Foreign media: "Watching Pioneer 2" and 4 new heroes have not been announced

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17173youxi· 2019-11-07 12:31:21

According to foreign media reports, in addition to the new heroes Sojourn and Echo shown in Blizzard Carnival 2019, Blizzard will also develop four new heroes for Watchman 2.

Before Watching Pioneer Director Jeff Kaplan and its Team members have confirmed that the "multiple" new heroes, including Sojourn, will be featured in the Blizzcon Carnival 2019 with Watchman 2.

After visiting Blizzard in October 2019, Andrew Reiner, executive editor of the foreign media Game Informer, announced that he had seen four unpublished characters in Watchman 2.

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Who are the four unpublished heroes?

Andrew Reiner said that during Blizzard’s visit, Jeff Kaplan quickly showed him the new content of Watching Pioneer 2 through PPT.

In a flash of PPT, Andrew Reiner I saw 4 strange characters. These characters are not concept maps or new heroes shown in Blizzard Carnival 2019.

Andrew Reiner wrote in the Game Informer report, "What I know so far, three of these new heroes are female characters, but this is just a guess, because these new heroes wear some clothes." It's hard to judge gender."

In addition, Andrew Reiner also noticed the equipment in the hands of the new hero. These details allow us to speculate on the positioning of the new hero.

Andrew Reiner wrote in the report: "The male character with a curved cane looks a bit like a wizard, a wizard or a voodoo priest. He is the most prominent among the four heroes. There is also a short-haired female character who is also very prominent."

He explained: "This short-haired female character seems to use a huge quadrilateral weapon, like a melee hero. But considering "watching Pioneer 2 is a science fiction game, and I don't rule out the possibility that this quadrilateral weapon will be thrown out like an boomerang."

There is also a new hero whose outline looks like an animal. It is not known what role positioning is.

Jeff Kaplan vs. New Hero What is the evaluation?

When Andrew Reiner asked if Jeff Kaplan could provide more detailed information about the upcoming new hero, Jeff Kaplan rejected his request and continued to follow the PPT "Watching Pioneer 2".

Jeff Kaplan mentioned in the Blizzard Carnival 2019 that there was an information disclosure in "Watching Pioneer 2", and then enhanced confidentiality measures to allow the entire team to complete the upcoming new content in a low-key manner.

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