Louis Haunted House 3 double mode game introduction

Louis hauntedhouse

52PKyouxiwang· 2019-11-07 12:31:24

This article brings you Louise Haunted House 3 Double mode game introduction, the double mode is one of the special gameplay of this Louise Haunted House 3, so how to play it? Let's take a look.

Double mode open method

Double mode is one of the most eye-catching features of this add-on. It can be played by two people! The role of the second person is Louis's appearance but it is green, it is a fascination. The two can explore together in a haunted house. Exploring the treasures hidden in the haunted house, and challenging the ultimate ghosts, you can face them together.

The story mode has to go through the process to get the Lukeji, which is not available at the beginning and will be available soon.

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Louis Haunted House 3 double mode game introduction

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