"Diablo 4" Barbarian latest demo walking arsenal

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The latest test of "Diablo 4" barbarian

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Foreign Media Informer recently rushed to Blizzard's headquarters in Irvine, California to experience the recently-obtained "Diablo 4", and then released a new barbarian live demo demo. . As you can see from the video, the barbarians in this game can use 4 weapons at the same time to fight, two in their hands, and two on the back. According to the player's description, the player can match the skills with different weapons. When binding and applying skills, the barbarian will draw the corresponding weapon to destroy the enemy. The overall idea of ​​the battle is still to rely on ordinary attacks to accumulate anger and to consume anger through skills. There is a "dizzy slot" under the life slot of all BOSS. When the player attacks, it will continue to rise. After the full time, BOSS will faint in place. This is the best time to kill it in one fell swoop. It is worth mentioning that this work adds a lot of real-time rendered cutscenes in the main line process, which is the first time in the series.

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"Diablo 4" Barbarian latest demo walking arsenal

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