novels during 2014-2015, when the publishing house was the Kadokawa Bookstore.

It seems that this person and Kojima Studio are long-term The relationship of cooperation, because the name Nojima Hitori in Japanese is similar to Kojima Hideo, and for some time people even suspect that the pen name belongs to Kojima himself.

Until an interview with Famitong in 2015, I finally got everything out of the water: It turned out that Nojima is the pseudonym of Yano Kenji. Yano Kenji worked at the Kadokawa Bookstore and published a one-page book on the in-depth analysis of the "Metal Gear" series.

In addition to this, Yano Kenji also participated in The planning and editing of the MGS game novels written by Ito, Hiroshi Minami, and others, and many times participated in the "Kojima Station" online talk show of Korme, and co-interpreted the connotation of the series with Hideo Kojima.

The fans of the island may have the name Yayo Kenji No stranger, because he has always been a shadow of the island, often in public, social media sharing movie experience.

When Yosuke Hideo opened the "Hideo Tube" channel on YouTube in 2016, he also invited Yano Kenji to be the first guest of the first episode. The two sides talked about their top ten film sharing in 2015.

In July 2016, Kojima Studio officially announced on social media that Yano Kenji joined the studio and was responsible for advocacy and community communication.

and "Death Stranded" novel version, it should be Yano Kenji joined the work of Kojima Studio, but I don’t know if this novel will be introduced after the domestic publishing house.

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