"Monster Hunter World: Ice Age" 11.50 update announced

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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2019-11-07 12:31:28

Capcom announced on the official website tonight the details of the 11.50 update patch for "Monster Hunter World: Ice Age", which will be pushed on November 7th. The update time is 8:00 on the 7th. Don't forget the hunters to update on time. Oh, the space required for the update is about 400 MB. The detailed update is as follows:

Main addition Functional specification change

"Elite of the Elite Helmet" is changed from "2" to "1".

Adjust the order of the decorations according to the skill content, which can be changed by the following facilities: props box > confirmation, sale props > ornament pagination; prop box > wear off ornament > select from equipment / from BOX Select.

When the preset set item is opened, if there is still space in the preset combination, the player's supply will be automatically filled in. (Supplies that exceed the number of vacancies will be discarded)

Some of the monster's "Large Monsters" will give priority to stripping material with high rarity. (The material that can be obtained by stripping and its drop rate remain unchanged)

Problem correction/adjustment of game balance, etc.

Location facility related

Fixed an issue where the environmental information of the lava zone could not be displayed when the global map was opened in the site.

Fixed the issue of "sliding away" in the hot springs in the monthly gathering area.

Improved the problem that the Ai Luo cat in charge of the guidance of the steam authority management office will jump at the wrong time.

Improve the problem that sometimes I can't get into my cabin at the end of the month.

Monster related

Fixed the problem that the injured black wolf bird will not leave a special trace in the gathering place.

Improved that once the questee removes the monster after using the paralysis or fainting, the other hunters will continue to accumulate the riding attack value and open the mission information screen at the moment the monster unlocks. The problem of being unable to move for riding.

Fixed the problem that ice dragons sometimes make mistakes when they use the wall to jump.

Fixed the problem that the ice dragon in the air could not successfully complete the task even if it was hit by the dragon and the gun.

Fix the sight of the ice dragon (swinging head) does not face the player's problem.

Improved the problem of getting and taking away super-light thunder worms from the Thunder Wolf of the Fighting Techniques Conference.

Adjusted the probability of angering tyrannosaurs entering the mission.

Fixed the problem that even if Yan Yanlong used to make hell flares, even in the camp.

Fixed the problem that the Canghuo Dragon would be stuck on the outside of the road in the ancient tree forest area.

Fixed the problem of not being able to damage the steel dragon's head in certain situations.

Player related

Improved that the rifle is not loaded with the gun and the bomb, even if it is rushed to the wall through the "step on the spur" It will change to the problem of "jumping and filling".

Revise the state of wearing a turn-around garment, so that the high-powered character of the axe mode of the shield axe is released, such as turning around the garment before the end of the action, automatically evading and generating an attack action, the weapon display situation It will become an unnatural problem.

Fixed the problem that the flying claw attack does not work properly when moving from the monster riding state to the flying claw climbing state.

After correcting the flying claws, if the player is buried in the ground, the attacking judgment of the flying dragon's organ will disappear.

Adjust the priority order of the flying claws to climb the monsters, making it easier for players to climb to the place where the flying claws hit.

Improve the ice fog attack of the ice dragon, only the line owner can slide, and the guest side can not slide.

Correct the problem of playing the melodies directly in the hunting flute without attacking the sound.

After using the sledgehammer, after flying to the monster with the flying claws, even if there is no operation, it is possible to automatically solve the problem of "projector full-bomb launching".

Fixed the problem of unstable gameplay when using the Super Focus Mirror and Skills "Heart Eye/Ballistic Enhancement".

When the clothing with the decorations is registered as a preset combination, if the clothing is unpacked and the preset combination is overwritten, the information of the decorations remains.

Improved the problem of not including decorations when the clothing is registered as a preset combination, when the preset combination is called and equipped.

Fixed the issue of not proposing related items based on the player's movements during mine mining.

Fixed the problem of not being able to save the location of the whistle of the rescue wolf when opening the preset set item.

Other issues

Fixed the problem that even if you follow the Ailu cat’s weapon, the heart rate will be negative.

Fixed the issue of "RETURNING TO BASE" when going through the global map to "Permafrost" during exploration.

Improved the problem of not being able to talk to orc scholars and obtain observational equipment under certain conditions.

Fixed that some fish that can be obtained by fishing can only catch the normal size.

Fixed the problem that the dimensional changes of some environmental organisms are not working properly.

The problem of the appearance of Mao Ji’s appearance has risen sharply when the "Dr.

After fixing the switch to the team to which the player whose account was deleted, sometimes there is a problem with the error.

Adjusted the active task "MHW Activity: Refused to freeze the life" limit time of the customs clearance level.

When the multiplayer connection game is fixed, the task of the Dragon Crystal Land may have problems with members leaving the mission.

Fixed the problem of a monster battle that was successfully launched in the Demon Land. If it meets with other monsters that are already in the area, the target angle of view and the locked angle of view will be switched.

In addition, the game balance has been fine-tuned and some problems have been fixed.

In addition, the content of two active tasks has also been adjusted:

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