This game occupies half of the Internet cafes. It has been in operation for 18 years, and it is hard to kill countless plagiarists!

Miracle plagiarist

17173youxi· 2019-11-07 12:31:26

Hello everyone, here is the game, I am a little brother.

In the game that entered China in around 2000, except for "The Legend of Blood" and "Miracle MU", the other basics were out of service! As the two most prosperous trees in the history of online games in China, they have so far hanged countless challengers.

In the early days, online games started to fire in Internet cafes, so watching a game is not fire, people who watch Internet cafes will know. Let's just say, The Internet cafes were basically divided into two areas, half of them were legendary, and the other half were playing miracles...

The younger brother also played miracles at the time, for two main reasons, One is that the game was free for two months, can be fair Another point that the screen will be in 2002 will be really beautiful!

The most direct memory of the miracle is brush! In the age of MU, everyone is practicing immortality. The people who play in the Internet cafe are very crazy. Everyone has no need to metabolize. The 24-hour butt doesn't need to move the position, keep brushing...

A few years of crazy play, the younger brother does not know how to describe that Kind of feeling, can only say that there is "poison".

It’s possible to smash the settings of the best equipment and gems, so that people can have the illusion of getting rich in the next moment. It was originally drowsy, and when he heard a "叮" sound, the whole person immediately became as spirited as a chicken blood, and could fight for another day and night! (The younger brother is still a small degree. There is a cow in our school that doesn’t come out for a week...)

In the era of miracles, everyone was very special, probably because the game is less, after playing one seriously, it will put all the concentration, even the blame is especially Work hard.

At that time, people were more than strange. Often a strange person just brushed out, there were several people who lost their skills at the same time, and they didn’t have to drink the slow-moving soup.

Of course, in addition to the drop mechanism attracts people, the game does do a lot, and many gameplay settings are novel!

Just give two examples, just add a point Miracle is the first fire to add online games, thanks to the creativity of the players.

At that time, the players were indiscriminately added, adding intelligence to the warrior, adding agility to the wizard, and under the yin of the wrong, sometimes the tossing out of the serenity is quite easy to use, often there is a big god posted on the Internet. Add a little Raiders.

The developer was inspired, developed the magical double repair profession - "Magic Swordsman", this is the first "double repair" career in the history of online games.

Also, miraculous iconic Wings are also very popular, It’s not too hard to fight, you must carry a pair of wings on the back, at least to suppress opponents in the momentum...

These settings are After a long period of time, I was imitated and copied. After that, I started a game called "Miracle". There are hundreds of games, and the number is scary.

And 18 years have come all the way, The miracle has experienced several changes in operators, and it’s still alive. It’s a long life to countless competitors. What’s even more rare is that the game will come out every year. Some new versions, new content...

Life is really hard!

From personal feelings In other words, although the younger brother has no time to play now, it is still very happy to see the miracle stable launch of new content, in order to know that it is still good.

It feels like a first love. Although it is separated, it is hard to remember. Every time there is news of it, you can't help but pay attention. If you are an old player, see this, the younger brother believes that you will be very curious about what the new miracle will push.

This time the impact is more than ever Fierce! Because miracle has a new career...

The new profession is called "The Rune Master". After reading the introduction, the younger brother remembered the "Magic Swordsman" of the year.

The Rune Mage can use most of the Master's skills, as well as 3 exclusive abilities, which can also be used to assist the attack when casting the main attack skill.

can attack, can also be a professional multiplayer However, I just don’t know if this time I will play like a swordsman, and wait for the big guys to go to the development of the routine.

A new career will naturally have new supporting equipment, to show you a rendering.

The younger brother is more interested in the wings, everyone knows Miracle is the originator of playing wings!

The new profession is not the same as the previous one. It has the privilege of wings. 1st generation and 2nd generation masters, 3rd generation and 4th generation have their own exclusive wings, from the effect Look, the shape is much better than the early ones.

But also, if there is no aesthetic in this point, it is estimated that it will not live now...

Disillusioned Wings (3rd Generation Wings)

This new version also opened a new map called "Kubella" Mine" (pants are pulled?)! From this name, planning is very far-reaching. However, there is a limit to going to Kubeira to "do things". You can go to the 850 level. Now everyone's level is generally high, and the entry threshold is not too high.

Also, the miracle level cap He also broke through , from 1050 to 1100, which saw the younger brother's liver twitching, can not help but think of the experience of brushing gems.

But for players who are still playing in the game, the level of breakthrough makes them more passionate. After years of tempering, their liver hardness can be compared with reinforced concrete. It is.

" Brushing is also addictive And then gradually develop a habit and instinct...

Like that sound, "就会" will remind you of those unforgettable memories!

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